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  1. Hi Smudger, I meant the many pine trees in the area. Thanks for your Google search. Greetings.
  2. Hello Smudger, Here another "problem". I just bought PAYA Yakutat. In the exampel screenshots I see many many trees around the field. But in my field I don't see trees. Not one. Then what I have. When I install a new airfield of Orbx, then, my Aerosoft Anchorage field changed without lines and runways. Not to see. I got that 3 times after I installed an Orbx field. How is that possible. 2 times I had to reinstall Anchorage. Regards Joop.
  3. Smudger, It's solved. I installed NA South Alaska and see.... no problem. I'm happy. Greetings from Joop.
  4. Smudger, I did several times what you said to me. But no results. I just bought PAJN and that's worser yet. When I get the field then direct a crash. Previous I saw the field standing, very bad, elevation wrong, I would make a screenshot but when I ticked on then the crash. First I hear 200 hundred" and the crash. In a second I could see the field was a havoc. So it's not my PC. I opened Heathrow, no problem. Goteborg idem dito. Only the Alaska fields. Because I made a brand new installation of PAJN and this is also wrong then I don't believe that your sto
  5. Hi Smudger, First. PAVD is makeing troubles in my normal PC use. Can't make printscreen. Is black. Via USB I could save the plane screen what I see at Valdez. Second. I deleted PAVD to avoid problems. But I cannot delete the map on my desktop. Then he dissappears he Icon of P3D. I tried several times but i'm sure that this field is not to install. I tried an install EDCG Rügen. No problem. You can see in my screenshot of the Central where the back up was saved. But now I deleted. I can not have troubles with my PC. But, I appreciate you
  6. The problem is not what you told me. That is, (I try to translate), Controlled folders acces has blocked: Orbx Central Worker.exe, so it's impossible to make changes. I was searching for this problem but the only thing I found was to look for Virus quarantaine/remover, but I can't find this item. Windows Defender. So it's still wrong with Valdez field.
  7. I see the same as your example. But what to do. EDIT? And the other one too?
  8. Hi Smudger, Thanks you will help me. I don't know what you mean with backup on my desktop. I don't see such map onto my desktop. Only an icon of Orbx Central 4. Be so kind to explain me in Dummy language how to do? :-) It's deleted out the map Orbx in P3D V4.5. I deleted NA xxxxxxxxx. Don't know now what was standing after the NA. Regards. Joop.
  9. Hello, Yesterday I bought PAVD. I have a very elevation error. Like a sinkhole. I tried to solve it with Central AEC > Enable to disable. Verify files. Nothing. Reinstall 3 times. No way. I search the topics but all I read does not supply. Also I placed Scenery and Texture from P3D 4.5 to the library. Nothing helps. I have the idea that it's a damage download. But I have no knowledge what to do now. I hope you can solved this for me and then not too complicated please. I'm 82 years in my live. With regards Joop
  10. Hello everyone, When I set, or turn on the runway of Innsbrück I direct get a crash. What's wrong with this? I made a reinstall but still the same. What is the fix? Greetings. Joop.
  11. Thanks you both. It has been solved and I'm happy. Regards Joop.
  12. Thanks NIc for your help. But can you tell me where I can find this Object Flow. I was searching in libraries and in Orbx itself. Regards.
  13. Hello people, After a clean reinstall W10 I installed LOWI and LEBB. Both airfields have no lines on the entire ground. I had to say, that I had that previous too. Only with Orbx airfields. How to fix this? Greetings Joop.
  14. Hey Marcus, I forgot this item. I thought you gave a message to my e-mail. Sorry for the late reaction. But better late then never. A have the A320 Prof. No problems with other Orbx fields. Only ESKS. Is well working in ATC of Prepar with a flightplan. I think that I better can contact Aerosoft. It's their MCDU. When I know something, I let know you. I fly with Prepar V4.5 Thanks for your reaction. Greetings.
  15. Hello Marcus, It's still impossible to make a flightplan in the MCDU. Still NOT IN DATABASE. I have the newest Airac. Today I made a flight to ESKS with ATC. Then no problem. What I saw now was a bold terrain. Without the many,many trees around the airfield. Previous I had that so I saw in the screenshots of Orbx, Can you tell me where I can find the database in my Prepar 4.5.? Thanks for your reaction and sorry for the late reaction of me. I coudn't find back this topic. Joop.
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