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  1. Hello Mike, Thanks for your reaction. I hope that it will work. Nothing with ORBX by me is not working. I have a Central with only a screen Libraries. Not more. Extracting my just bought download is not possible on the right way. But that's not your problem. My problem is to get Global, Europe and Trees to see in the Central and then I can install them via Central. Just not. Have a nice, I think there, day. Joop. Netherlands.
  2. Hello, Today I wrote a topic in General Discussions. I got an answer from Jack the Swede in Spain. But I can't find back the topics that I placed. Now I know that my topics must be placed in Direct Support Forums. I didn't know that. How can I see my topics. I was looking but no succes. Where???? Joop.
  3. Hello, It's a pity that I'm new on this forum. Why? I have problems with ORBX for Prepar3D V4. I have purchased downloads in my PC. No problems with them in V2 and V3. But now in V4 I can't install these downloads. After Unwrapping and 2 other screens I get a blue screen. In this screen (see screenshot) I must select the version. But as you can see: I cannot select. It does nothing. Clicking NEXT, nothing happens. So I went to the FTXCentral After opening I see only a picture for Libraries. (See screenshot). At this moment I have FTX Central But it will not work. All the same. Anybody who can tell me what's wrong? I'm very missing this beautiful scenery. With regards Joop (Netherlands).
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