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  1. Well will it work with in the sense of having seasonal changes, as do FTX regions. Work, blend and match are very subjective terms.
  2. So this will work with FTX UK regions fully ? Because I've just noticed that EGLC does not. Glad I didn't purchase the latter as I would have been peeved, if it was summer all the time in my FTX scenery. And what about the planned regional UK airports... will these be designed to work with FTX and TrueEarth. It would be nice to have this clearly advertised without having to scour the fine print or forums. It's all getting rather confusing of late. Thank you.
  3. Yup. Me too. But don't tell JV or he'll double that ! FTX Norway is superb..... mainly because they have spent much time adjusting seasons in detail, based on latitude and elevation for each season. Wow. For X plane.... I would choose SPRING: have all the southern part in green, and end up at Hammerfest where all but the sea level areas, are covered in snow. Narvik airport by Orbx is THE best airport ever made for any sim.... ever. Not just the airport per se, but the entire area. I have tried Norway Pro over Ortho....it's OK. But it ain't FTX standard let alone TE.
  4. When can we expect TrueEarth Norway is a much more pertinent question ...
  5. Hi. Found this very interesting. Thnx. One question. Is it OK to have more than one set of overlays in the scenery file ? Does XP just render the highest layer ? Reason I ask is that X Europe ovetlay needs to be active, even if using TrueEarth in case you fly outside the region. Also, can non UK ortho be installed, agsin, in case you fly across the channel etc.
  6. Would you suggest the X plane version is my best bet for True Earth in general ? As from the weekend I will have both sims but know little about X plane so far. From what I hear of X plane, Ortho-type scenery (and I assume VFR / Helicopter) flying is its forte. I have many 100s of bucks of OrbX stuff for P3D, but for my first entry into True Earth, I am thinking - but would value an expert opinion - that X plane would be my best bet. Thnx for any advice. P.S. Any ETA on Leeds-Bradford for P3D ?
  7. Have you done the colourful wooden houses in the Alaskan villages ? I'd buy just for those !
  8. Make that Nome and Unalakleet (West and Central) or do just the West half, all the way up to Barrow. Together with SAK, that would give us a fat L shaped region, with OpenLC and Vectors filling in the gaps
  9. Thing is, Alaska isn't too difficult to do, and there are a few airports that could be done like they have for Norway. Most of it is wilderness, SAK is already done..... what's not to like ?
  10. Did you seriously land at Welshpool ! Nice shots, but OMG. The ocean looks a bit weird in the first image. Any reason ?
  11. I don't often agree with you JV, but I'm with you on this. I have multiple disk images, and regularly backup my 90GB (no True Earth, yet !) OrbX folder onto an external USB drive. Many devs only allow finite number of re-downloads / activations. When you said earlier that certain decisions could lead to bankruptcy, it sent a shiver down my spine. Maybe we should preserve and appreciate what we have, a little like what we should be doing about the planet. May I suggest a modification to the FTX Central interface, that makes it easier to make a backup of all the necessary files (including stuff that goes into other sub folders like World Scenery), to an external drive or alternative local drive, that could then restore everything locally, should a reinstall of P3D be necessary.
  12. Will the new HD Buildings be the Autogen Buildings ? The Alaska autogen looks so ridiculous I switch it off. If autogen could be designed for specific areas, you would sell tons ! Good luck. Looking good. But please don't forget Jersey and Guernsey, and consider a few more UK regionals, like Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Leeds Bradford. At the moment regionals that blend in properly with seasonal variations in the OrbX regions, are sadly non-existent. You would sell a shed load, and if they existed, more people would purchase the regions !
  13. My take is use the highest resolution, as VFR will likely fly low n slow. BUT..... just have 3 seasons.... Summer, Autumn, ...............and a "semi hard" winter.... snow on peaks throughout, and covering ground from Leeds upwards...... rest just brownish and dirty.... i.e. a normal winter. So South would be just normal winter, Wales has snow on mountains, and from Yorkshire upwards, snow everywhere, except coastal regions.... this is similar to what you did with Norway .... which is awesome ! That would come in at 200 GB. (Which I believe is what you are aiming at ?) (P.S. if finances is the issue, why not just let people pay for each season, and let them make the choice. Then you cover your distribution costs by building it in. This choice would make the entire thing more attractive and you would sell more of the basic (Summer) package, covering your fixed (i.e. 'sunk'costs of producing the entire range), and then the charge for additional seasons would cover the marginal costs, which would essentially be, the distribution costs.)
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