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  1. And when, are the rest of the Channel Islands due ? Thnx.
  2. Your i9 cpu is giving you a 10 to 15 percent increase in fps. In real terms this amounts to 3 or 4 fps on average. Dropping any slider one notch and you will probably gain more than 3 fps. It is utterly absurd to say "a 8700 is no good for flight simming". 90 percent of simmers, enjoy simming with a lot less than an i7 or i8 series cpu, in conjunction with a 1080 gpu. Do not be put off flight simming if you are not in the top 10 percent of hardware users. Absurd....!
  3. Having also tried Leeds Bradford on TreuEarth for XP11, I have worked out what is causing the horrendous hit on the GPU. PBR.......! My 1080 is only loaded with 5GB of VRAM textures, but is hitting 100 percent use when the main apron and terminal area fills at least 50 percent om my screen. CPU is barely 25 percent (i7 7700k at 4.5 Ghz), and less than 9 GB of my 32 GB of RAM. Changing global settings in the sim.... objects, textures or AA... makes ZERO difference. ZERO ! At night, looking full on at the main terminal area, my GPU usage is just 50 percent. No problems there. Day tine with all those reflective objects with PBR ? Straight up to 100 percent. Move AWAY, however, from all the PBR rendering, like the runway start for example, and GPU usage drops back down to 50 percent. Unfortunately, if you give a kid a box of matches............ ......And PBR look really great in screenshots and sells loads of copies. There you go. Do with that what you will. But just as Dynamic lighting ruined P3D, this PBR - which is now used on EVERY object in these sceneries - is killing X plane. What a surprise. I for one am getting into the folders with WED and other apps, and I'm gonna kill it dead. At least with dynamic lighting in P3D, you can simply disable it.
  4. XP11 over TrueEarth Snowdonia. Live weather Thursday. No post processing or enhancement plugins. Not too shabby!
  5. Anyone ? I would like to spend another few hundred bucks. Just looking for advice.
  6. Unless it's actually like Valve's 'Portal' .... in which case it may take you some time!
  7. And not far from EGPH is........... ..... Oban ? ..... and Barra... complete with Candy Floss shack and sunbathers !
  8. Sorry to semi-hijack, but if I can run the XP TrueEarth GB (higher rez ?) pretty well on my PC, will the P3D version in SD, perform, more or less, as well ? I believe that Ortho runs differently in the two sims... or does it ? Thnx.
  9. Or even smaller airports: regional like Aberdeen / Edinburgh..... or quaint, such as Oban and Barra. These, especially the latter two, would be awesome with XP TrueEarth GB. I am buying up a swathe of XP stuff in a couple of days. I am certainly not putting my life on hold, for 18 months to 2 years, while MS2020 may - or may not - manage to break the laws of (computer) physics, along with every other developer catching up. No chance, and double- lol. (To the OP, I think..... think (!) ...... that large stuff like Heathrow is unlikely.)
  10. And of course 'normal' winter in FTX or OpenLC in England is brown. Any green grass sticks out. If you want to be really pedantic, you can barely see London... due to the smog. Artistic license wins the day. Very pleased Leeds B will be fully supporting FTX, as I can enjoy seasons in P3D as well as TrueEarth resolution in XP11.
  11. Thankyou JV. That statement is very succint. I think the terms "works with "; " compatible with" etc. has caused confusion for some time. We all have our cash ready... heck I'm buying for 2 sims now (!)... but we just want to be 100 percent about what it IS or is NOT, so we can plan accordingly. Thank you for clearing up this particular issue.
  12. Have to agree. Landclass based stuff is easy enough, but I'm not 'sure' if its possible with the Ortho used for TrueEarth ? But, I do have some airports by other devs, that use SODE to 'auto change' the ground layers, they say are photoreal. Other airports of course, allow you to manually change the season using a control panel. Either way, you can do what I do with X Plane, and use a Paint program to change the colour of the (few airport) background tiles. I do it with UK2000 airports. They are just DXT 3 DDS files. Simply darken and increase contrast, and the pale airports that match stock XP11, magically blend in with Ortho stuff. Reducing saturation to almost zero, creates a brown effect, similar to winter in P3D or FSX. It literally takes 20 minutes. (Just Google 'colour correcting Ortho'. The principles are pretty universal.) But, you would then have to manually change them, or install multiple instances, each with different textures, and use SimstarterNG to change them at sim start. Still a major pain though !
  13. Looks awesome. Never realised just how 'slopey' the runway was. Glad that the P3D version will fit in with FTX England...and, presumably, be seasonal. And the night lighting and performance of Ortho in XP11 will be a joy. Put me down for both versions please .... horses for courses !
  14. Well will it work with in the sense of having seasonal changes, as do FTX regions. Work, blend and match are very subjective terms.
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