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  1. Loved the tour, Jack. I agree with all of the above, but am always impressed how you get the most out of any sim-system you fly. Thanks!
  2. Now that's an interesting question. Never thought of that.
  3. Very nice, OND. Real indeed. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Patrick, I've often waked up late at night asking myself that very same question.
  5. TTM, no disrespect to the painter here, but this reminds me of the old days when the artist Alexander Calder was commissioned to design paints for Braniff Airlines. The pilots hated the avant garde splotches and took much kidding from pilots of other airlines. .
  6. Richard, for some reason I get the jpg file but can't open the pictures. That being said, everyone else liked the set a lot, so I'll wager that I would too.
  7. Jankees, that doesn't look like grandpa's V. Is that a souped-up version?
  8. Hello RB. Welcome to the Forum. Nice inaugural shot that really catches that hazy blue of the Puget Sound area. Thanks!
  9. (INHALE) Dario, this is an incredible set. You have done a bang-up job of showing off the ORBX scenery while also sharing your own delight in the flying experience. Thank you, friend, for a wonderful portfolio. (EXHALE)
  10. Thank you, John. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate your kind comments, flyingleaf. Thanks! Thanks, Richard. Central Washington is geologically unique and visually fascinating. Glad you liked it. Thanks, Dario. It was a fun trip to take. Glad you came along for the ride.
  11. Wait a few weeks, we'll send you snow samples from around the Forum.
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