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  1. Hi John. I'm in the final stages of publishing the first volume of a three-volume novel. The process has sucked up every minute of time recently. Glad to hear that you continue to recover from your heart scare. Best from Rodger Pettichord.
  2. So glad to hear that you are getting a handle on things. You were missed and now are happily welcomed back.
  3. You can also bring an emoji in from outside by simply copying it and pasting. If it is too big, some will allow you to click on them to display the frame-box, then go to a corner and drag inward to reduce size.
  4. I was salivating over the latest flight sim thing but bemoaning its cost. My wife asked two questions: do you enjoy flying what you currently have? Does what you currently have run well? I'm 76 years old--why not accept good enough and let the youngsters chase the rabbit?
  5. Mountains and constant altitude/course corrections. I feel like a wayward yo yo.
  6. 2007 Mazda3. We had three of the same model before. I was in a job that involved a lot of driving, and each of those previous models reached 100,000. Now that I'm retired, this Mazda3 will be our last car. It's at 107,000 and doing just fine. Mazda makes 'em to last.
  7. Thanks for the correction, Matthew. I had no idea. And my apologies to Nick. I should have said Easter Bunny?
  8. Hi all, Two friends and I have been writing an extended story which will be published as a three or four volume set of novels, starting around October. John York has published a number of novels (which are great fun to read). Jack Sawyer has published some stories. My Question is--how many other authors do we have here on the Forums?. What did you write? (A side note here is that the novels I'll be publishing involve flying, and I flew every single flight in ORBX before writing about it. Great way to get it right.)
  9. TRiplane, that looks like the first draft of my novel.
  10. I was evicted from my senses once. I was drunk enough to challenge a friend who was a Golden Gloves Heavyweight champion. The bout ended in one punch, and it wasn't mine.
  11. I had no idea that this group encompassed such a range of experience. My goodness but we are an interesting bunch!
  12. Lawrence, the British Empire did not collapse, it just went underground for a while.
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