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  1. Very nice, Ian. I specially liked the last one--very clean composition.
  2. John Y, I disagree. With what? Oh, nothing in particular--just making your day
  3. Frank, I'm still impressed. So how did you get it there in the first place in order to take it off?
  4. Frank. Pretty impressive flying. How long did it take to get a settled touch-down?
  5. Internet is great, and I enjoy the few parts of it I use (email, ORBX, Simviation, and YouTube). But when it goes down, I get out a book. Still the best way to spend time.
  6. Nice job, Matthew. And your model Caren did a nice job of catching that disco-cool look of the times. Thanks!
  7. 1. Everyday, start the day by giving thanks that you have your own private room and a son who loves you. 2. Everyday, get out of your room and do something kind for someone else. 3. Everyday, get on this forum and disagree with John York about something (cf above). 4. Everyday, end the day by giving thanks that you have your own private room and a son who loves you.
  8. Dale, over the past six years, I have watched the fences contract and life get smaller. One bit of advice I was given has really helped. A counselor said, "Just respect your limits and find your joy within them." I really took that to heart and have tried to live that way and, oddly enough, am more content now than ever in my life. Best of luck to you, my friend.
  9. Jeez, John, you sure you want to leave a record of who is responsible for all those dogs barking, car alarms going off, shingles shivering, and police calls made?
  10. Yep, James, and a reliable one, too.Nice farmland shot. Thanks!
  11. jankees, I'm assuming that this is one of your paints. LOve it. Wagga Wagga!
  12. Wow, 9M, those are some sights to see for sure. Great scenery display. Thanks!
  13. 9M, great series. It captured the businesslike motive for the flight as well as highlighting the busy scenery below. Nice. Thanks!
  14. John, that's the trouble with being a revered venerable--your every word is taken in its best light.
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