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  1. Hi ArtFlyer. We'll see how Steam works out. I got it for $6.50 on sale, so I'm not losing much by giving it a try. When MFS2020 comes out, I'll be first in line.
  2. Thanks, ifrevets. I've switched to Steam, but I appreciate your time and effort.
  3. Good thoughts, Rongor. I do have a computer that is up to date and powerful enough to handle P3D4 with max sliders. It was the glitches that broke my heart.
  4. Just bought my copy of Africa LC. After following your exploration, I can't wait to get started with my wanderings. Thanks a bunch, Carlos.
  5. Wonderful idea. Greg. Reminds me of the baby elephant (?) mission in the older Microsoft flight sim. That was a challenge.
  6. Thank you to all for your thoughts and reporting. I'm specially gratified to see the calm common sense shown by all. Well done, mates.
  7. It only hurts when I laugh. Since I don't know what an OOM issue is, I go forward fearlessly. Last thing I want to do is interfere with Nick's sleep. Thanks for the cautions.
  8. Many thanks to all who took the time to offer help and suggestions. Given the fact that MS 2020 is on the horizon, I took the easiest route and bought FSX-Steam. It allows me to use all my Orbx products, commercial add-ons, and the tons of freeware I've accumulated over the years. It will hold the fort until the 2020 cavalry arrives. Again, many thanks to all who chimed in.
  9. Hi John. So what are you actually flying--Steam? P3D4? I have a good computer system. Would do FSX if Steam is workable. Haven't done my FS9 install yet, but I do remember mourning its loss when FSX came out. I'm not sure I have enough mental energy left to wrestle with P3D4 any further, all due respect to the great guys above who have suggested alternate fixes.
  10. Hi Nick. Thanks for the guide. If I try P3D4 again, I have this in the file and will give it a try. Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks, Jack. If I can't get FS9 up and running, I'll maybe try P3D4 again. Thanks medx421, What's an AfffinityMask? Thanks for the input, aviationatwar. Does Steam accept all he FSX planes and scenery?
  12. I should also mention that I am looking at the various free flight sims out there. They aren't the best, but at least I can go zoom zoom once in a while.
  13. Hi Jack. Thanks for responding. The problem was mostly when I added a plane and tried to use it. The program would freeze and/or sign off. Not every plane every time, but often enough that it became a regular event. My tech guy and I tried all sorts of alternatives, but no joy. Hi Bernie, thanks for the suggestion. Yes, my tech guy and I spent hours on the various forums. Lots of good people with good ideas, but none solved our problem. Hi Chris, thanks for the idea. My problem is that I have all the registration numbers but no place to go for activation permission. I'm a little nervous about hacking the problem because I've heard bad things can result. I'm glad you've been lucky so far. Hi Nick, thanks for the caution. You got it right--I have all the DVDs and registration numbers but nowhere to get activation permission. Hi Mickel, thanks for that suggestion. Thought about Steam, but got stubborn and decided not to spend more money between now and when MS2020 comes out. Dear Uncle, thanks for the warning. My thoughts exactly.
  14. After trying vert hard to work with P3D4, including three complete program re-installations, I am reluctantly saying goodbye to P3D4. I loved the scenery and performance when the thing worked, but it crashed itself and/or my flight computer so regularly that all the fun is gone. Can't reinstall FSX because Microsoft shut down the office that received registrations, so I hope to reinstall 2004/FS9 and soldier on until the release of MS 2020. Darn!
  15. Thank you all for a rational, reasonable, informative discussion.
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