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  1. I'll use it to bribe my wife into letting me sit down and be comfortable.
  2. Hi all. In our never-ending quest to avoid all things weighty, we offer the following. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: Why did the chicken cross the road? (1) to boldly go where no chicken had gone before. (2) to prove to the possum that it could be done.
  3. For a dollar, I won't forward this to your wife
  4. Be kind and try to make life better for each person you meet.
  5. Hi all. Most of us Wise Elders are sure the world would be a better place if more people would just follow our advice. Well, let's test the theory. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: If the whole world was going to follow your advice, what would that advice be?
  6. Hi all. As 2020 ends and 2021 crests the horizon, it would be traditional to talk about new year's resolutions. Rest assured we are not going to do that. Instead, rather than resolve to change ourselves, we will draw upon our well-tempered wisdom to advise the coming year as to what changes we request of it. Feel free to be creative. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: What should 2021 consider to be its first priority? (1) Lock 2020 in a cell and never let it out again.
  7. Hope life settles and is safer in 2021. FYI Our last ROORD Novel (out on Amazon in January) has "Sal Sawyer" taking charge of "Yellow Bird Air" and becoming established in Brazil. Thanks for the permission, my friend.
  8. Still here. Congratulations to John on the new eyes. You won't believe how well you'll see as you heal up.
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