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  1. I join with all in saying how sorry we are that our good friends in OZ are facing such a massive tragedy. Our hearts and dollars are with you.
  2. Amen to the praise for Central. Takes all the pain out of it. And also Amen to Don Brindles. Alderney is very nice and just the right price with the sale.
  3. Nice, HDYves. May I ask where you got the paint job for this plane? Looks well-used. I want one.
  4. Don, very happy to hear that Stella looks to have a good, long future. Give her a hug for the ORBX crowd.
  5. RodgerC, very nice set. Thank goodness we don't have that snow yet here in Spokane, but it won't be long. Thanks for inoculating us. RodgerP
  6. W2DR, what a wonderful story. And you told it very well. We are bettered by your telling. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, everyone. I'll get the computer back tomorrow. The tech did a full reinstall and made a backup. I'll start reinstalling ORBX and planes. Third time's a charm!
  8. Hi all. Once again my flight computer is headed into the shop. I have a knack for doing it harm while meaning well. It will take time to fix--probably an entire re-install of all things P3D4, ORBX, and airplanes. That means I'll be gone from the forum for a while. Before I go, I wanted to leave one special shot--A white plane leaving ORBX Kiruna, Norway, in a blizzard. Enjoy!
  9. Goes back to the Technician tomorrow. I'll refer him to this thread. Thanks, folks, for thoughts and ideas.
  10. Hi all. One thing I'm running into with P3D4 is its inability to play well with others. Whatever else was true of my old FSX system, I could abuse it and it would keep on ticking. With P3D4, on the other hand, the system has frozen on me twice now as it rejected add-ons or simply ate itself. Thankfully, I have a great computer tech available, a man of infinite patience, but even he is beginning to wonder as we do our third re-install of system, scenery, and planes. To be honest, this experience is making me eagerly anticipate the new MSFS 2020 system. It will have its glitches, as we all know, but in theory I won't have to do a reinstall every six weeks. And that's all I have to say about that.
  11. John, Book One of our WWII trilogy will be on Amazon soon. We are finishing the legal business stuff, the banking financial stuff, and the shipping arrangements stuff. It;s slow, because we are amateurs doing it in our spare time. But we'll get there. Kief and Kev would be proud.
  12. One of the disadvantages of being an Old Coot is that we learn firsthand an awful lot about medicine. Wishing you all the best, Doug and Fizz.
  13. Cross between a Lysander and a DH 89a Dragon Rapide, with a little bit of Avro Lincoln thrown in. Very interesting, and nice ORBX sceneery to display it. Thanks!
  14. Nice, F737NG. Not only did you beat the weather, you timed the tide. Either very good or very lucky. Thanks for an interesting trip.
  15. Wonderful Avro model, and the setting is perfect for it. Great flight for us fans of WWII planes. Thanks!
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