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  1. wain 71 reminds me of the time I worked on a chicken farm. One whole shed got diarrhea, and two of us were sent in with wheelbarrows and shovels to clean it up. I'll never forget that smell!
  2. TuFun, words cannot express my envy about the planes you worked on. You lucky, lucky dog, you!
  3. Hi all. At the request of absolutely no one, we move on to this week's Meaningless Topic. Here is the chance for you to display the wisdom of a lifetime, demonstrate creative humor, or just wander off in confusion. Peace be with you. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: What is your favorite job out of all you have held? (For me, the greatest privilege was being a parish pastor, but my favorite job was being a laborer in an aluminum plant--worked with a great bunch of guys.)
  4. Hey Ken, thanks for the shout out and for the Sand Cat link. I had never seen one in action and did so with real pleasure. Thanks, friend.
  5. Hi all. I hope you are enjoying our Meaningless Topics topics. I sure am--some very interesting and inspirational stuff has been posted. But I don't want to keep us in suspense--let's get to our next unnecessary challenge. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: how many Orbx Forum members does it take to change a lightbulb? (My guess is three--one to plan the flight, one to decide whether it should be done in a small prop or a large jetliner, and one to say it was easier in FSX.)
  6. Hi olderndirt. Don't you hate it when life gets interesting?
  7. Hey John. Having had cataracts removed, I'm excited for you. Procedure is simple, only a small amount of discomfort associated, and really good vision afterward--just in time to fly the magic skies of MS2020. Good on you, mate.
  8. Oh, I missed the X-Box. But I'll go farther and ask what games for the X-Box--action/adventure?, exploration?. solitaire?, road-racing? MSFS2020?
  9. JV, wishing you the best in semi-retirement. Orbx has brought much joy into my life over the years, and I thank you for that. Be well.
  10. Can't help it, I have to speak up and say was one wonderful video. To watch your life (and you) progress over the years. What a great mememto. Very well done. Thanks, Carlos!
  11. Patrick, would I be right in guessing that you met some very "interesting" people in those early hours?
  12. Hi all. It's that time you've been waiting for all week--a change in This Week's Meaningless Topic. With this one, you are invited to tell your story and/or react to the stories of others in a way that encourages back-and-forth conversations. To facilitate that goal, I'll stay pretty much out of the picture so we don't become a Rodger-centered thread. This week's Meaningless Topic: Which transition birthday do you remember most fondly? For example, for me it is the 66th birthday--the year it was possible to retire from a life of heavy demands, and ease into the current life of Mea
  13. Thankfully, we have good insurance, but you sure have got that right for those who don't.
  14. Thanks, robrooke. Unfortunately, even with the head-start, I'd still lose. So I signed you up to take my number. As for the tablets, Whoopee! Now you're just bragging, my friend. I like the God-observation a lot--so true. Hi John. Did you get the email okay? Thanks for updating with me. But you can now play the violin, right?
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