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  1. Nick, I'm experiencing exactly what you say--most planes move forward into P3D4 with no trouble, but the older models with FS9 roots do not. The Virtavia/Alpha Sim C-7 has roots in the stone age and simply will not make the jump. That's why I'm wondering if someone with the right chops might be willing to have a crack at a P3D4 DHC4 Caribou or even a DHC5 Buffalo. I do have the Caribou in FSX-SE but would really like the better flow of P3D4 if possible. I want to make the novel's chapters as realistic as I can!
  2. Hi all. Having finished writing our four WWII novels (they are on Amazon under my name), we are hoping to start another series. As before, I would like to fly the actual missions in the flight sim before writing a section. Which brings me to my problem. The wonderful Alpha Sim/Virtavia C-7 Caribou is too dated for P3D4. Does anyone know a generous freeware developer who would be willing to bring the C-7 into P3D4?
  3. As I said in the addendum thread, the PA 32 6 300 is among those planes noted for reliability--it will always get you home. That was my original thread idea--that got lost in the process. Lucky you getting to own one, John.
  4. Great story, Aussie123. The stewardess must have been very grateful that you were there to break her fall--and you probably didn't mind all that much, eh?
  5. Hi all. When I was thinking of a topic for last week's Meaningless Topic, I settled upon "Planes that got you home." Then I started wondering how many of those planes made the list of iconic planes--the ones that grace every year's aviation calendars. Then I started thinking about my own list of favorite planes. Then--well, you can see how this turned out. The Meaningless Topic I submitted was an awkward mix of all those ideas, never quite clearly settling on any one. I meant to make tribute to a small group of really tough planes that pilots came to trust to get them home no matter what. I bl
  6. Maybe a good future topic would be to submit our own lists of great planes?
  7. Folks might be interested to know that I was originally putting together a list of "airplanes that got you home." Then the quest sort of morphed into "planes that got you home and became iconic." There are "better" planes, but these are tough roosters that have become beloved.
  8. Kevin, I don't know what the XBRO forums are, but, if you are serious, I do apologize for stepping on your toes. Only tongue-in-cheek was intended.
  9. Hi all. Most Forum readers are aircraft fans familiar with the lists of historic classics. Our topic for this week asks you to draw upon your knowledge and personal preferences to see if we together have group favorites. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: Below is a list of planes which have earned their places in aviation history. Which would make your top five? 1. Hawker Hurricane 6. English Electric Lightning F2A 11. Cessna 185 Skywagon 2. Republic P-47 Thunderbolt 7. McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom 12. Piper 32 6-300 Chero
  10. Oh, man, do you have a log week ahead of you!
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