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  1. Hi all. I have just had to set up a new flight simulation computer after the old one went pffft. I took this opportunity to move from FSX to P3D4, and dreaded getting scenery and planes into the new system. ORBX Central makes reloading scenery into P3D4 a very simple matter, just a couple of clicks. And most aircraft developers have similar reloading procedures available for their P3D4 planes. I have been very pleasantly surprised at how easy everything has been. Takes time, sure, but few headaches. Good job, ORBX!
  2. Hi all. My flight computer recently went pffft! and had to be retired. I took the opportunity to buy a new one up to current standards and to move from FSX to P3D4. As part of that move, I have had to reload all my ORBX scenery and those planes capable of P3D4 performance. Thanks to ORBX Central, I found the scenery reloading absolutely simple. Sure, it took time, but it was just a matter of reloading from my account. The same thing with the planes--most vendors allow a P3D4 download from your account with no problems whatsoever. Thanks, ORBX, for keeping it simple!
  3. Been proofreading the first book of our soon-to-be released novel, then doing rewrites on the second book, and trying to finish the third book. Never knew publishing would entail so much work in addition to writing. Also had my flight computer go Pffft, so got a new computer and have been loading P3D4 and ORBX and planes into it. Whew! One of these days, it will all be wrapped and I will be active on the Forums again.
  4. Great, Ken. Hope you enjoy them when we finally get them out.
  5. Thanks, Greg. We're proofreading as we speak. Hope to have Book I out within two months.
  6. Hope you do, my friend. Flying those routes really made things come alive.
  7. Hi all I think the Forum gang might get a kick out of knowing that ORBX has helped write a novel. Some friends and I are publishing a set of four novels under the general name of "ROORD: to War in a Rubber Duck." The first volume will come out soon. The series centers on WWII and the Cold War and involves a covert group of flyers who help win the war. As part of researching the novel, I bought the Mid America Air Museum B-25 sim, Ted "TuFun" Wolfgang painted it as Rubber Ducky, and I flew every mission featured in the set. ORBX scenery brought everything to life for me and added considerable realism to the descriptions of places. My imagination just sat in the jumpseat as ORBX showed me what the place looked like and how it would have been to fly it under combat conditions. First volume is ROORD: To War in a Rubber Duck. Book I - The Land War. On Amazon by September. Get out your ORBX and give it a fly.
  8. My FSX flight computer recently went long-gone. In replacing it, I decided to build a new one up to P3D4 standards and move to that system. Doing so, means that I have to install all by ORBX scenery from scratch. I want to commend the ORBX team for how easy Central makes a total reload. Thanks for a great tool!
  9. I'd buy an animated game park add-on -- Africa, Montana, Alaska, Tasmania -- lots of interesting possibilities that would be great opportunities for young developers to show their chops.
  10. I was reminiscing with my wife the other day about all things flight sim. I started flying with that early version and eagerly upgraded as each new version came out. I remember showing my wife a screen in the 2000 version and remarking that it couldn't possibly get any better, then 2004 came out and I said the same thing, then FSX came out and... Now I just installed P3D4 and look forward to telling my wife that it can't get any better than this -- until the new Microsoft FS comes out, I suppose.
  11. I am not one who enters social media discussions, and certainly not arguments, but I do want to note gently that ORBX has never failed to answer my questions and solve my problems. It's one of the best customer-service companies out there, in my experience. Plus, I like that the Forums stress civility and courtesy--that's a rare treat in today's internet world.
  12. The aggravating thing, flyingleaf, is that I'm the guy who followed you into the fitting room and discovered that it was no joke.
  13. So glad you wrote this poem, John, It's nice to read and think upon. I'm specially glad you chose your chair And not some piece of ORBX ware. I'd hate to think of all the woes That'd come with writing one of those. Probably Venema would make a hex To send you back to FSX.
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