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  1. Rodger Pettichord

    Orbx freeware - British Columbia

    Thanks, Tiger.
  2. Rodger Pettichord

    Bring on GB North.

    OND, never laugh at a Scotsman wearing a kilt, that's my motto. A sensitive lot, they are.
  3. Rodger Pettichord

    Off road

    Great plane and great shots over great scenery. Lots to like here, VH-KDK. Thanks!
  4. Rodger Pettichord

    Bonney Hotland

    Feeling so sorry for you about now, VH-KDK, as I sit shivering in a cool room while icy rain and partial sleet freeze up on our car outside and promise a worse day tomorrow.
  5. Rodger Pettichord

    Maritime Patrol Vladivostok, Russia

    M110A2. The Beriev designers originally had the two engines at the bottom of the fuselage to improve speed on the water. It took seven prototypes tp identify and correct the problem.
  6. Rodger Pettichord

    Patagonia trip

    ydelta, these are three first-class portraits of plane and scene. Very nicely done. Thanks!
  7. Rodger Pettichord

    Is there life after the Spitfire?

    Eugene, looks like that Spit pilot has already found the afterlife. Nice set. Thanks!
  8. Rodger Pettichord

    Rescue 653 ready for its next task...

    Not gonna lose that one in the mist. Nice repaint, Thommoj!
  9. Rodger Pettichord

    Evening Tour

    Martha, would you check with ATC and see if it's okay to go across Vienna -----WHOA, WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT JUST FLASHED ACROSS OUR NOSE??
  10. Rodger Pettichord

    Southeast Asia - can I call it "Martyn´s backyard"?

    Well, Gerold, let me risk much wrath by saying that I enjoyed the trip and do fine in SE Asia. But, then, I still do fine in FSX. Keep your standards low, says I, and they'll always be met.
  11. Rodger Pettichord

    Pago, a few

    Benny, you kind of gave us a video there with the sequence of shots. Thanks!
  12. Rodger Pettichord

    Chilly dawn red nose

    Zinj, just goes to show that there's more to flying than just flying. Thanks!
  13. Rodger Pettichord

    Chichester to Shoreham

    Jack, beautiful set, with the yellow Cub perfectly focusing the white scenery. Liked the way you flipped when you saw the weather closing in. Finally, regarding your statement "I too love the seasons. I wish we had more than two here in Georgia though!" Someone told me once that Georgia does have four seasons--hot, humid, mosquito, and football.
  14. Rodger Pettichord


    Tufun, this is so much bling that it almost deserves its own rap song. Really nice. Thanks!
  15. Rodger Pettichord

    Orbx freeware - British Columbia

    Not trying hard enough