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  1. Good day, actually it seems the thread was deleted, so in fact the only option is to disable dynamic lighting and you should be fine (gave me back my fps at LGKO - but to be honest, i have several other payware airports in Greece so i won´t use LGKO until there is a proper fix). Greets, Markus
  2. Just made a flight from EHAM to LOWW. In P3Dv5.1 it is working now (Screenshot below). The scenery still is really demanding - my GPU works at 100% at night arrivals because of Dynamic Lighting. If anybody has a tip for better performance i would appreciate that. Greets, Markus
  3. Already mentioned in the P3D Forum, you could try to put this line in your P3D.cfg file: [SIM] AdaptiveSimGroupEnable=False Note: There should only be one [SIM] section in the Prepar3D.cfg. If the [SIM] section already exists, you only need to add AdaptiveSimGroupEnable=False. Have a look here: P3D Forum Report if that helps, Greets, Markus
  4. My performance at LGKO is bad as soon as i leave the taxiway towards the apron...i tried your suggestion and deactivated some files, result was slightly better. At LOWW i have to deactivate all features and frames are better than in Kos, but also really demanding on my system. Thankful for any hint, Greets Markus
  5. Just to sum up, 18 to 21 FPS is not flyable at my system (and i have at least a mid range setup)...and even though there are so many users claiming about problems with sceneries from Gaya there are no updates since months...
  6. @Ste_88 Short question, did you find out which files to deactivate (like you found out for LKGO) for better performance at LOWW? Greets, Markus
  7. Hi Ray, did you try to put these two files to ".off" as described in the thread mentioned above: "LEBB_2018_PLC_Windturbines_Approach.BGL which creates fps and stutters losses on the landing path from about 4 miles up to runway 30 LEBB_2018_PLC_CityLightFog.BGL which creates fps and stutters leaks in the runway 12 take-off areaAfter putting .OFF these two files I have not encountered any problems of fps or stutters." I have not been to Bilbao for a longer time, but perhaps i have time this week and give it a try - also with the deactivation of thes
  8. So MANY users report having problems with LGKO scenery (in P3D as well as in MS2020) ... would you @Raz Goeta @Nick Cooper PLEASE have a look at the product and make improvements / updates so it can be used like all of most other payware sceneries ... at the moment it is really unusable ... having 23FPS whereas i have 30FPS at every other (payware) airport. Greets, Markus
  9. I don´t want to hijack this thread, but this morning i did a flight from LOWW Vienna to LGKO Kos in P3Dv5HF2... In Vienna i had no problems getting my (fixed) 30 FPS...after landing at LGKO the frames went down to 23 FPS, in my case it was a heavy stuttering (had 2K Textures set and statics disabled in the Configurator). At every other airport i have no problem getting at least my 30 FPS ... but not at LGKO Kos... I hope we get an update soon, it really is unenjoyable at the moment... Greets, Markus
  10. Good evening, not a big deal, but on my flight today i saw that the static aircraft from Austrian Airlines are equipped with the false engines (some of them). As far as i know Austrian operate on A320 Series only with CFM Engines and not with (as you can see in the picture) IAE. Greets, Markus
  11. I also have it installed inside P3D (actually i run P3Dv4.5HF2) and have the same issue...after a flight back to LOWW no Lighting at the Gates... Hope it gets fixed, Greets, Markus
  12. I think you have to wait Edwin, too many problems with P3Dv5 in general...hotfix is coming next week as stated by LM. P3Dv5 HF1 Statement by LM Greets, Markus
  13. Thanks for the update, really nice :-) Also for the lighting at TL40 Orange and Blue (in reality they really are orange and blue, but i think it would be too complicated to change that as well - no worries). Greets Markus
  14. As far as i see there are two jetways at Gate F01, picture in Attachment. Greets, Markus
  15. Migrate KOS to Orbx As stated by Raz it is planned in the near future (for Version 5 and for a fee of €8). Greets, Markus
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