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  1. The field is still there, but it is just a pasture for cows now. They let me fly my drone over the farm back in 2016. You can see the video here:
  2. FYI, WA56 is no longer an airfield, but if you stop at the Mount Vernon Farmer's Market on Saturdays or the Sedro-Wooley Farmer's Market on Wednesdays you can get some organic meats raised there at the now-called Baldham Farm. By the way, the property looks almost exactly the same as when ORBX made a scenery of it, with the exception of no longer having a runway. When Baldham Farm first started, they actually had planes trying to land whose pilots still thought that it was an active airfield. The livestock did not appreciate it!
  3. I have three of their airports (KIDA, KGPI, 2O3) and they are for all intents and purposes ORBX quality, which is only logical since the names on Turbulent's roster (for examples Russell Linn and Russ White) are all over the credits of loads of ORBX airports. The best news for me is that I will be able to post videos incorporating their stuff here on these forums! 2O3 is a great short hop to Sonoma or Cloverdale and KIDA, KGPI not only fill holes in FTX regions with fewer ORBX airports (CRM, NRM) but make great flight pairs to nearby ORBX airports like KWYS, KBZN, and KJAC.
  4. Thanks! I figured there was a design reason for the bridge shadows and I'm just glad I'm not going crazy re: the PAPI!
  5. I forgot to add, my sim is P3D V4.2, and FTX Central reports Libraries are up to date. Also, it seems the I-5 bridge doesn't cast a shadow (is it No Shadow flagged?) so cars cast "flying" shadows across the river.
  6. According to Airnav (http://www.airnav.com/airport/KVUO) and other sources there is a 2-light PAPI to the right of Rwy 26, but I have been unable to see them (neither the lights nor models of them on the ground). I do see the VASI lights for the Rwy 08 approach, but unfortunately Rwy 08 has been downwind every time I've tried to fly there, so those lights are less useful to me right now. Is the Airnav data about Rwy 26 incorrect or is there something wrong with my install? I would like a glide slope visual aid, especially when trying to keep below PDX airliners! Thanks!
  7. I'm not sure replicating all of the regions would be feasible due to the sheer land area involved. The Netherlands is really tiny. Good candidates for TrueEarth treatment are relatively limited areas like Hawaii if you ask me, but they do say they are working on a TrueEarth PNW for XP11 and P3D regarding which the current FTX PNW region is 10 times the land area of the Netherlands (holy terabyte, Batman!).
  8. Thanks all, and I had no idea about the pipeline scenery. I will have to take a look!
  9. I continued the flight taking off from Cloverdale and finding my way to Rohnerville (KFOT) in the Milviz 310R Redux. Enjoy!
  10. It is called "Small Town" and is off of the "The Heartland" album of royalty-free music I purchased from Smartsound.
  11. Having been on sabbatical from flight sim for awhile, I've been checking out some of the things that came out while I was gone, and Cloverdale Municipal (O60) is a real charmer! Enjoy!
  12. There must be a bug in pre-4.2 versions of V4 that affects the code they used since there are no new features in 4.2 which could affect WX radar. Other than VR headset support and helo stuff, 4.2 is mostly bug fixes. I skipped from 2.5 to 4.2, so I didn't even think about why they specified 4.2 on the product page.
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