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  1. The concept looked geat on the ORBX website, especially as ORBX are one of the few flightsim storefronts whom I trust with my money. This thread put me off a lot though, the style of posts from a member of the dev team certainly lacked the professionalism that I normally associate with devs working with ORBX. Even if it Skypark was released now, the complete lack of communication and updates over the last few months fills me with zero confidence the devs could maintain such a project in the long-term. The promise to work with ORBX to improve communication, followed by yet more silence, followed by the then unannounced disappearing of the site we were constantly told to follow is extremely amateur and more in keeping with shady Steam Early Access titles. Not really the kind of work I would expect to see ORBX associated with on their storefront.
  2. Brilliant! Loving the speed these X-plane releases are coming out. My bank balance doesn't, the missus doesn't But I do!
  3. I have to say I much prefer the ZL17 version, looks far more natural, especially in the first comparison. Is the question about having ZL16 as an option going forward? Or eliminating ZL17 completely from future releases? If the latter then maybe offer ZL17 as part of future HD packs? Assuming that Orgen etc will be having HD packs similar to the imminent Washington HD pack release. If its just an option to pick within FTX central after purchasing the product, then it doesnt really matter either way, people will choose what their preference is. ZL17 & Big install v ZL16 Smaller install.
  4. I have ususally only followed upcoming releases for Regions and True Earth, so excuse my ignorance, but whats the next stage in this release? Do we start getting preview screenshots by Ian, followed by the hallowed 'my final shots' before imminent release. Or could Anacortes and Darrington just have a sudden release? I am really excited about these two airports!! Thanks
  5. I had similar concerns about moving to X-plane. My system is 1070, 16gb ram @1600, overclocked 4.5ghz 3750k cpu. On my g-sync 1440p monitor, I was a stuttering mess using True Earth South over London. I took the plunge and purchased X-plane in the Steam sale, Washington, Britain True Earths, ASXP and am so impressed with my performance. I use my 4k tv now and have a totally smooth experience with far more detail. My frame rates may still be low in London, around 15fps, but the totally smooth 4k experience is a far better trade off than anything I experienced in P3D. the majority of places I fly I am getting 30fps with no problems. As I said earlier in this thread, on my system True Earth is just far better on X-plane and I really cant imagine going back to P3D now.
  6. This is the stage I am at. I have realised I am more of an Orbx fan than P3D or X-plane fan. X-Plane (on my system) just runs True Earth scenery far better and I am not sure I want to fly anywhere that isn't True Earth any more.
  7. In the first post where it talks about the HD pack it states that included is: A control panel so you can toggle between SD, HD and UHD textures So I assume that SD is default and HD and UHD is what come with the HD pack and you can toggle between them
  8. Quick question: I've seen some forum posters comment they have submitted building requests. Where/how can we do that? Many thanks
  9. I remember 'Santa' quite often bringing me the newest flight sim on Christmas day, despite never including it in my letters. If there was a manual to go with it, I was also unwrapping that. Funnily enough my Dad would often spend Christmas day on whatever computer I had flying about, or reading the manual....
  10. Hi, I am seriously thinking about investing in x-plane so I can fly in this amazing recreation of Washington and also all of True Earth GB. I recently purchased GB South for P3d and not sure if I can go back to landclass scenery now as its on a whole different level. I have tried the X-plane demo but was put off by its washed out appearence. On page 1 JV states he is using the following add-ons: Addons used: xVision, UWXP 2.4, XPRealistic Pro. Are these all I would need (software wise) to recreate images similar to the screenshots? Thanks
  11. Netherlands is 72gb. Anything else is just speculation and guess work and I dont really think its helpful to anybody to throw around figures that nobody knows yet. I find the question posed at the end far to limiting, my preference would be the option to install one season at a time, as like you download speed isn't an issue. My personal preference is to fly using real time, date and weather in the northern hemisphere, so I only ever need one season installed every 3 months(ish). However everyone has there own preferences and also their own storage capacity, download speeds and wallet to think of as well. Personally I think the more options the better, but ultimately Orbx will choose what is right for them as well as the user base.
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