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  1. Crazy how many amazing products have been announced over the last few days. Just keeps getting better!
  2. The airports are instabuys! With the London pack - a couple of questions come to mind: How does this fit in with the streaming data? Or is it for offline only? If MSFS update London as part of its world updates in the future, will it just be a case of choosing which landmarks to display? Seeing how Orbx and other scenery developers Co exist with the streaming, updated world MSFS are releasing is going to be very interesting over the next few months. Such a difference from the static, hard drive constricted worlds in fsx, p3d and xplane. Exciti
  3. Brilliant news!! LOWI on P3D was the product that pulled me into flight simming - Great to see it being brought into MSFS 2020, as well as all the other amazing sceneries! Great stuff Orbx
  4. Yes, thank you Orbx - new update has fixed my issues with the water. Can finally fly in my favorite areas now.
  5. The concept looked geat on the ORBX website, especially as ORBX are one of the few flightsim storefronts whom I trust with my money. This thread put me off a lot though, the style of posts from a member of the dev team certainly lacked the professionalism that I normally associate with devs working with ORBX. Even if it Skypark was released now, the complete lack of communication and updates over the last few months fills me with zero confidence the devs could maintain such a project in the long-term. The promise to work with ORBX to improve communication, f
  6. Brilliant! Loving the speed these X-plane releases are coming out. My bank balance doesn't, the missus doesn't But I do!
  7. I have to say I much prefer the ZL17 version, looks far more natural, especially in the first comparison. Is the question about having ZL16 as an option going forward? Or eliminating ZL17 completely from future releases? If the latter then maybe offer ZL17 as part of future HD packs? Assuming that Orgen etc will be having HD packs similar to the imminent Washington HD pack release. If its just an option to pick within FTX central after purchasing the product, then it doesnt really matter either way, people will choose what their preference is. ZL17 & Big install v Z
  8. I have ususally only followed upcoming releases for Regions and True Earth, so excuse my ignorance, but whats the next stage in this release? Do we start getting preview screenshots by Ian, followed by the hallowed 'my final shots' before imminent release. Or could Anacortes and Darrington just have a sudden release? I am really excited about these two airports!! Thanks
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