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  1. Three Good Ones...Fooled you, three airports not three pictures! Note: Click pictures to enlarge. Thanks for viewing...
  2. Along the Southern Coast...Note: click pictures to enlarge. Thanks for viewing...
  3. Stunning plane, the scenery doesn't hurt either!
  4. Excellent variety!
  5. London Sides.....Part I of many, this time to the east. Thanks for viewing
  6. Thanks for commentary so far.... Btw, you can click on the images to make larger which is 2560x1152
  7. Amongst the Clouds & Sky...more of Orbx's TrueEarth Great Britain South. Thanks for viewing...
  8. Excellent work Bernd, how were the frame-rates?
  9. Leaving Southampton... Thanks for viewing...
  10. I think TrueEarth's in the simulator, see the trailer. Looks like Australia v2 and Washington are in the trailer...
  11. Wow, that was an expensive trip! Meanwhile Microsoft announces a new Flight Simulator...btw, not an April Fools joke!
  12. Incredible Detail...Higher detail than my previous photo scenery! Btw, not for use near high volume airports like Heathrow... Suggestion, how about a menu (not FTX Central) within P3d to turn off auto-gen for major airport flying? Thanks for viewing...
  13. Excellent screen-shots once again Iain, just curious "what sim and where"? I'm assuming TrueEarth Great Britain South?
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