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  1. Winterish Scandinavian, loving the cold over the green! Thanks for viewing
  2. Excellent presentation of Orbx's Washington Iain, I assume these screens were captured in 4k?
  3. Thanks, already own the FlyTampa version of EHAM. Will buy the TrueEarth scenery in the next couple of days. Btw, can you turn on the scenery's auto-gen separately from the sims settings (normally off).
  4. Does the TrueEarth Netherlands cover the EHAM/Schiphol airport area? Somewhere on another Orbx forum it said it was not.
  5. Thanks for the comments, more "cuts format" to come!
  6. Very nice, have to suggest the TE scenery when my brother buys XP11
  7. First Cuts...my fist attempt at posting crops instead of the normal 16x9. Orbx Santa Barbara first... Older Pics...New Crops New Pics.....New Crops Thanks for viewing
  8. Winter Night Scenes 2019...the Orbx Version Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  9. Obsessed with Arlanda...and yes, it's cold. This time I got the Finnair gate assignment right, at least in the past! Thanks for viewing
  10. Ski-Time has Ended.....Innsbruck back to Manchester(not shown).
  11. Excellent pictures, is that the Feelthere ERJ-190?
  12. From Surfing to Skiing...A United flight 4589 from Santa Barbara to Denver. Note: pictorial covers only SoCal (Sothern Califoria) to Lake Casitas (last picture). Thanks for viewing
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