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  1. United New Colors|Ocean|Desert|Mountains|Plains...Departing Santa Barbara on it's way to Denver The flight path shown is Santa Barbara to the Colorado River on the California/Arizona border. Thanks for viewing...
  2. A Happy New Year to the folks at the Orbx Forum...and now to my entry for December.
  3. Eagle County Regional Airport (Orbx) Stockholm Arlanda Airport ESSA (Orbx) Thanks for viewing...
  4. Santa Barbara Touch & Go's...actually a takeoff and landing! Thanks for viewing
  5. Three Good Ones...Fooled you, three airports not three pictures! Note: Click pictures to enlarge. Thanks for viewing...
  6. Along the Southern Coast...Note: click pictures to enlarge. Thanks for viewing...
  7. Stunning plane, the scenery doesn't hurt either!
  8. London Sides.....Part I of many, this time to the east. Thanks for viewing
  9. Thanks for commentary so far.... Btw, you can click on the images to make larger which is 2560x1152
  10. Amongst the Clouds & Sky...more of Orbx's TrueEarth Great Britain South. Thanks for viewing...
  11. Excellent work Bernd, how were the frame-rates?
  12. Leaving Southampton... Thanks for viewing...
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