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  1. Doug: Resolved! Thanks for your help. Turns out that, while I did the full install of P3Dv4.5, it somehow didn't take. I checked Prepar3D.exe properties and found I didn't have v4.5. Once I installed v4.5 ( and double-checked the .exe properties and details) all problems were resolved. Thanks again for your help, Jim Martin
  2. Greetings: Airport terrain (not surrounding terrain) is black. Occasionally the aircraft spawns above ground and, for a moment, the scenery looks normal. Then, when I un-pause and the aircraft settles to the runway, the terrain textures (runway, taxiways, parking areas) are back to black. Had this problem since P3Dv4.0 but i'm just getting around to fixing. I now have P3Dv4.5 with Hotfix 1 and 2 and the problem persists. I also now have Orbx Central with the Orbx Object Flow 2 installed correctly plus Global Base Pack, Vector, Central and Northern Rockies Regions and more plus about 20 Orbx airports. I've tried the Vector elevation adjustment tool with no luck. I also checked for ADE_FTX_CRM_KSUN_elevation_adjustment.BGL and I do have it. I removed it (dot.Off) but it made no difference and my Mesh Complexity is set to 5m. As you can imagine, I've uninstalled and re-installed a time or two as well. Only thing I see that looks peculiar are the two different entries in Scenery Library, line 22 and line 201. The check boxes are greyed out so I can't do anything about this. Is this normal for a .xml installation? Thanks for any help, Jim Martin
  3. Nick: Thanks for your very prompt reply. I misunderstood your previous post but I've got it now: I uninstalled the one Object Flow I already had and installed a new Object Flow from FTX Central and that surprisingly did the trick. Surprisingly because, apparenlty, only KTVL was affected. No matter! All's well. Thanks again for your help, Jim Martin a.k.a. RampStrike
  4. No buildings here either: I updated to FTX Central yesterday but kept the same file locations in the P3D root folder. Four airports were updated at the same time including KTVL but the other three are just fine. I saw other comments on this thread regarding Orbx Object Flow 2 so I checked and I don't see any duplication (See attached) besides, only this one airport if affected. I deleted and reinstalled KTVL and the Scenery Library as well but...no joy. My KTVL scenery worked fine before Orbx Central and I'm not aware of any changed to my system that could cause this problem. Thanks for any help, Jim Martin, a.k.a. RampStrike
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