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  1. Absolutely superb!! I have enjoyed hopping between Courchevel and Meribel countless times already. Will there be a seasons upgrade eventually to add wintertime textures?
  2. Thanks Brad, I have now downloaded and installed Central. Happy holidays! Cheers, Raphael
  3. I recently purchased EGJA. "There are no downloads available for this product" comes up when I click on it. My transaction ID for this purchase is 5dfa9031422ef. Thanks in advance for assistance with this.
  4. Hi Nick, Awesome!! Works perfect. Thank you so much for your help. You guys are the best!!! Cheers, Raphael
  5. Hi Nick, Thank you for the fast reply!! I will try this right now and let you know if it worked. Cheers, Raphael
  6. Hi there, I installed FSX:SE and all of my Orbx products. It seemed to be working well. However, at some airports there are elevation issues. When I go to run the airport elevation correction utility in Vector, I get an error message -- please see attached file. Could someone explain how to fix this? Thank you in advance.
  7. I live in the area, so I understand how you feel. Having an accurate depiction of your local area is important. I have Vector and PNW installed, along with DreamTeam's CYVR. The coastline and surrounding area is exactly as it should be. I would suggest keeping Vector as in general it does a great job adjusting coastlines, etc. If you purchase PNW (right now it's 50% off) I think your issue will be resolved.
  8. Beautiful! The level of detail is amazing.
  9. Hi Larry, We plan on going to Lund in late Spring, and I will try to take lots of pictures of the waterfront and surrounding area for you. Not sure if we'll make it to Savary Island this time. If you're ever heading up there, you're welcome to stay on our property. There's a 1950s transit bus converted into a makeshift cabin, and a water well. No power though. IT's about a two minute drive to the marina. I just downloaded your PNW ferries file but haven't had the chance to install yet. Judging from the pics your sceneries are beyond first class, absolutely amazing, and much appreciated!! Cheres, Raphael
  10. Unbelievable detail, blows me away! Is there a link to the sceneries, or is it just a matter of scrolling through the forum to find them? BTW, I live in Maple Ridge, and my wife and I own property just north of Powell River in Lund. I know that the harbor in Lund and Savary Island are next on your list, right?
  11. Thank you for this most excellent comparison video. It's helped me decide between the two sims, moving from FSX.
  12. Indeed! Many of the free airports are pretty accurate with some great detail.
  13. Sehr schoen! Es tuet mir leid, mis baernduetsch isch nueme so guet. I wohnne nach zu CYXX. Alles guete, Raphael in Kanada
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