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  1. Great atmospheric shot ikbenik. cheers
  2. Very nice Gerold, you cant mistake those elliptical wings!! cheers
  3. Thx Jack. Thx Adam. Thx Macca. Thx Iain.
  4. Thanks Taph Thanks life - 36 of them and me buzzing around! Never Ian. Thanks for the kind words ikbenik Thanks wain
  5. Hi folks, My tribute as we approach the 75th anniversary. and yes I know it was at night - but you wouldn't see anything FTX England still looking great. cheers for now
  6. Absolutely fantastic Jordan and the rest of the ORBX team!! Its all there and it looks just great. Oh racecourses? Once again congratulations, cannot wait. cheers
  7. Absolutely wonderful. Cannot wait. Looking fantastic. Jarryd, if you're still answering questions, despite all my scouring of the Melbourne shots I can't see the Melbourne Star - folks this is our attempt at a ferris wheel - but still Melbourne aint Melbourne without it!! Let me know if I've missed it somehow. cheers
  8. Thx macca - yes I agree some spots need attention, but its like your favourite coat (stitches!), hard to give it up when you know you need a new one Thx for looking John. cheers
  9. Totally agree with your favourites there Dreams - shots are fantastic. cheers
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