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  1. All great shots. Good luck everyone and #75 for me. cheers
  2. Great news!!! I think. Just so it’s clear we are talking the area including the Nantucket/Block Island/Bar Harbour airports. Is that right? Cheers
  3. Holy Moly nearly forgot July! Roulettes over Melbourne. Good luck to all. Cheers
  4. Thx Jack - couple of great products there. Thx Carlos - thought some may be interested. Thx Iain. cheers
  5. Hi folks, not sure how many are aware but in this fair city we get a day off for a horserace!!! Yep the Melbourne Cup is run on the first Tuesday in November. So last November I thought why not buzz the racecourse at Flemington Here we are now after AusV2 and Buildings HD. In the space of ~seven months the difference is well …...like chalk and cheese. A big thankyou to the ORBX team. and credit where its due that's Flemington from OzX in the V1 pic. Aus V1 Aus V2 and Buildings HD
  6. Thx M110 - yep working on the next one Thx life - sure does. You can give me tips Jack. Thx Wain and thx again to all who commented. cheers
  7. Thx very much Iain. Cheers
  8. Thx Breeze. Thx Martyn. Always good to come home. Thx Carlos - though it does rain a lot in Cairns!! Thx olden. Luv the sunset shots. Thx Jack. Yep its the Majestic one. Secret I found, the hard way, is to leave it alone. Don't try and fix the steering, don't hack it cause the gear wont go up etc. It works fine, just gotta read the manual as usual. Also the satisfaction when you get this thing on the ground in one piece is enormous. Remember no Auto Land here!! Great challenge. Recommend you try again. I run P3D 4.5. Cheers as always Jack.
  9. Very nice shots olden. cheers
  10. Nice shots Carlos - and what a great idea for all the plane spotters out there!!! cheers
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