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  1. Sorry forgot to mention I have Verified files which did not help then uninstalled and reinstalled which did not help. thx again
  2. Hi folks, I guess based on how quiet its been that I know the answer - Get a bigger drive For information I have moved a number of airports and load times do slow - I havent really seen a performance hit though - especially when you are nowhere near the airport of course! Thx to those who took the time to view. You can close this Nick if you like. cheers Ray
  3. Hi folks, I've recently migrated quite a few airports to a different drive - all seem OK except for Cloverfield. I get this error whenever I load any airport (not just Cloverfield) and consistently happens at the 80% load mark. Thx for the help. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the response Ed, I do use SimStarter so yes I may have inadvertently. I'll take a look - you wouldnt know where they are please Ed just to make sure thx again Ray
  5. Hi Ed Is this how they are supposed to look please? Better from a little elevation but up close a little underwhelming or have I done something wrong? Many thx - OpenLC Africa by the way is fantastic. cheers
  6. Hi everyone, OpenLC Africa has filled my Nvme drive. If I were to migrate products to a slower drive, which would be the best for minimal load/performance impact please? I'm thinking I will move airports and keep Global, LC and Cityscape products on the performance drive but please let me know what you think. Stay healthy. Ray
  7. Hi folks, been a while for me and hope all are good. OpenLC Europe and LEBB - great combination. Good luck to all cheers
  8. Great news!!! I think. Just so it’s clear we are talking the area including the Nantucket/Block Island/Bar Harbour airports. Is that right? Cheers
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