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  1. Hi there; EGTC DME doesn't seem to work on runway 21 (108.9 ICR), The ILS is there but no DME. I used multiple aircraft including default P3D with no luck! I am running P3D v5.1 and Orbx TrueEarth GBS. Thanks, Mustafa
  2. Yes, I have around 390GB left on the drive and I moved my temp folder to the same drive as well. I copied the scenery from my old machine that I am retiring to the new one having this problem overnight. BASE Pack on both are the exact same size "on disk" and still when I run "Verify Files" on the new PC it fails but on the old one it works!
  3. Hi there; I am getting installation errors while installing P3Dv4 products in Orbx Central (latest version) "Errors encountered while installing this product". I read related support posts and cleared the temp and backup files from Settings>Downloader, deleted the backup folders, and did the Sync Simulator successfully. I restarted Central and even rebooted then tried "Verify Files" but with no luck. my log is attached. Thanks, Mustafa central.log
  4. I am getting a crash to desktop with no Event Viewer messages when I enable GBA Libraries (Great Britain South Libraries) in Addons. If I disable this addon entry the scenario loads fine. Is this a duplicate entry that shouldn't be there?
  5. I spent days trying to fix this (see image). I tried all sorts of ordering and worked things out in Lorby and SIMstarter NG for P3Dv5, but the problem is still there. Here is how my scenery looks like, and everything is through addon.xml
  6. Link below contains a folder (ORBX) with snapshots of my add-ons and scenery library order. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnYeChTNtp-ojELJ6d5EzbZA_0Ye?e=IhE8bJ
  7. Hi there; I installed ORBX Central 4.04 yesterday and migrated most of my ORBX products to a new location, after the migration airports started showing elevation issues and addon airports not showing for the few I tested (see OneDrive links snapshot of Digital Design's Liverpool, GA apron). I also started receiving an error about ORBX KSAN about the objectflow.xml not being found, note that I do have Object Flow 2 in my add-ons. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnYeChTNtp-ojDOvZyvEtGQKp6p8?e=eM6FDz https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnYeChTNtp-ojDRi4xNC3CJ1arKZ?e=Muhh6i Order number: 5c96
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