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  1. That can happen if the appropriately coded spot is already occupied. Having said that, the allocated parking at YBBN should be adequate for most times, even with AI traffic set at 100%. Do you have another traffic package installed? The Jetstar aircraft in those shots is not part of the FTX AU AI Traffic pack.
  2. This is a P3D V5 issue and Lockheed Martin are looking into it.
  3. Thiis was mentioned in Ed's notes re known issues with P3D V5:- '[REGIONS + SOME AIRPORTS] Because all default airports have been made new and thus buildings, structures, and objects shifted around, it's likely that any third-party add-on that doesn't include an airport-wide object exclusion will now display duplicate or overlapping objects. ' Lockheed Martin have added a lot more default buildings at many airports in V5 than earlier versions of P3D. These will need to be excluded in AUv2 and that work is ongoing. This has been sorted for the AU and NZ payware airports and an update for AUv2 will resolve this for the rest.
  4. Check that you have the Ground Poly option selected in the YBBN Control Panel within Orbx Central. If this fails to resolve the problem, the file settings within the YBBN folder may have become out of sinc. In this case, I suggest you uninstall YBBN and install it again.
  5. YMML only comes with a custom ground poly. That poly is much better than photoreal both in terms of performance and appearance. There is no need to have any GP options as is the case with the much older YBBN product. Perhaps you could provide a screenshot of what you are seeing and we can troubleshoot from there.
  6. As John has stated, the V5 update was merely to make the airport compatible to P3D V5. This work took some time and was offered free of charge. To carry out a complete update of this airport to reflect the current layout will involve many hundreds of hours development time. A considerable portion of this time will be spent on the ground poly which will be hand painted and cannot commence until the actual runways and taxiways are all finished. This project is on the to-do list but will not be available for some time yet. After all the opening of the new runway is still some two months away.
  7. Could you please uninstall and reinstall YBBN and see if that resolves the issue for you.
  8. Could you please uninstall and reinstall YBBN and see if that sorts the problem for you.
  9. There does seem to be an issue here for some users. I’ll arrange for this to be fixed.
  10. The MCG in AUv2 is controlled by ObjectFlow. Make sure your ObjectFlow is working and you should see the MCG.
  11. Very nice work. Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put into this, it is most helpful and greatly appreciated.
  12. That appears to be a clash between the YBCG airport and the Gold Coast CityScene. Have you made the correct selection in the YBCG Control Panel? Your screenshots also indicate that you have the Gold Coast scenery sitting at a higher priority in your Scenery Library to the YBCG airport scenery. YBCG needs to sit above Gold Coast CityScene.
  13. You should be seeing it on Orbx Central now, it was released early last week. Let me know if it’s not there.
  14. The only thing I did which may be different is that I disabled all files for NZGS, NZWR, NZQN and NZMF within the NZNI and NZSI file sets. Not really recommended unless you feel comfortable playing around with files in this way but it could be the reason I have no issues. I also have all my products installed directly within P3D as it was in the FSX and early P3D days.
  15. NZQN is fine. What issues are you having there? Once I installed P3D V5, I did a fresh download and install of all Orbx products so everything is new - nothing copied over from V4.5. Had to do something to fill in the time while self isolating.
  16. These screenshots were taken in P3D V5 with a fresh download and install of NZWR during the past week. All shadows, both Cast and Receive, are enabled except No Shadow Flagged Content.
  17. I'm seeing no issues whatsoever with shadows showing in NZWR. Shadows are showing properly on AI aircraft, Statics and all other scenery items. Best to check both your shadow Cast and Receive settings in P3D.
  18. Is it possible you have NZNI sitting above NZWR in the scenery library order? That would mean the exclude in NZWR would be unable to exclude the objects from the NZNI version of NZWR. You could check this by disabling the NZWR_Objects file included in the NZNI_scenery folder and see if the problem goes away. Sorry I can’t give you specific file and folder names at the moment - my main computer is currently unavailable.
  19. That looks like you have deactivated the CVX file within the FTX_AA_NZQN\Scenery folder. That one needs to be left active. It is the file ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZQN_CVX.bgl within the folder Orbx/FTX_NZ/FTX_NZSI_05_SCENERY/Scenery that needs to be disabled.
  20. We have identified the problem and a fix has been arranged. In the meantime, could you go to your FTX_NZ/FTX_NZSI_05_Scenery folder and locate the NZQN CVX file. Disable it by adding .OFF to the end of the file name and that should sort the issue for you.
  21. Your settings are much the same as mine. I tried with NZNI disabled as well as enabled but Queenstown appears perfectly each time. I'll see if any of my colleagues can reproduce this issue,
  22. I'm unable to reproduce this issue on my system. Do you have any third party mesh installed? What is your mesh resolution set at in the sim.
  23. You will need to remove the files you have copied over from V4.5 for YSCH Coffs Harbour, YPEC Aeropelican and YMUI Murray Island otherwise you will have everything duplicated at those airports with the default airport files now and then when you update those airports with the new Orbx version. New file sets have been created using the new ACIO code for each of these airports. The older file sets are not usable in P3D V5. When you select YSCH or YCFS at the moment you will actually see two airports on top of one another, the Orbx YSCH and the default YCFS. Best to remove Orbx airports from V5 until they are listed as compatible.
  24. Lockheed Martin updated many airports to their current ICAO code in P3D V5. We did request a list of these airports but they were unable to provide that information. We are aware of a few but without going through all 24,000 or so default airports, the task of identifying them all was a little beyond us in the short term. We will therefore be updating any of these changed ICAO codes as they are discovered and would request your help in this regard. Could you please post any code changes you identify to this thread and we will track them from here. I will make it a sticky. I'll start the list with a few we are aware of and have updated: YPEC - YLMQ Lake Macquarie Airport YSCH - YCFS Coffs Harbour Airport YMUI - YMAE Murray Island Airport 61B - KBVU Boulder City Municipal Airport
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