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  1. It appears there may be a conflicting APX on your system. Do you have an addon AI Traffic pack installed?
  2. Can you check your list of Add-Ons and see if ObjectFlow is active.
  3. Could you please copy the files in this zip to your Orbx/FTX_NA/FTX_AA_KBZN/Scenery folder, overwriting the equivalent existing files, and see if this resolves your issue. If all is good, I will have this update added to the V5 installer for KBZN. FTX_AA_KBZN.zip
  4. I'm assuming you have installed EGLC directly into your P3D V5 system. If so, you should to see the a Folder Prepar3D/LuaScripts. Please copy the contents of that folder, (26 files) into your Prepar3D/Scripts folder and that should sort this issue. The EGLC installer is being updated to fix this anomaly.
  5. EGPH has been updated for P3D V5 and will be released in the next day or so.
  6. This should now be fixed with the latest Orbx Libraries update.
  7. Libraries update should be available now.
  8. Update, the Orbx files are still being worked on and will most likely be released tomorrow. Best to disable Dynamic Lighting at those airports until then.
  9. Many thanks for that. They are clearly not the correct files so I will follow up with the team.
  10. Can you please check the Date Modified on these two files please. Effects/fx_TRB_hangar_w_lrg.fx Orbx/FTX_AU/FTXAA_ORBXLIBS/Scenery/Orbxlibs_TRB_Dynlights.BGL This is how the airport looks on my system after the update.
  11. The effect files for both KMBS and KIDA have been updated to rectify this problem. I’ll check they were included in the library updates recently released.
  12. Drop this file into your Orbx/FTX_NA/FTX_AA_KBLU/Scenery folder and it should reposition people at the airport. I'll have this file included in the KBLU installer. ORBX_KBLU_PLC_PF2_ObjectFlow.xml I'll look into the issue with 74S Anacortes.
  13. EGLC has now been updated and is currently in testing. Should be released soon.
  14. I just checked KRDD on my system and can only see one set of taxi signs as appropriate. Could you provide a screenshot or two of what you are seeing so we can investigate this further.
  15. Unfortunately, the Control Panel option for the YSSY APX swap will not work when the Traffic Pack is installed via the xml Add-on method. The best advice we can offer is to go to your FlyTampa/Sydney/Scenery folder and manually deactivate the base APX (ADEX_YSSY_GL_2020.bgl) and activate the FTX one (ADEX_YSSY_GL_FTX.bgl).
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