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  1. It would seem the current version of YBAS still uses the ObjectFlow ground markings. We best concentrate on ObjectFlow possibly being the problem. Can you check the terminal area and make sure you are seeing the various people as per this screenshot.
  2. Thanks for the update. I am not sure why the ground markings are missing for some and not others. I will do some more tests today.
  3. There were issues with some of the features when installed outside the sim so it was felt better to install the conventional method within the sim. There are no problems leaving the package there. if you do need to uninstall P3D and reinstall, the FTX traffic pack will be unaffected.
  4. Could you please uninstall YBAS and install it again. I'm not sure where you have your current install but this time could you install it into the P3D folder and not the XML Addo-on method. See if your ground markings return. I'm not suggesting this as a permanent solution but would appreciate you running this test. I am running P3D V5.1 and everything looks fine in the sim at both YBAS and YBRM. It is correct that the ground markings were placed by ObjectFlow at YBAS originally but this was changed to a normal ground poly bgl a little while back.
  5. I recall an issue with some ground poly details not showing with an early version of P3D V5 but this has since been resolved. Have you updated to P3D V5.1?
  6. Drop these two files into your Orbx/FTX_AU/FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY/Scenery folder overwriting the current files and let me know if your terminals return. Back up your current files if you wish. If all is fine, I will pass these files on to Ed for inclusion in the AUv2 installer. FTX_AUS_YMLT_objects.bgl FTX_AUS_V4_Terminal_Lib.BGL
  7. The sim accepts the model name with or without the .MDL included in the Model config file so this is just a housekeeping issue rather than a fault. Those aircraft should all be working fine. Having said that, I think you will find anomalies such as these have all been sorted with the update to PBR models in the upcoming release of the traffic pack.
  8. The flaps sound has been deliberately removed as it is far too loud for an AI aircraft I'll check the others and include them if required.
  9. I've now modified the textures for the Jetstar aircraft to better match them with the real world aircraft. While not perfect, I do think the result is a noticeable improvement on the earlier textures shown in the screenshot above..
  10. I’m afraid not. Some of the permissions obtained from 3rd party developers for inclusion of their models were limited to V5 only.
  11. The next update to the FTX AU AI Traffic pack for P3D V5 is nearing completion so I thought I would share a few screenshots. Included in this update is a complete revision of all AI aircraft to convert them to BPR models plus expanded use of dynamic lighting for tail logos etc. Airline schedules have been maintained at pre Covid levels for now with the exception of a couple of known permanent changes, ie, the demise of Tigerair Australia, the rationalisation of the Virgin Australia fleet plus a few other minor changes. It is anticipated that this update should be ready
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