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  1. Many thanks for the Birthday wishes guys, they are greatly appreciated.
  2. You appear to have selected No Shadow Flagged Content under Options - Lighting - Shadows. This option will place shadows on items not meant have shadows and is essentially for developers only. It should remain unselected in the normal course of a simming session.
  3. I agree the addition of the file extension with the file name within the model.cfg file is superfluous however it does no harm and does not effect the performance of the aircraft in the sim. It does not show up as an error in any of the P3D error reports. For the sake of good housekeeping I will remove any such file extensions where they occur in the next major update to the AI traffic pack. The use of sub folders within AI aircraft model folders Is a common practice for many AI modellers and has been so for as long as I can recall. They work fine in all versions of P3D including V5. I may wind these back if they cause issues with other 3rd party products but not until the next update to the pack.
  4. The NA GA AI Traffic package only covers Orbx regions in the North West USA and South West of Canada. Some of the more recent NA regions have their own traffic files which utilise the AI aircraft included in the package. Alaska is not included in the base AI traffic package, I’m not sure if it has its own traffic file though. I note that many simmers are creating their own traffic files using the AI aircraft included in the NA package. This may be an option for populating your chosen airports.
  5. I do this trip regularly (in the sim of course) but it looked particularly spectacular this morning so thought I would share some screenshots of the journey. We sailed into Milford Sound on the Cruise ship Ruby Princess in March this year (just before Covid took hold) and I have to say it looked almost as good as the Orbx version :)
  6. Can you confirm you have P3D V4.5. Those runways appear to be sitting at the default altitude and not at the altitude set in the Orbx version of these airports. Earlier versions of P3D V4 require an altitude adjustment file to modify the default altitude. I checked each of these airports on my P3D V4.5 install and all appears fine.
  7. Both YSCB and NZQN have secondary airports/runways built in to enable the separation of small GA traffic from the larger commercial airlines as is the case with the real life operations at these airports. This is the only way this separation can be managed In the sim due to the limitations of FSX and P3D. This system has worked well for the many years these products have been on the market. It would seem that GSX does not like this methodology though. I would suggest there are two options for you to continue using each. Disable GSX or do as Nick has suggested and disable the secondary airports/runways. Disabling the secondary airports/runways will mean you will not see any small GA AI traffic but the airports will be fine otherwise.
  8. I'm seeing this as well. It has now been noted and will be looked into.
  9. Can you run 'Verify Files' for both YMUI and AUv2 please. There is no YMUI included in any of the installers for V5. The files may be named 'YMUI' but the contents are coded under the new ICAO, YMAE as is appropriate for P3D V5.
  10. You should not be seeing Murray Island in the Airport Selection screen under the old code YMUI. It is now included in P3D V5 under it's new code which is YMAE. Both AUv2 and the Orbx add-on airport for Murray Island have been updated to reflect this new code.
  11. Update for NSTU Pago Pago for P3D V5 is now available via Orbx Central.
  12. The runway should be perfect as it uses the default APX finish. Both Launceston and Broome have better quality imagery for their photoreal surfaces. if you’re still unsure, can you take a screenshot nearer the ground from within the sim.
  13. Busselton airport has a photoreal apron and taxiway and the quality of the surface is not as clear as a standard APX or ground poly Based one. What you are seeing is a very blotchy finish and is probably a little exaggerated by your screen colour and/or contrast setting. It is not a grass surface. I do not use HDR and have less contrast on my screen so mine appears a little more even in colour than yours. You also need to make sure you have ‘Use High-Quality Terrain Textures’ selected within P3D options. Is this image a photo of the screen or a V key screenshot from within the sim?
  14. An update for P3D V5 is in progress for these airports. This update concentrates mainly on extending excludes for the additional buildings added to the default scenery by Lockheed Martin but will now look at the issue of grass on the hard surfaces as well. I'm not seeing any elevation issues at NSMA, perhaps you could provide more information on that one please.
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