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  1. Check your Scenery\World\Scenery folder for duplicate traffic files. Earlier versions of the FTX AI Traffic pack used the name Traffic_FTX_******. The latest release uses the file names Traffic_Orbx_*******. If you have two sets of traffic files each starting Traffic_FTX (3 Files) and Traffic_Orbx (4 files), you should delete the three FTX files. ie. traffic files starting Traffic_FTX.
  2. What you are seeing is correct. The new (taller) tower was finished a few years back and I'm not aware of any plans to demolish the older one.
  3. All the AI models used in the FTX AI Traffic pack are by 3rd party modellers. They have been updated for P3D V4 by the same team updating for AIG. Although I am part of that team, some of the models have additional enhancements/features for the FTX pack which I have added myself. These models are only used or updated with approval from the original developer. Some of the models used in the FTX pack are specific to that pack as the original developer has limited his permission accordingly. These will not be available on AIG. And no, there will not be a Global AI traffic pack produced by Orbx.
  4. There should not be an entry for the FTX AI Traffic pack in the main Scenery Library so I’m confused as to why you have one. The package consists of three traffic files and these should be located in your main Scenery\World\Scenery folder. You should also have all the FTX AI aircraft folders in your SimObjects\Airplanes folder. Could you please confirm both these are in order. the GA Aircraft you are seeing listed in the sim are all default aircraft from the default traffic file.
  5. As we've accidentally discovered your YBCS Cairns file structure, (thanks to my Dyslexia) I should point out that you have a number of duplicate files which will prevent your Control Panel for that airport from working. I would suggest you uninstall YBCS Cairns, manually delete the ORBX/FTX_AU/FTXAA_YBCS/Scenery folder and reinstall the airport again.
  6. Sorry, I asked for a screenshot of your YBCS folder but I should have asked for the YBCG folder. Your folder does seem fine though as it contains the same files as mine so all is good there. You are missing the AUv2 files in YSPT as well as the AUv2 Control Panel but that should not cause your shadow issue. I will take that up with the Orbx Central guys as it would appear to be an installer problem. In the meantime, could you please check that you have Options - Lighting - Simulation Objects set to Receive within P3D.
  7. Can I trouble you for a new screenshot of your YBCG folder following your latest install please. Perhaps the reason the Control Panel selections are not holding is because you may still have duplicate on and off files in the YSPT folder.
  8. Can you also pop this file in your ORBX\Scripts folder overwriting the current file and then check that you have the options similar to mine in the Control Panel in Orbx Central. orbx_cpl_YBCG.xml
  9. You would appear to still have some duplicate files in your install, some in the active state and the same in the OFF state. You need to uninstall your YBCG airport and then remove the folder ORBX/FTX_AU/FTXAA_YBCS/Scenery altogether. Once you reinstall, you should have 71 files.
  10. Could one of you post a screenshot of your ORBX/FTX_AU/FTXAA_YBCS/Scenery folder please. Make sure you have the Folder View set to 'Details' and include at least one column heading 'Date Modified'.
  11. This is how YBCG looks on my machine from roughly the same location. All ground shadows are visible. I have never seen an issue with ground shadows even during the beta stage of this airport. This is the Control Panel for the latest version. Can you update or preferably uninstall and reinstall the airport and see if the issue persists. If you uninstall, please check that all files from the original install have been removed before installing again.
  12. I'm not seeing any issues with ground shadows at either of the Gold Coast airports. My aircraft wheels all sit nicely on the ground with no elevation issues at all. Could you confirm this is with P3D v4 please. It may be helpful if you could post a screenshot or two so we can identify if you have a rogue texture floating about.
  13. If we were to use individual aircraft only once, there would be a significant reduction in the amount of AI aircraft you see in the sim. It is totally impractical to reproduce every aircraft using particular airports in the real world so most AI models are used more than once. We do take care to ensure the same model is placed so as not to appear more than once in the same region/airport. I also note you have duplicate aircraft in Samoa. AI traffic for this region pack are included in the FTX AU AI Traffic pack. If you have both installed, you should deactivate the Samoa specific AI traffic. The missing aircraft you have identified are from very old traffic files which have since been replaced by the FTX NA AI Traffic pack.
  14. Hi Mike, Your files for the FTX AU AI Traffic pack seem to be in order. For the package to work, you just need the Traffic files in the Scenery/World/Scenery folder, which you have, and the aircraft folders in the SimObjects/Airplanes folder, which you have. The only thing stopping the AI aircraft from appearing is the presence of a FS9 traffic file somewhere on your FSX install. There is a program you can use to identify FS9 traffic files on you system. You can get it here. http://stuff4fs.com/Applications/AIFP/Downloads/AIFP3221.zip Once installed, select Find FS9 Traffic Files under the top menu item Bulk Traffic. If any FS9 traffic files are located, you will have an option to recompile them if you wish to keep them. This program can also be used to modify traffic files should you wish to do so.
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