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  1. Hi @Nick Cooper Would a GPU upgrade fix it or is it a CPU thats on the low side? David
  2. Good evening, I purchased the True Earth Great Britain South and at the minute cannot currently use it as it is far to much lag with under 10fps I cant even pan around the cockpit. I have tried this on default P3D 4.5 settings. Is it related to the fix we are waiting on for P3D 4.5? My specs are: Intel Core i5-9400F 2.90GHz boost to 4.1GHz 16GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4GB) Or is my machine as above not sufficient enough to have TEGB? Many thanks, David
  3. Hello everyone, I submitted a ticket last night, ID #11221, I received an email confirming it however the ticket isnt appearing in the support centre? Anyone any ideas? if its just an error? @Richard Lincoln Cheers David
  4. Good evening, Currently have UK2000 Belfast Extreme installed as well as EU Northern Ireland I purchased today. In TOP DOWN view everything looks fine but once you return to cockpit view it is surrounded by trees as per the screenshots. Any ideas how to fix? Regards, David (EU Nothern Ireland Transaction ID - 5a43ae5f8ab68)
  5. Hello, I have purchased a few products however the "recommended simulator settings" do not match setting in P3D options. Does anyone have the recommended settings for the following products: EU Scotland EU England EU Northern Ireland FTX Global Base Pack FTX Global OpenLC North America FTX Global Vector GTX Global OpenLC Europe Many thanks,
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