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  1. Thanks, sorry for delay in replying. I think the problem turned out to the Traffic Global offsetting the scenery and hence the layers.
  2. My Orbx airfields have misaligned parking slots/jetways. Attached shot of LEBB. I've tried putting the scenery to the top of the library with no luck. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Solved- Just Flight Global Traffic 'scenery' too high in library.
  3. For some reason something isn't quite right with my EGHI scenery. It used to work but I've now found that it appears the default runway is showing through. I tried a reinstall and AEC to no avail. It's been so long that I don't know what has happened since that could have affected it. Using P3Dv4.3, Win10, Orbx everything! Thanks for any help. Chris
  4. Doug... nailed it! Thank you so much. Didn't realise there was an Options/Add-on ObjectFlow2 bit. Not sure how it got disabled but lesson learned.
  5. Dear Orbx/members, Have reinstalled my P3Dv4 from scratch. I've only got round to installing Orbx products using FTX Central. The ground textures are really blurry even when I set it to the highest resolution which is 7cm. Any help gratefully received. Thanks, Chris
  6. Dear Orbx/members, When I first installed KTVL it worked perfectly. I'm not sure what happened, and even since completely reinstalling P3Dv4, I have no buildings. I've run AEC, and I've tried different terrain mesh resolutions. I've only reinstalled Orbx scenery so far. Please see screenshot for the order. The other sceneries work fine (bar Skagit, separate post). Any suggestions are gratefully received. Thanks, Chris
  7. Hi, thanks for reading. I bought PNW with a handful of individual airfields including 3W5 (Concrete Municipal). The scenery is stunning but for some reason 3W5 did not add itself to the scenery library (managed to do it manually, just found it strange). Worse still is that the airfield is elevated 10-20 meters above the surrounding PNW scenery (screenshot attached). I found this very odd as it's all Orbx scenery and should work seamlessly. I use P3D v3.4, FTX Base and Vector. Vector didn't find the airfield in its database (the auto config left everything enabled, perhaps a separate issue!). I don't have a 3rd party mesh enabled for America. I hope someone can help as I'm really amazed by the scenery in every other way! Thanks again, Chris Edit: PS When I load the scenario the aircraft appears 100m off airfield (to the right as you seen on the picture). Not sure if relevant. Just annoying.
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