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  1. agree, his scores are evocative, his themes eternal. Sherm
  2. good...thanks for the clarification.... Sherm
  3. fwiw, I have an older system including a GTX 760 GPU and Intel 4690 i5 CPU....in most situations I run P3D V4.5 with little difficulty except for the occasional dxgi.dll ctd... Sherm
  4. It's tough taking good shots like these and keeping both hands on the wheel....:-) Sherm
  5. looks like a photo....congrats on the realism.. Sherm
  6. Adam, I invite you to join us (invitation is open to all others who read this and like the DC3) www.dc3airways.net Sherm Sherman Kaplan Director Public Relations DC3AIRWAYS
  7. HI Strat....good question. It was originally designed for FS9, then ported over to FSX. Elaine (Poppet) at P3D published a detailed guide about how to make it work in that platform up to and including V4.5... I suggest posting at P3D as well at this Avsim forum.... (we can talk more about this tomorrow) https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/491556-installing-tongass-fjords-x-prepar3d-v3-v4/ After the above post, I found this also in the Orbx forums..evidently it will work if installation instructions are followed specifically as outlined by Poppet for earlier versions Sherm
  8. Thanks, Jack....and now I discovered a small issue. I flew into 68A Wrangler SPB this morning...all looked good, but as I lost more altitude preparing for landing...the scenery dissapeared from view. I know it must be there, because it shows in Map View...seems like a layering issue. I will run Vector and see if that makes a difference. Sherm
  9. Hi Jack, Thanks that did the trick. All I had to do was remove the Config64 phrase from the name and plop it in the TF folder in FS AddOn. Sherm
  10. yes, and as I posted, the TF harbors, spb, cabins, etc look fine. The only problem is that I did not get the original configuration screen when the instllation routine finished its run. Sherm
  11. I have found a partial solution, though it is not what I expected. I found some files I had put into "storage" from an earlier installation of FSX, including a Tongass Fjiords folder. Inside, I found several files that fit into the Scenario section of P3D....so, I copied them to my P3D documents folder....fired up P3D...and found the scenarios listed. I also found 8 TF elevation adjustment bgl files, which I assume were installed by the TF Installation routine. The couple that I have checked outso far seem to work fine, scenery in place, nothing in the way of major anomalies, except for some raised houses here and there. Still, I do hope someone can help me find out why I cannot get the normal opening screen which should have appeared when the program installation was completed. Sherm
  12. Hi Holger and all, I am not sure if this is the place to raise my issue, but please let me give it a try. I have installed TF per Elaine's directions, and have amended terrain config. But, as the picture below shows, I cannot get the configurator page to open. This is what I see... https://ibb.co/qkDZyNd Thanks, Sherm
  13. Mitchell, thanks....that is what I suspected....just wanted to be sure... Sherm
  14. Sherm Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
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