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  1. As always, handsome shots. But, I have a question about ORBX Honolulu. What makes it different from or better than the detailed freeware package available here https://hawaii-photoreal.com/downloads-fsx-p3d/ Sherm PS, if administrator thinks this violates Forum Rules, I apologize. I am loyal to ORBX products, but ask this only out of curiosity.
  2. Just an update....the change went well...and results are back to what I had before. Follow Nick's advice and you will not go wrong. There is one autogen problem at Skagway. But, it has nothing to do with the file position trasfer. I will post that on the ORBX 4 forum. Sherm
  3. On advice from Nick Cooper, I am currently moving my OrBX Regions, LC and other files back into the P3D folder. When done, I will run Vector and hope that all is good, as it was before V4. Sherm
  4. Yes, John....my bad...I did mean the new V4...somewhere I had interpreted that the new version was called ORBX 'Direct. Thanks for pointing that out. Sherm
  5. If I may join in this discussion, since ORBX DIRECT, my entire setup is in disarray. To get things right, can I simply uninstall all ORBX products via OD, then reinstall using FTXC. Or, will I also need to uninstall and reinstall P3D? Thanks. Sherm
  6. Thanks for the pta link. I am Traveling, but will try this when home again. sherm
  7. Hi Dario, That's what I thought. I have been using various PTA sets, trying to find just the perfect one....currently, I am very happy with Gerald Salden's monthly series...so, now I am in July. I also very much like Matt Davie's December 18 ini, as well as Adam's 266.02. Adam is a frequent poster here on the ORBX forum. I think he is involved with the very active NZ flight sim community. which set are you using? Sherm
  8. very handsome shots. Are you using any shaders other than default? Sherm
  9. speedy recovery....if you are like me and probably all of us, when you do not feel like flight simming, that means you are sick. When you do feel like you are ready to boot up, that means you are well. :-) sherm
  10. I run my computer with the side panel open...I don't know that it affects temperature one way or the other, but, my dust issues seem minimal. I use a can of compressed air from time to time and will run a clean lint free cloth over fan blades. sherm
  11. It's always great to see a DCA flight, especially over my home town. Sherm DCA662 www.dc3airways.net
  12. Michael, I hope you are correct...we all will be better off with a wide range of choices. Sherm
  13. Randazzo's comments reaffirm my view that this will be more a game, than a game changer. I wish it were otherwise , but I suspect the shear size of the gamers market compared to the sim market (I.e. authenticity) will drive the direction by MS. Sherm
  14. Here is a link to youtube.com videos of FS Expo 2019 Sherm https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=+FS+Expo+2019
  15. Like others, I signed up as a Beta Tester...we'll see what happens. When I first saw this, I was rather excited about MS getting back into FS. But, on second thought, because of the XBox connection, I am betting it will turn out to be a game rather than a solid simulation. Anyone want to take some bets on this....:-) Sherm
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