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  1. Hi Lifejogger....no time like the present to hope back into uniform and squeeze into the cockpit... Sherm
  2. @wakashi, there is a learning curve, but it is not especially difficult. And, where there are any speed bumps, I can think of two or three pilots who would be more than ready to help... I will also be available, though my teaching ability is not as efficient as that of some others... which is to say, I may know how to do something, but I am not always adept at explaining each little step. :-) Sherm dca662
  3. HI Wakashi, there really is nothing about which to be apprehensive. We have members who will assist you hands on every step of the way. We use teamspeak for live communication, as well as email, private messaging and even view sharing software when desired. You can sign on with no obligations and look around at your forums to get an idea of what flying with us solo, or Multi Play is like. Feel free to download flight plans, or create your own...vfr or ifr as you choose...Personally, I have made life time friends virtually on line as well as meeting some members in real life. It has
  4. Hi all, If you are looking for an interesting VA, different from all the tube flyers....then take a look at www.dc3airways.net Sherman Kaplan (Sherm Director Public Relations DC3AIRWAYS.NET
  5. Hi T....come join as at www.dc3airways.net for some great adventure flying with fellow DC3 enthusiasts. Lots of opportunity for MP as well as routes as you choose. Sherm Director PR DC3 AIRWAYS
  6. for the record, I have solved this problem and the cause was not any of the usual suspects. I had some add on scenery that evidently messed with scenery layering. I deleted that scenery package, and all is normal at all airports in SAK. Sherm
  7. Hi again, AQ....my version is the last update for v4.5 Prepar3D_v4_Academic_4.5.14.34698. I have some time and will try a repair of components, especially scenery to see if that will solve my issue short of a total uninstall and reinstallation. As for your LNM suggestion, this is what I discovered Default Terrain C:\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery\ADE_FTX_SAK_PAGY_elevation_adjustment.BGL (file not found) 0101 Base C:\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0101\scenery\APX11100.bgl FTX_NA_SAK05_SCENERY C:\Prepar3D v4\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SAK05_SCENERY\scenery\ADE_FTX_SAK_PAGY
  8. Hi AQ....I wish mine looked that way. I am using V4.5 with the latest HFs...I am not booted, but the version, as I recall, ends in xx98....perhaps, I can reinstall the hotfix, or some such...short of a total reinstall of P3D.....but, clearly, just reinstalling SAK does not do it for me. Thanks for getting me to think in a different direction. Sherm
  9. Hi Larry, Those airports cannot be individual adjusted in Vector...running the full AEC program has no effect. This one really has me puzzled, especially since I went through this once before and solved the issue by uninstalling and then reinstalling SAK at the suggestion of Nick Cooper, who really knows all the bells and whistles. But, this time, no go...still stuck with the bad layers. Thanks for the suggestion. Sherm
  10. Hi all, I feel like a broken record with those ( I think only the old guys will get the simile :-)), but I am having layering problems again with PAGY AND PAKT, and now a new issue with PSIT. Yes, they are all within the SAK region, and I think that is the cause. Following previous advice, I uninstalled and then reactivated SAK, did the same with the libraries, used the sync tool in Orbx CENTRAL and ran a full Vector scan. Here are some before and after pix PAGY WITH SAK PAGY WITHOUT SAK PAKT WITH SAK
  11. Hi John, Thanks, and are you still active? We have a lot of events, at least 4 multi play flights a week...lots of activity... Sherm 662
  12. DC3 Airways 2020 World Rally has begun. This is a shot from the first flight plan You can learn about the rally and how to participate at http://dc3airways.net/wr/ Pilot membership is not required, but you are always welcome to join and fly with us Sherm Sherman Kaplan Director Public relations DC3 Airways
  13. Opening Orbx CENTAL this morning, I saw an update ready for KPSP. I downloaded and installed it. But, I have found no info in re what this update does, or improves. Any info is appreciated. Thanks. Sherm
  14. Route Downloads are now available for the DCA 2020 WORLD RALLY. No experience necessary, except how to fly a DC3 http://dc3airways.net/wr/fsxp3d.php Sherm
  15. I upgraded to the 1660ti from my old 760....and the improvement is spectacular. As for settings, I have not used Nvidia Inspector, as I used to do in the past. Instead, I use the Nvidia Control Panel software. Be sure to check the box that allows for Image sharpening. It is the first setting. I have mine at Sharpen .070 and Ignore Film Grain .017. Everything else is default...and as I say, image is spectacular. I have fps set at 30, btw. Sherm
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