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  1. I am not sure this is the correct thread, but I am completely bollixed up on this installation. The default would have put it in a W10 OneDrive folder. But, because I am running out of space there, I wanted to install it instead into C:/documents/P3D Addons. That really messed things up and now, I cannot access the plane folder, nor can I delete it. Is there a way out of this mess? btw, a reinstallation does not work. Sherm
  2. I have a similar problem, but in fact do have an external SSD labeled N. So, I cannot delete that from the registry. Any other suggestions. Thanks....like OP, I transferred a purchased PFX to Orbx. Sherm
  3. oops. not Spyware....should be Freeware.....:-) Sherm
  4. The DC 6 is not an acceptable aircraft for our fleet though the DC 4 is...there are some excellent freeware DC 3s that we can guide you to as well as freeware and spyware on the DC 4 category.... sherm
  5. Here is what the final gathering looks like when DC3 Airway pilots fly in Multiplay mode. This is at ESTL, Saturday March 7, 2020. Interested pilots may apply for open positions at www.dc3airways.net Sherm
  6. Though DC3 Airways is dedicated to its namesake, some of our members fly a series of Multi Player floatplane and amphib routes. We have been doing so since last April, with each route linked to the previous. So far, we have done 41 flights. If you are interested in joining future ones, feel free to join and sign on as a pilot at www.dc3airways.net Sherm Director Public Relations DC3 AIRWAYS Flight 33 VFR Sparrevohn LRRS (PASV) to Tatitna (8KA).pln Float 1 IFR Kenmore Air Harbor (W55) to Friday Harbor (W33).pln Float 2 VFR Friday Harbor (W33) to Comox SPB (CCX6).pln
  7. Hi, First, Vector files should not be moved manually, and certainly not to the top. They will install automatically in the proper location. I suggest that you completely uninstall Orbx Central. Let it reinstall all of its own components. Read the manual for specifics. As for your own scenery layering, all FTX files should be placed below any of our non Orbx add ons. Landclass files should be placed below FTX files. Vector will find its own place. Sorry, I cannot provide a visual for you to see, but, when you run Central, open the Help section and you should find a guide for layering. btw, once you have completed the installations, run Vector's AEC function (Airport Elevation Corrections). It is not perfect, but does take care of most anomalies. sherm
  8. Greetings, Lolo, After reading your post, I opened Orbx Central and noticed that the Libraries were ready for an update. (There was a yellow dot which called my attention to the Libraries) Have you noticed the same? If so, I suggest you allow the program to update, then try and run Vector. I have no idea whether there is any connection at all, but Vector AEC is running as I am writing this reply. Good Luck, Sherm
  9. HI Wingclip, First sincere sympathies for your loss.... As for upgrading to W10, you have a lot of suggestions here, but here is one more.... a free upgrade link https://www.cnet.com/how-to/you-can-download-windows-10-free-you-should-because-windows-7-dead/ I know you want W10 Pro, but you could always start with the free upgrade, and then buy the Pro version when you are satisfied that 10 will work with your system.... Sherm
  10. I am certain the virus alert is a false positive. As I recall I had a similar situation. The software is clean. except for possible space limitations, there is no advantage to installing Orbx ouside the P3D folder. Sherm
  11. Hi Manuel, Nick may have more on this, but for greater flexibility Installing and layering scenery, I recommend Lorby's Add On Installer. It is freeware, and there is a bit of a learning curve. But, it will do exactly what you want. https://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html Sherm
  12. While the majority of DC3 AIRWAYS pilots fly the eponymous DC3, some will occasionally fly longer missions, or trips just for the pleasure of piloting the larger DC4, or as it was designated in military use, The C54. Recently, I was assigned a fairly short route from Palm Springs KSPS, to the not very far away vacation hot spot, Las Vegas Nevada, KLAS. As you can see from the picture, take off from KSPS was smooth and routine. The aircraft handles easily with no real surprises. Its four Pratt and Whitney 1450 hp engines provide plenty of smooth lift. Some background about the plane and its history are summarized here https://www.boeing.com/history/products/dc-4.page Because the DC4 is not a pressurized aircraft, its civilian altitude is limited to no more than 11,000 feet, which was more than enough to make our way for the little more than 90 minute flight to KLAS. As we neared out destination and made contact with KLAS approach one of the American West’s great landmarks, The mighty Hoover Dam was clearly visible to our passengers seated on the Starboard side of the aircraft The glamour of Las Vegas was now just a few flight minutes away. We were vectored in for arrival on 25L From our cockpit view, the approach looked like this on a clear Winter afternoon After touchdown, Ground guided us through the tarmac maze. We sat patiently for a few minutes along with a larger Frontier jetliner, waiting to cross 25R It wasn’t too much longer until another SW 737 cleared the active to taxi to its gate, giving us an opening to cross toward the terminal Our DCA DC4 flight was a special charter for passengers who wanted something different from the tubeliner experience and could afford it. Imagine their pride, as they sat watching us moving into our arrival gate. And, imagine the surprise of those tubeliner pilots and passengers who saw our classic remnant of Aviation History. Finally, parked at the gate, we were up close and personal with KLAS thinking of a time when the glitter of Vegas was in an infancy compared to today. Our passengers deplaned, my co pilot and I shut down our engines and closed out the flight plan. We had a few hours layover before our next charter, and some time to hit the casinos...or maybe not…. If you would like to fly our DC4 look for this livery at flightsim.com jbkdouglasdc-4-1009v3up.zip Scenery from ORBX FLIGHT PLATFORM P3D V4.5 If you want DCA colors and the pleasure of joining our pilot roster, feel free to visit us and apply for free membership. Sherman Kaplan Public Relations Director DC3 Airways ww.dc3airways.net
  13. Completed same flight as Smudger, real weather A2A Cessna 182. I have stock KSEZ, not payware….landing was fine, but airport is boxed in on three sides by high rock walls..cannot be corrected with Vector...KSEZ does not show up in options listing for either enable or disable Sherm
  14. Good work, Howard. All told we had a successful MP session as a fund raiser for Australian relief. While we made no requirements that pilots donate, I am certain we were able to raise at least a few hundred dollars.. sherm Sherman Kaplan Director Public Relations WWW.DC3AIRWAYS.NET
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