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  1. Thanks John. I love the Connie. If only could master TO without climbing into a stall and crashing. BTW, I am using the default Connie included in P3D from Flight One. The shot is after TO from KJAC this morning, Orbx NALC. Sherm
  2. Thanks, John....I hope you will join us. Recruitment begins soon... Sherm
  3. More to come as I complete the remaining legs....hope I live long enough....:-) Sherm
  4. Do you have what it takes to emulate the brave pilots of WWII who flew Operation Varsity, the last major air operation of the war, in March 1945? Here is what you will face. Can you handle the flak. Stay tuned and watch for more news from www.dc3airways.net as we recreate this Epic event some 76 years after it happened. More information to come Sherm PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR WWW.DC3AIRWAYS.NET
  5. Exactly that....if you need the FP I can send it
  6. For the past several months I have been visiting each of the airports included in the flight plan which begins at CYHY and concludes some several thousand miles later at KBIH. It occurred to me as I finished my most recent leg that the creators of these airports deserve some visual recognition. So, starting today, and about half way through the flight plan, I have landed at KLAF, the airport that serves Purdue University and the surrounding region in Indiana. I don't know the name of the author for this or the other fields, but this is my public thank you as I continue on my tour.
  7. Thanks again, Nick....it looks perfect. I will also share this with other DCA pilots who flew into VETZ yesterday on our MP flight. I know they will appreciate it, and of course, I will give you full credit. Sherm
  8. Nick, sorry to come back knocking on your door again. I put the files in scenery/world/scenery, but the spikes are still there. Where should I have put them? Again, thanks Sherm
  9. No, that is a sunset....taking some poetic license with the Title...:-) Sherm
  10. Sorry Lain, I hope you know I am not trying to pull off any scams...I guess it is simply too dark...so, do what you have to do. Sherm
  11. Thank you Nick...I appreciate your kindness, as always. Sherm
  12. Chicago skyline along Lake Michigan P3D v5.1 ASP3D, ENVSHADE Orbx GLOBAL, NALC Sherm
  13. I do not know the cause of these spikes near the rwy at VETZ. I have Orbx global and FREEMESH, no other add ons that I am aware of....can anyone else verify the problem. I do not know whether this is a P3D flaw or something else. Thanks... Sherm
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