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  1. HB Nick Cooper

  2. Arrival into KTEX

    good pix and a quick question. Do you see KTEX sitting on plateau? I have used Vector to enable and disable AEC, but it has made no difference. The plateau is not really huge, but it is there. I realize that because of FSX coding, there may be no fix for this. Thanks.... Sherm
  3. California - Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster

    Hi Mark, since you like vintage, check out www.dc3airways.com for the very best immersive experience and flight community. We have a great MP community, too. Sherm dca662
  4. How many authors here?

    I have written 7 Chicago Restaurant guides, all titled Best Restaurants Chicago. The first was in 1977 and the rest were updates published every three or four years. The last edition was 1995 and did not sell well as people began turning to the Internet. http://www.globepequot.com/book/9781566251563 I also co authored a book about Chicago ethnic food markets withfromer Chicago Tribune food editor Carol Haddox. It's title is Food Markets Chicago https://www.ebay.com/p/Cooks-Marketplace-Chicago-by-Carol-Mighton-Haddix-and-Sherman-Kaplan-1986-Paperback/5240616?_trksid=p2047675.m4096.l9056 They were all fun to write and especially research....:-). Sherm
  5. Now that Boeing has decided it will end construction of its iconic 747, here is an opportunity to see the aircraft from what may be the best seat in the house, and I do not mean from The Cockpit, although I guess that ain't so bad....:-) I have to admit, this looks as if it would be almost more fun that simming.....:-) Sherm http://www.airlinereporter.com/2017/06/living-dream-flying-seat-1a-747/
  6. OT: Back to the Future

    Imagine, FS4 on a Multi Screen setup http://hackaday.com/2017/06/19/the-immersive-flight-simulator-from-1989/ Sherm
  7. My first PC used for Flightsim.

    My first was a C64. I bought it along with EasyScript, its word processing program. My motivation was to move from pick and punch to learning to type so I could get in sync with my office, which was sqitching from manual typewriters to computers. (fwiw, I have deliberately left this without corrections so you can see that I have not exactly become 100% perfect...and I did have to look at the keyboard to find the % key....:-) I soon learned about buletting boards and flight simulation games. I think MS4 was my first, and I still have the manual for it, plus a series of Charles Gurlick's books on flight sim trips to make in the stick figure scenery of the day. There was anothe fligtht sim game whose name I do not recall, but it involved airmail routes between cities and town which I had never heard of, at least most of them. And, finally, to whoever commented that there are a lot of old folks here, yes, the geezer contingent is loud and proud....:-) Sherm oh, btw, I paid about $1000 for the C84, wnet to bed that miight wondering who I could sell it to. I went back to the computer store the next day, explaining my problems and got several hours of instruction. I have been jooked ever since, but as you can see, and as I mentioned above, this is posted without typo corrections....thanks foreading this car. Geez, I just made myself laugh on that last one, car for far.....
  8. any need to keep dvd installation disks?

    to tell the truth, I still have the W95 and W98 install disks. I also have a very old Word Perfect Suite, several FS manuals, including FS4, Charles Gulick's s great series of books on where to fly in FS and Microsoft MS-DOS Users Guide copyright 1991. I guess I am just a computer pack rat.....:-) PS... The ORBX DVD'S were tossed into the waste basket this morning....not sure I want to lose the other stuff....too much of my past...:-) Sherm
  9. any need to keep dvd installation disks?

    Thanks, H3, I thought it was not necessary to keep them, and everything is full installed according the FTX C....so, I guess they go into the circular file.... Sherm
  10. HI all, I am in the process of moving, and weeding out stuff. Is there any reason for me to keep DVD ORBX installers, or does the newer FTX process eliminate that need. Thanks!!! Sherm
  11. Little Navmap New Release 1.4

    thanks for the heads up on this. I installed it a few days ago and am still getting acquainted, but so far it seems to be a valuable tool. The learning curve is a bit more complex than Plan G, but the capabilities of this program are also more complex. I think this is one of those program which will grow in favor the more I learn about and use it. Sherm
  12. Tinnitus Anyone ?

    I believe mine was caused by a daily aspirin as an anti clotting therapy. It is most prevalent in my right ear and I have learned to live with it. I only noticed it about 15 years ago when I bought apair of high end stereo speakers. I began listening more intently and began noticing a noise which I at first took for some kind of room ambiance. Then I came to realize what it was. Fwiw, I spent almost fifty years as a radio news broadcaster, but am all but certain it was not caused by the headphones I was using, which I never kept at a high volume. sherm
  13. YBLN

    We also use ground turkey. With all the seasonings you cannot tell the difference. And, in case you and others are interested, and at the risk of turning this into a cooking forum....enjoy! 1lb ground beef and or turkey 16 oz can chopped tomatoes 1 can kidney, black or pinto beans 1/2 Cup water 3 T chile powder 1 t cinnamon 1/2 t cloves 1/2 cup of chopped white onions 1 T garlic powder or chopped fresh garlic to taste 1 T sugar salt and pepper to taste 1/2 t white vinegar 1 pound spaghetti 1/4 cup shredded longhorn cheddar or similar cheese brown meat, add tomatoes, water, beans, dry ingredients, vinegar salt and pepper to taste. stir until all ingredients are blended. season to taste. I sometimes add seeds from a dry serrano pepper depending upon courage of guest diners...:-) These ingredients are very flexible. you will probably want to add another tablespoon or two of chile powder. be careful with the cinnamon and cloves. too much will distort the flavor. same thing with the vinegar. I use it to bring out other flavors, so add it last and in scant amount at first. sprinkle cheese on top to taste...and maybe a few shakes of tobasco.
  14. YBLN

    It is a diet of Cincinnati 5 Way Chile (see my picture) that keeps me 76 years young....:-) Sherm
  15. YBLN

    Hey, Jack, remember....Age is only a State of Mind :-) Sherm