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  1. Great set as always Adam.....cool locations as usual. :)
  2. Sorry Lain! My memory slipped on this one. Thanks guys! Much appreciated everyone.
  3. This shot is beautifully deceptive. I am traveling at 5000 feet here, when it doesn't look it near the mountain range, but does through the gap in the hill, stretching down to the shores of Hawaii
  4. I too am now becoming interested. Gonna have to see what's what if I do or don't though. Not sure yet. But keep up the awesome shots. I'm sure enough sooner or later I'll bite the bullet!
  5. Now that's a nice one! Good job there....
  6. Thank you so much everyone! Appreciate the comments! :)
  7. The TFDI True Glass feature - what exactly does that install into all aircraft? Certain ones? Thanks.
  8. Mine for this month showing the splendor of Orbx Hawaii with unsettled weather coming in on the horizon.
  9. Thanks Lain! Much appreciated sir! Thanks Jack amigo. Yes it is, isn't it?
  10. Thanks! I was eyeing these for a while So watch now, early release FS2020 Thanks Adam, always glad to do my part. My credit card, not so much, but at least I am. Thank you Carlos! Much appreciated!
  11. Got Charleston and Honolulu on Sale today. Thanks Orbx!!! Some Noteables flying around Charleston tonight Have a great night everyone. Glad to be back into simming again. Missed this old friend of mine and all you great chaps on the boards here! Have a great night!
  12. Thanks guys! Much appreciated! Did some more shopping today too. Great sales during the "Pandemic"
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