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  1. Orbx FS2020 support and what Tru Earth region will be next for P3D V4.5? On first question, I say yes for more detailed airports at least, and the second I'm guessing Southern California.
  2. Thank you! Yay !!! I hate the gap between California and Washington! LOL
  3. Thanks John! LOL on the lesser HP. Thank you Adam! Much appreciated! John, thanks my friend! Much appreciated! Lain, thank you sir! Glad you enjoyed them!
  4. Now that's a sharp one. Really nice, Lain!
  5. I think those were my first two as well John. Well done with the memories. I'd love to live in a small town like Concrete.
  6. Nice shots!!!! Nice bird too! Is that the Milviz King Air?
  7. Nice. I enjoy the ground shots from time to time.
  8. Looks like a fun bird, but you didn't give it the Jack Sawyer bridge Diving test!
  9. Great shots Adam. Looks awesome!
  10. Just wondering if any idea when its coming? Credit card's burning my wallet's liner!
  11. Flight from Burbank to Santa Barbara AI in the area Any reason why these boat ports are empty? Polluted Water? High Bacteria Rates?? AI Departing Santa Barbara American Pacific was busy today Shut down and on the GA Parking ramp.
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