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  1. How about less Orbx Partners and more Orbx working on their sceneries like they used to?
  2. The last time I checked North America is in the Global Community! Let's include more of that as well too like you seem so to cherish flight sim being Global! MSFS is the platform I'm complaining about, lack of airports for North America is very sad!
  3. Then make it global! They were North American crazy with Prepar3d and FSX, now hardly any? Not right at all!!!!
  4. Nice set! For a moment I thought you were referring to a Buck Rogers Episode line of "Ardarla Returns" when Buck asks if its safe to open something and Twiki replies, "It is, if you push Green, Green, Red, Green...."
  5. Sorry, but mine don't get blurry like that. Its just harsh on the eyes, but otherwise the scenery looks good.
  6. Can we please try to cut back on the blurries? It really doesn't do well for product promotion, and it does hurt the eyes. Thanks!!!! Every other shot looks great though!
  7. Title says it all. Why all the new partners? I remember the days when they were just REX and Orbx, but now, its a slew of scenery developers and not just Orbx. Has that many developers left Orbx so they are bringing in newer people? Just find it confusing, and the lack of U.S. airports are really saddening that they have available for MSFS.
  8. One or two things? Its like they ignored us completely. I too was a tester and very disappointed at that fact.
  9. Your screen name should be BobRossMSFS2020. Well done Adam. Beautiful shots!
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