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  1. Thanks for the compliments gents. Much appreciated guys.
  2. On the Ramp at Catalina... On the Runway Take off, heading home. Atmospheric shot over the mainland from the coast, on the way home to Van Nuys. Have a good one everybody.
  3. Nice clear shots. And that's the beauty of Flightsim - you CAN go off the beaten path.
  4. Great set Gerold - yup, some gals can just yak yak yak all day!
  5. Nice ones again Adam. Glad you got the usage out of that software.
  6. Amazing set again Adam. Well done, speechless!
  7. Incredible set there Adam - Or should I say Mr. Ross, Bob Ross of the screenshot world....
  8. Great atmopshere in these Mikee, you've been busy! Well done again.
  9. Great set of Cape Town Mikee! Well done!
  10. Nice set to Tahoe Gerold! Well done and cool looking shots!
  11. Thank you gentlemen! Glad you enjoyed the shots. Dawn/Dusk favorite times to fly.
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