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  1. JohnnyJohnJohn

    A pivotal moment!

    Nice shot Martyn.....
  2. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Delta Arrival KMCO

    Nice! My Credit Card is standing by for Orlando!
  3. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Orlando Home of P3D...

    Was hoping to see many more. Looking forward to this. This is to be my birthday gift I usually buy for myself every year - even though its a month earlier....LOL
  4. Can't wait to get Orlando! Got my card standing by for my Birthday Gift to myself! Thanks for doing what looks like an awesome job on this city as with everything else, Orbx!
  5. JohnnyJohnJohn


    See two NEEDS for 2019....a larger hard drive and more money in the wallet. Great job Orbx. Looking forward to the new releases!
  6. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Some Duke Shots For Your Viewing Pleasure

    Yeah, its a cool experience until external apps go buggy, like with the streaks I experience in Prepar3d. Otherwise, I would love it if it didn't have those. I have a Star Trek App I'm looking forward to get back into with it.....
  7. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Some Duke Shots For Your Viewing Pleasure

    Thank you Mark! Glad you enjoy them Amigo. She sure is, isn't she? Thanks Richard. Yeah, you can really get up close and personal with your aircraft with Chase Plane. Love that software! Thanks Chunk! I'm looking forward to seeing how Orlando spruces up my Floridian Experiences. Yes sir wain! It is Realair! Beauty, Ain't she? Yeah - I'm kind of stunned about that Jack. I put a whole article up about it in General Discussion. I hope its not the scent of Death with VR to Prepar3d with the page being down on their site.
  8. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Some Duke Shots For Your Viewing Pleasure

    Thank you Lain! Glad you enjoyed them sir!
  9. Over Orbx FTX Global Florida.....St. Petersberg to West Palm Beach, but got tired so I had to stop. Resetting up my computers to my old set up today. I have started to fly outside of VR since sadly it doesn't seem like a whole lot is being done with Prepar3d in house. In fact, It seems as though that Prepar3d doesn't even have their VR page online any more, so not sure if that's good or bad but probably not good....
  10. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Two from Cumbria

    Me either my friend, me either!
  11. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Testing at LOWI

    Seems like you passed the test Jack! Doesn't seem like a Sawyer post with out some bridge in there for you to dive under!
  12. JohnnyJohnJohn

    On 87 gasoline...

    That last shot Eugene! Postcard material!
  13. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Two from Cumbria

    Love those cloud shadows! Nice couple of shots Mark!
  14. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Caped Crusader

    Nice set Martyn - just like they say it never rains in Southern California as well.
  15. JohnnyJohnJohn

    P46 Malibu

    Nice set Richard! Well done!