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  1. Flying over FTX Global Washington, D.C. Have a good one all!
  2. Yup. That settles it. Tomahawk and dusk and Stewart Airport in Canada. Here I come.
  3. The dam was a cool shot though. Yeah, I have days like those in the sim too -just going through the motions of it...
  4. An Eaglesoft? I forgot the model number. Nice post and nice aircraft!!
  5. Nice shots Jack but I'm shocked no bridge diving! What happened???
  6. Is truly a serene place to fly. Looks like I might have to bop around there a while in my Tomahawk.
  7. Makes me want to go to Disney!
  8. I'm sure you've all heard it before, but "Shut up and take my money..."
  9. Thanks so much for the kind words all. I'll be back in the air again soon....
  10. Well done lain, I wouldn't expect anything else.
  11. Thank you sir! Liked the pun you did there as well.
  12. There's many more of us than you know! Still not willing to convert from XP though? Wow! You could be playing with REX today as well.
  13. I uploaded this theme Pale Hint of Mauve last night. Shared to Community. Hope you all like it. This is departing Eureka, California. Hope you all enjoy!
  14. If you scrolled fast enough its almost animated!!!!
  15. Some shots fooling around with the REX Environment Force. The Epic Victory by Lionheart Creations is also used here. It is a fantastic Jet Trainer type aircraft.
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