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  1. Having lived in South Florida twice in the 1980's (Miami & Ft Lauderdale) I was excited to see this coming soon. Thanks so much! Now, on the Miami cityscape, will we be able to spot Crockett & Tubbs in the white Testarosa if we go low enough?
  2. Since this is similar (somewhat) to my question, I'll post it here. My XPlane folder needs to remain where it is but all the ORBX scenery I have which is on the same SSD drive but in a different folder (separate library with pointers in the Scenery.ini file). I need to move the entire ORBX scenery to a different drive. If I just cut and paste the ORBX library folder to the other drive, the pointers in the Scenery.ini file will no longer be correct. If is change the folder name to the new location in the ORBX Central Settings, will that correct the issue? Or, if I just change the location in the ORBX Central Settings to the new location, will that automatically move all the existing scenery? Thanks! Denny Knepper Newville, PA USA
  3. I am envious. My download speed is 10 Mbps. That's because I live out here between Hooterville and Pixlie and my ISP (local phone provider) has no interest in putting in faster speeds where its mostly rural. I hope you can get your issue resolved. I am going to wait to try HD again but for now, I can live with SD.
  4. Nice shots. Thanks for sharing Just wondering (assuming you are using the new Orbx Oregon scenery: is this the HD or SD version? Thanks
  5. Update: Closed down Orbx Central then shut off the PC. Restarted PC then opened Central. Selected Washington (said it was installed) and ran Verify. That re-installed Washington into X-Plane without issue. Next, selected Oregon SD. There was an Install button which I selected. It downloaded a remaining 132 Mb of data and then installed without issue. I ran the Verify option to make sure and checked to be sure it Oregon was appearing in the Scenery.ini file - which it was. Files were where they were supposed to be with links in the XPlane Custom Scenery folder. So, at this point, all is working fine with Oregon SD and Washington scenery. I will stay with those until I get brave enough to uninstall Oregon SD and try to re-install the Oregon HD version. Hopefully, that will download the missing files. I am guessing a combination of the power failure Friday, and then my ISP screwing up something last night during the SD download caused Central heartburn during the install where not all the files (the 132Mb) did not get downloaded. Anyhow, all is tickety-boo at the moment. Thanks for all your help Nick!
  6. Unfortunately, just the opposite is happening to me. I just noticed, as well, that previously installed Washington in no longer showing in the Scenery.Ini file. Hopefully, the Orbx developers can figure out what is going on. I'm not angry or mad or anything. Just slightly frustrated because this is happening when I was anxious to try out the new scenery.
  7. Thanks. I downloaded Oregon TE SD yesterday. It ran from 7 AM and was still working until 5 AM this morning. Since then ((it's now 8 AM) it shows everything downloaded but it is still installing (the circle is still spinning). The Task Manager indicates Orbx Central is still using the CPU and memory so I hope it has not hung up. Seems like an awful long time for the SD version to install. Is this normal? The HD version finished shortly after everything downloaded and unpacked the other day.
  8. Well, now I don't feel so bad. I'm in good company apparently.
  9. I'll keep trying the Verify process then. My download drive is a 2Tb SSD and currently has 1.2 Tb available. I am guessing the problem occurred when the power went off, so I will keep trying with the verify. Perhaps doing a re-install after the SD version completes will fix it as well. Thanks for your help!
  10. The whole download process took at least 10 hours. I assume the conversion process occurred then but cannot guarantee. I have files and folders in the Orbx folder for the sim for Oregon HD. Its just some are missing. If I run the install again (after I am finished with the SD) will that do the conversion again? I'm just trying to determine the best way to go about fixing this even it it means starting over from the beginning.
  11. I uninstalled the HD version this morning and currently downloading the SD version. If I later uninstall the SD and choose install for HD, will that re-initiate the download? Thanks
  12. I did run the Verify process twice and both times it reported the install was successful. Is there a way I can re-download the entire package? Thanks
  13. That is not the problem. The files downloaded fine and shortcuts were properly set up in the Custom Scenery folder in XPlane. It is just missing the two files I listed. Its possible other files may be missing as well but I won't know that until these are resolved. When I was downloading yesterday, I had a power failure on the PC. When I restarted everything, Orbx Central seemed to pick up where it left off, but I am not certain some files may have gotten missed. Is there a way I can re-download all the files for TE Oregon HD? I know it will take all day with the slow internet speed I have, but that may be the only solution if more than these two files did not get downloaded.
  14. I just purchased, downloaded, and installed TE Oregon HD yesterday. When I try to load an Oregon airport in XPlane 11 (I have version 11.35), I receive a message: BE ADVISED: Error could not locate image file for terrain. Custom Scenery/Orbx_C_US_Oregon_TE_Orthos/terrain/b8d0x5120x17SM.ter Custom Scenery/Orbx_C_US_Oregon_TE_Orthos/terrain/ ../textures/b8d0x5120x17.dds There is an "Understand" button that when I click it, XPlane immediately closes. I ran the Verify Files option in Orbx Central twice and it seems to work OK. I also checked to see if there was an update to the Library and, apparently, there is not (I have version 1.6.4-rc2) I am using xOrganizer 2.0.7 to create the Scenery.ini file order. Loading any other airport outside of Oregon works OK. If I then try to change the location back to Oregon, I receive the same message and XPlane quits. Anyone able to help me? Denny Knepper Newville, PA
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