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  1. Tried the default airport and there are some strange UFO like object floating around...
  2. Thanks for your help and this scenery is via Orbx Central. the problem repeated again after all the above mentioned. The runway is distorted and small objects are floating in the air. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8qtr6b0pno5uyu/Screenshot 2020-08-27 15.12.21.png?dl=0 Bye, David
  3. Hi Guys When taking off after 3 seconds or so the plane crashes. After that the presentation screen is shown but not loading anymore. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hza7t6p6ukkqwyw/Screenshot 2020-08-26 22.25.08.png?dl=0 Using default 787 Thanks, David
  4. Not working by me.removed the Scenery file and synchronized again. After approving the Addon request the sim will shut down after 2 or 3 minutes. Run out of options now. Thanks, David
  5. Hi Nick After Sync Simulator I got many add-ons when loading the sim.approved them all. the sim advanced after that but shut down... Thanks, David
  6. Hi Guys After loading Orbx products to the new sim it stopped loading and I had to make some manipulation. So the scenery file was lost and I needed to start from scratch. All the files are out side the main sim directory.How can I build the Scenery Library without pointing to each file? Thanks, David
  7. Hi Guys I Was in the process of installing Germany South from order 5a437d39bb8ea to P3D V4 and got an error requiring me to send the log file to you. The program then closed. Thanks, David and G ftxc3.json ftxc3.log
  8. Same here after installing in P3D v4 all hell went loose. Uninstalled and all is back to normal. I mean Aerosoft like LIRA , LIMJ and on and on. Bye, David
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