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  1. Not Snave , typical first post if it is, nothing to add, just snide comments, get your moderator hat on John!! https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/50497-snave/ Apologies if it's not you, but 2+2 makes 4 in this case.
  2. Amazing Iain! I have just started a tour of my home land, in Bute just now, using the new SF260....amazing aircraft. Plenty stops before Sumburgh, so I have a feeling this will be out just before I get there! So if you don't mind arranging that, I can send you a wee pint of bitter, or maybe a scone jam and cream UWXP and AS are a good combo I found, not tried X-vision yet. If you are interested, my route is below. Amazing what little farm fields, microlight clubs you can find when you look hard enough! How many are familiar with all these Scottish airfields?? My route is EGPH Edinburgh XARC Archerfield EG32 East Fortune XCHA Charterhall X6BO Boat Farm EGOY West Freugh EGPK Prestwick X6BU Bute EGEC Campbeltown X6GI Gigha EGPI Islay X9JR Jura EGEY Colonsay EGEO North Connel ULL Glenforsa XPLO Plockton EGEL Coll EGPU Tiree EGPR Barra EGPL Benbecula EGPO Stornoway EGPC Wick EGPA Kirkwall EGED Eday EGEW Westray EGEP Papa Westray EG42 Foula EGET Tingwall EG79 Papa Stour EGPM Scatsta EGPW Unst EG39 FETLER EGEH Whalsay EGPB Sumburgh EGEF Fair Isle EGEN North Ronaldsay EGES Sanday EGER Stronsay EG62 LAMB HOLM ISLAND EG73 Fearn X6KF Knockbain Farm EGPE Inverness EGQK Kinloss AB EGQS Lossiemouth AB XHGC Easterton Airfield EGPS Longside Airfield XHAT Hatton XWHI Whiterashes EGPD Dyce X6IN Insch XNMC Chapelton EG38 Feshie EGPT Scone EGPN Dundee EGQL Leuchars AB EG59 Kingsmuir EGPJ Fife XSTR Strathallan EGPG Cumbernauld EGPF Glasgow XEG6ST Strathaven X6KT RAF Kirknewton EGPH Edinburgh
  3. John and team, thanks for your support of XP, I moved away from 30 years of MFS and enjoy XP more, I was going to say your new scenery is the icing on the cake, but it's much more than that. XP11 is really lacking in some area's, but the future looks bright! I will be picking up Meigs this evening, I think the first FS I had was the one that only had Meigs field, the box came with a paper chart of the area and the VOR's, it may have been the bay area though, FS3 I think, 1988 when I was 13, I flew of off Meigs field 1000's of times in the Cessna, looking forward to your latest version.
  4. It's 20:05 on the 21st here, I went with 1400Z tomorrow, as was mentioned in the other thread, pretty obvious now though.
  5. Oh well, I read 22nd and thought of 14:00, cart was quite full but decided not to get caught at work doing private stuff. Will wait for the next one. Why not post the end time in Oz, CET, USA, would save the 13hr shift workers who can hardly keep their eyes open at work from missing out.
  6. Great update. I have not been part of Orbx in 2016 due to a switch to X-plane 10, I fell in love with the IXEG 737 and haven't been able to let go. Took me a few weeks/months to get to grips with that sim and the general way it does things, very awkwardly at times. There are some great freeware airports out there. KBOS springs to mind, however you can still get down to low FPS, even though it's 64 bit. Would love to see Orbx do a similar mix of regions and airports in X-Plane where the runway was big enough for the 737 but remote enough to keep the sim smooth. Orbx on X-plane will be a dream for VFR lovers. The lighting system is so advanced compared to FSX, the character and atmosphere in the sim is way past anything FSX can generate, it's something that isn't programmed into the sim, it's just there. There are a lot of negative sides, but for me, the positives outweigh the negatives. I can fly the IXEG 737 on 20 consecutive flights to the US east coast, no need to reset my pc, no need to ever restart the sim, no stutters, constant 25fps, no pop up scenery, no blurries!!! Ok, it's not all perfect, the weather system looks fine but needs a major development with something like ASN, the AI system is poor, or at least it needs a lot of time to setup, as far as I know there is no plug and play Mytraffic or UT. With PMDG and ORBX onboard, we just need a good GA aircraft from Orbx, RealAir, A2A to really advance this sim! Carenado do a lot of stuff from X-plane, but without being rude, they are pretty poor compared to others. Living is Switzerland, I have had Aerofly FS for years, played it quite a bit. It has a lot of positives, but many negatives. I haven't tried it for a few months so maybe there are some updates. The flight model on the whole is ok, if you fly it in a sensible fashion it reacts quite well, if you fly it in a highly unrealistic fashion, it plays along and your aircraft flies in a crazy way too! The flight engine is basically a training software for RC model flying, Aerofly FS simply puts you a cockpit and with some great photscenery to fly in...just be gentle on the controls. Loads of potential though... EDIT, and there you see, Aerofly FS2, told you I haven't looked at it for months!! I need to check that out Good luck Orbx with your plan, if you develop for X-plane, my credit card is at the ready!
  7. Lack of feeling of flying through moving air and turbulence. No matter how bad the weather, you really need so little control input to hold the aircraft steady. It's annoying when you watch real life videos and see the amount of control required. Majestic come closest, the rest are very far away. This was my once biggest shock when I flew a 152 and a glider in real life, no FS is just too easy. Example here from 21mins onwards.
  8. Get well soon, hope the food isn't too bad! Gonna be in the lakes next week, can drop in a wee short crust pastry steak pie or a Cumberland!
  9. Great site, very interesting to compare to the metars in asn. Surface snow is a cool feature.
  10. Another vote for this area! Germany is not really that interesting for me, SRM or Hawaii would get my vote! Iain
  11. I use this one by Lonewolfee1. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zg4CDEo7W1E4.k0ZfztOjaB8o
  12. It does meet your criteria. It can be flown in a very simple manner or as complicated as you want. You do need a little bit of patience to learn how to do that though. Cost, that's a personal choice.
  13. Well, I'm the only one who commented on people not using this discount, flame mode off, as long as your happy not to use it then fair enough.
  14. To a new use like the OP, buying Global and Vector will give him a nice discount, enought for a region plus airfield or similar. Not sure what you gain from posting that you can't be bothered to use this discount, unless your intention is to insult Orbx for doing it or not giving more.
  15. Exactly, blown out of proportion, everyone makes mistakes. Sure it will be sorted out. I saw this statement too, I only had to wait a few days to see if it came true, common sense!
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