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  1. Hi, Mitchell, sounds good. Thans a lot. I'm waiting of the patch. regards Horst
  2. Problems with ORBX Central v 4.0.23 After installing ORBX Central I bought the AddOn Edinburgh. Now I have the following problems with ORBX Central: 1. the new AddOn cannot be installed 2 The Main Library cannot be edited. You also cannot create a new library. Create. The Edit and Delete buttons are inactive. 3. ORBX ObjectFlow cannot be installed. Uninstalling followed by reinstalling did not solve the problem. Therefore, my idea would be to uninstall ORBX Central again. But then to delete any remaining directories. How it would be: C:\User\Name\AppData\Local orbx-central updater C:\User\Name\AppData\Roaming\ Central and the file identifier Then reinstall ORBX Central. I did this once. Unfortunately without success. Installing a product is still not possible. The Main Library can still not be changed or re-created. I am not using ORBX Central with the P3Dv4 before or after the installation. together. I am using Windows 7 Pro 64. Flightsimulator is P3Dv4.5 Best regards Horst from Kiel in Germany Operating system: Win7 Pro 64 Simulator: P3Dv4.5 Screenshot: Issue: central.log
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