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  1. Not yet Nick, I printed out Johns post back in May and totally forgot about it, I'll revisit it. Thanks.
  2. I've been sitting on the sidelines for about a year, haven't even been flying much since May. I signed up for Orbx Direct and turned my attentions to other matters for the summer but was tracking all E-Mail notifications and checking in on any post regarding the DVD to D/L license transfers. Back in May I also made a complete list of every Orbx product I have (a lot, about half on DVD) and a separate lists of all DVD and existing D/L products with copies of all key info from all receipts from the "my account" histories on FSS, PCA US and PCA AU. I then sat back and waited for the dust to settle. I've read through the instructions posted and did not see FlightSimStore on the list of authorized resellers. I suspect there Is some other process I will need to address for my FSS purchases (and this is where the lion's share of my Orbx DVD purchases were made)? Thanks in advance.
  3. I could be wrong but as far as I can tell CPU speed and video card performance hit the wall many years back, doesn't seem to be anything brewing that will change that for the foreseeable future. The manufacturers keep repackaging and fancifying but for no real gains, especially given the age of the MSFS base platform. How long have we been stuck at 4.3 to 5Ghz speed? And that usually requires fancy forced air or liquid cooling solutions and with the higher operating voltages could come shortened hardware lifespans. That being said, I get dam good performance with my old rig and Orbx products, it's just a matter of being realistic about settings and balancing things out. Reasonable traffic, water and LOD settings seem to be the key to getting a smooth ride for me. With the cfg settings I use, and locking at 30FPS I averaged between 29 and 30 around KFHR today. With the exception of the usual burp I get with my Nvidia card and PAPI lights when they first come into view, it's all good flying.
  4. Well, looks like August last year when I last posted. When FTX Central 3 came up I was getting involved in a non-flight sim project. Too much to bite off at the same time.The other project is completed so I can return to simming again. At this point I'm studying the "How to use OrbxDirect and FTXCentral V3 - a step by step guide" and thinking on how to keep track of and manage the regions I purchased on CD until I figure out what to do about them. Got a ton of planes and other flight sim related software to upgrade as well I'm sure. I've also got to re-train myself on everything. Looks like my summer's gonna' be a busy one with Orbx/FTX.
  5. You want sloped? I haven't flown the Snake River Canyon area in Idaho (hopping from one strip to the next) in a while ( I like making this run in the winter for some reason) but I remember some strips being very sloped? 1 or 2 I found impossible (for me) to land on the downhill side even with A2A J3 Tundra, I run out of runway/strip. Or are we talking addon AP's only being flat?
  6. That's outrageous, I love it! What plane is it, can't see it on that page?
  7. Now that FTXC2 is managing all Regions, APs and Global OLC simultaneously we no longer have to do any more switching for any reason on the front page of FTXC when installing any products or updates, OR running Vector, right? I'm installing the small updates to KTEX and KSEZ, followed by the ENG SP5 (1.50) and then the OLC NA (Complete) today. I've got it all DL'd / extracted / and backed up at this point (only taken about 3 hours to get to this far!). I keep thinking about the various Regions, Global, etc. listed on the left side of the front page of FTXC2 and after years of going through a number of steps before doing these updates and new installs with the old Central (to make sure it all went right) it feels like I'm forgetting something, LOL!
  8. I like to put together predefined tours for most of my flying. As often as I read posts with a subject along the lines of "When will this or that get released?" I find I rarely get to complete my tours without getting tripped up mid tour by some new Orbx release. Woe is us, it's challenging being an Orbx customer.
  9. Yes, sometimes I have to work at staying on point. I'm currently hopping from L70 to PAEN and hitting every payware and freeware AP in all of the regions along the Pacific to check out the areas since the C2 migration update. Once I reach Anchorage I'll work my way down NRM, CRM, and the Global AP's in the desert southwest. At some point(s) along the tour a patch for something FTX gets released. I install, I go check the results, and am always tempted to hang around longer than necessary and do a little more sight seeing in some other place on the globe.
  10. Ok, now I understand, was making me crazy the past couple of days, couldn't stay connected (or get connected at all) long enough to dl the libs or post a question. I downloaded the libs twice on 2 different computers and compared size on disc bytes, as all were identical I took the plunge and completed the move to unified lclookup late yesterday. It all went by the numbers and illustrations in Ed's "What to expect" post and seems to be okay. The best laid plans... Thanks for the explanation.
  11. This is not a question, just a comment. I finally got what I think is a clean DL of the new libs and completed the conversion to FTXC2.1. First flight, as always, was KFHR and all looked well. Then I decided to check a few favorite spots around the globe. First up LIRN Naples and Mt Vesuvius. I was puzzled at how flat as a pancake Vesuvius looked. I then remembered, I'm in Europe, I need to engage FSGlobal Ultimate Mesh Europe, and after that the volcano was restored. I only load the Ultimate Mesh for the region I'm flying in to significantly speed up load times (and perhaps, not be loading more info into memory than necessary). But my current thinking with no more region switching needed is to engage all 100+GB of Ultimate and go get a cup of coffee while I wait for a flight to load, no region switching, no mesh switching. Then I got to thinking; the region packs have customized mesh but I'm not sure at what resolution(s). FSGlobal Ultimate mesh goes all the way down to 1 cm in areas with a lot of sharp elevation changes in a small footprint of ground (steeply sloped mountains and ridge lines or valleys with steep walls) and, as Pilot's say. "no need for 1 cm mesh on a flat desert terrain" so the res will be much lower in those cases (meaning higher numbers cm wise) . As FSX loads the highest res mesh available I wonder if any conflicts have / will be noted in region pack areas and payware AP's. Again, I'm not looking for an answer just tossing the thought out for what it's worth.
  12. Your absolutely right! But for posting comparative screeny's I like the starker contrast of FSX (with Global Base, Vector, REX and ASN as in my first shot above) with the payware AP's. Anyone care to post a shot of the freeware KBHB, I'd like to see it myself. Thanks.
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