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  1. Nick, could you please try and contact Andreas Hegi again. There is still no input from his side. Michael
  2. Here is how it looks: Thank you & ScotFlightScenery, Michael
  3. I have EGPH, Base Pack, Vector and openLC Europe. I do not see any of the three Forth bridges. Is this normal unless I also buy Scotland, or is it a bug in P3Dv5? Michael
  4. Could someone please comment on ENHF (Hammerfest) and ENSD (Sandane)? Something about these two Norwegian airports must be very tricky and delay their update. Is it the sloped runway? Do you have a time frame? Michael
  5. Nick, on my system, it is also present with EA on. It is especially visible in VR. And yes, it does not only affect TreesHD: To a lesser extent, it is there with other trees, too. Michael
  6. Nick, P3Dv5.1 HF1 Client, Content and Scenery - I did a complete install. This is EDDL with Orbx TreesHD (only slight blueish halo): This is Orbx LGKO (handplaced trees; more pronounced halo): Btw, EA on/off makes no difference. Regards, Michael
  7. Now that LM has released their HF1 for P3Dv5.1, please Orbx be so kind and remove the blueish Halo from your TreesHD. Michael
  8. Oh yes, I am also waiting for ENSD and ENHF to complete my Norway installation. Michael
  9. Hi, the new "My Products" screen is great. However, some airports and the whole of NZ show up only when I rotate the map from west east to west or from west to east, respectively. Regards, Michael central.log
  10. Found it: insertion point had to be set. Michael
  11. There is a problem in connection with the Captain7 EDAH Usedom freeware scenery for P3Dv4: before installing Orbx Central, it was the uppermost scenery entry as recommended by the author. Now that the sort order has been modified by Orbx Central, I fall through the apron because the airport surroundings are elevated. I also have Orbx Germany North. Airport elevation correction did not help. Should I enable Legacy layering? Michael central.log old_scenery.cfg scenery.cfg
  12. Installation went fast and easy. I am glad that all is up and running. Thank you for all your work, Michael
  13. My system runs well with the old FTX Central. The Orbx subdirectory has grown to 178 GB over the years. If I take the step to the new Orbx Central and move the Orbx data out of the P3D directory (and maybe to a second SSD), will P3D become faster? Thank you, Michael
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