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  1. ‘soon’ is the operative word, Ben August 18, 2020 is the proposed release date, after many $1000s of Orbx purchases, today I happily $purchased:- FT YSSY FT EHAM FB NZWN + Darwin + Adelaide also got Synth Riders for my Quest VR (on special) please, Ben, keep us in the loop, & you have not answered my question about Steam MSFS/Orbx compatibility.
  2. well, if there is a rock solid announcement for Steam MSFS planned support by Orbx, - I may be tempted for a Day1 Steam MSFS purchase (& 64th birthday present btw)... we know MSFS has ongoing development to be done - Bing/Azure data, VR & helis... but, by jingo, what a fantastic graphics engine! i would really like to support Asobo/MS Day 1! & MSFS can happily co-exist with P3Dv5, XP11 Vulkan, Aerofly FS2, DCS, IL2 & others - no way am I deleting anything. maybe, the ever helpful @Ben McClintock has some ideas about Orbx MSFS Steam integration?
  3. i have a question about Orbx & MSFS Steam version compatibility, currently, i use Orbx Central to load genuine Orbx products i $purchase from OrbxDirect/Central into both my Steam versions of XPlane 11+ & Aerofly FS2 - & absolutely no problems - very happy, is this to be expected to work just as well with the new Steam MSFS - for Orbx products? any official info would be most welcome - after all, this is flight sim $business. & Steam MSFS $pre-orders are being taken now - so i would like some Orbx/MS clarification please.
  4. good luck, John! i hope you get what you are looking for.
  5. crikey, I was told Asobo were MS Hololens experts, disappointed to say the least.
  6. if you are not using Super Traffic Board, then you are missing out, takes P3D+ AI Traffic operations to Next Level.
  7. Thank you for the timely Orbx MSFS announcement, Eagerly await some more details before the official MSFS release date, It is not yet Beta, however, Orbx pricing policies for existing Orbx users will be most welcome. Will help us with future purchasing decisions Cheers
  8. Rob, i must also say that Alpha India Group have a highly regarded AI Traffic package which is currently $free & in beta - tricky to install, what i described in my previous post is a super simple 'one-click' solution, enjoy flying with P3Dv5!
  9. @Rob Abernathy, just deploying AI Traffic myself, in P3Dv5 have chosen Traffic Global from Just Flight v1.1.15 - get lots of traffic - Airliner & GA, it is in active development - recent news on forum, also, deployed AI Lights Reborn Pro - which adds some special effects immersion - dawn AI flights are spectacular when hovering with heli around airport, & just deployed Super Traffic Board P3Dv5 - fantastic immersion enhancer - shows what is going on with AI flights.
  10. superb composition & lighting!
  11. Big Thanks to the whole Orbx Team! for over 2 years now, I have been delving into flight sim products to pursue a combined passion of computers & the known geographic world... when sim flying, there is a direct connection to many places & cultures - heck, we even have Wikipedia to further learn about our experiences... & live weather is just the best! i must say, after heaps of flight sim add-on $purchases - Orbx has provided the most seamless $purchase experience - & the big plus+ is never have I been challenged for a serial # or order # - yet all my Orbx purchases remain continuously available on Central.... some other software vendors have ‘aggressively’ challenged me after a hardware upgrade - when I have been solely using their product on my sole personal computer.... what a joy it is to deploy my P3Dv5 compatible Orbx Products (& there are heaps of them now)... Cheers from Oz.
  12. @John Heaton, you’ll be pleased to know P3Dv5 is working great & Orbx Central distribution is the best! even got the VR humming within 18 hours... phew.
  13. & JH, you can have a chuckle... P3Dv5 VR implementation is very bad at the moment... my experiment failed!
  14. hi fellow flight simmers, my problem has been a lack of funds after many+ flight sim $purchases... SORTED - downloading P3Dv5 developer monthly subscription now... cannot wait to load up all the P3Dv5 Orbx goodies from my library... some of us simply do not have the $funds to take advantage of flash $sales (i missed out on XP TE SoCal by 3 days)... blue skies for all!
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