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  1. last time i checked it is - latest iteration - 'Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha'.............
  2. yes-yes-yes! next level! (oh please, give us proper winglets now)
  3. amazing i use that version & you made it shine!
  4. great shots, Breeze Orbx XP11 TrueEarth is the current Gold Standard of flight sim scenery, imo... i like your chopper - which 429 version is that? TE Florida also really shines in VR! & real weather is a bonus... cheers
  5. great shots, Iain what aircraft is that?
  6. well said, Pete & it is always interesting seeing you highlight these details in your particular screenshots... cheers, craig
  7. great shots, Iain just explored the Cape Canaveral facility this afternoon in a chopper - you chose a fancier form of transport! this scenery with detailed POI modelling looks great - very immersive...
  8. yet another brilliantly composed screenshot, Pete very clever!
  9. completely agree with you, Richard downloading TrueEarth Florida HD right now & looking forward to explore... the Orbx content cloud delivery system is world class top notch - a pleasure to use... thank you Orbx team!
  10. the extra detailed scenery... flight dynamics of our favourite aircraft (including helis) our favourite sims with all our add ons... & for some - brilliant 2020 VR experience - extreme immersion! thanks heaps, Orbx!
  11. well said, Carlos we are all fans of Orbx on these forums & it is so pleasing to welcome very talented developers on board to join the Orbx crew! makes a whole lotta sense in 2020!
  12. so perplexed to hear of your experience... as a reference - i have downloaded many 50+GByte products from Orbx (& also Steam) - & i can assure you that the Orbx cloud download service was world's-best performance (on around a 40Mbps download quality link)... i am sure the powers-that-be @ Orbx would be disheartened by your comments - particularly, when they have deployed a top-tier internet distribution system... that also is the reason for the existence of the OrbxDirect dedicated support forum - have you tried that when you have problems?
  13. ChasePlane & a keyboard works just fine - been doin' it for years - & Carlos, you make great screenshots, it will be very easy for you to go next level!
  14. i agree with you, Carlos ChasePlane is a superb camera tool (a must have, imo) & now i am tempted to get a couple of Immersion packages as well!
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