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  1. Well done, Jack, & you provide much entertainment with your screenshot adventures & posts... cheers, craig
  2. Big thanks to the whole Orbx Team! Took the plunge & installed Orbx Central v4.0.13 Fastlane (after reading User Guide), deleted FTX Central when prompted, & followed the Orbx Central Wizard (guided by all the help on these forums) & success... (had to adjust Orbx Central settings to my liking, download newly available updates, delete Object Flow & reinstall Object Flow into my new external library, configure Aussie airports for AUV2, run Vector, & set insertion points & no migration of anything) Particularly pleased with all the available Australian airport updates (+ other updates)... Orbx Central has given my P3Dv4.5 Orbx catalogue a new lease of life - the P3Dv4.5 performance is excellent & scenery order seems absolutely correct... Have been very worried about this transition to Orbx Central for a while & been closely following most of the development progress & users' comments & solutions the support staff have provided... Had some fun bouncing around various Orbx regions & Cityscapes over different locations - all good! Special thanks, of course, to the very talented Orbx Central development team who have communicated their progress & plans with all us Orbx'ers (& provided crucial support)... Cheers, craig
  3. Hi Scott, does Little Navmap work with any other sims than P3D & XP11? it only officially lists compatibility with the above sims... cheers, craig
  4. hi @Mawson, you seem to have embedded your comments into a previous quote of mine... i am having a great time with the new Nimbus UH-1H, particularly in True Earth regions - works really well in VR! we can only hope for some Orbx treatment for DCS - a dream at the moment...
  5. take care of yourself, Iain very good to hear you're safely back home - phew! best regards, craig
  6. ha ha, why not deploy both options? & yes, having both, each has their place - but must say Rift S VR is far more compelling at the moment (new & fully immersive experience)... however, it is really nice having dual monitors - one for detailed scenery flying - & another one for support charts, maps & all the other extras we use... horses for courses!
  7. out of pure interest, Holger, would there be any available Oahu photo-real hi-res imagery available without embedded clouds on the landscape?... i made, a few months ago, some Hawaii Ortho4XP tiles & all the Bing & Google data i could find had this problem... just checked with latest FlyInside sim & exactly the same problem (with active Bing streamed scenery data)... just curious to know... your new Orbx Oahu package looks very good & with a heap of detailed modelling work included... cheers!
  8. could not agree more - 'horses for courses' - & you make it available now via OrbxDirect... & JV, with my limited flight sim knowledge, the Orbx TE Overlays are definitely superior - frankly, i do not want to 'hack' XP11, P3D or Aerofly to get good scenery results (leave that to the experts)... YMMV
  9. i wish you all the luck in the world, John it is invigorating to hear your passion & experience of flight sims & all things related... best regards, craig
  10. my advice, John, would not to proceed with limited funds... my actual point is for a small $investment i am now able to stream, via the 'net, real-time processed Bing scenery data via an available sim now (with global coverage)... & i must emphasise this is an early access product & only v0.6 currently... for me it was/is worth a crack & VR friendly... YMMV
  11. i actually purchased the standalone FlyInside v0.6 from Steam - it is definitely the standalone simulator version i am testing... just checking out the real-time Bing scenery streaming - shows promise for future flight sim products/user experience down the track...
  12. just out of interest i acquired FlyInside (v0.6) simulator today, only a 6GB download - but comes with realtime internet streaming 'orthos' from Bing maps... only flown for 40 minutes (including VR) - seems like early teaser of what MSFS 2020 promises... i was using the Chinook... very interesting!
  13. all the best for a Happy Birthday (another Leo), @HiFlyer! i cannot tell you enough how helpful you have been to myself & many other (particularly VR) flight simmers... i honestly, initially, thought i would use VR for a very small fraction of my sim time (how wrong i was), your expert guidance is greatly appreciated! cheers, craig
  14. hi again, Renault really enjoyed your shots with narrative - very entertaining! personally, been away a few months with Rift S VR & DCS World - fun... could you please advise me of your most up to date XVision preset for Steam latest XP11.35 (i only also use ASXP weather & deliberately no FlyWithLua)... keep up the good work & happy flying! cheers, craig
  15. yes, Don the $point being many of us have invested significant $$$s into our hobby... it's great when we get a return on our $investment... & it is wonderful when we experience those particularly special flights (& we love the hero screenshots that are shared on these Orbx forums!)
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