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  1. always wanted to visit Florence & on reflection i made the purchase & will stick with it, happy to support the developers.
  2. that is some serious flying experience, OND as i am learning flight sim, some of the most amazing YouTube clips are of the skills of the Alaskan bush pilots.
  3. well, I would be happy to apply for a refund of LIRQ - first time ever requested such a thing from Orbx - & of course, delete LIRQ from my account/library, how @Nick Cooperdo I proceed?
  4. yes, I am & the main reason is that MFS addons seem to be heralding new $price points for the flight sim consumers, let alone the plethora of already available freeware addons available since August 18.
  5. the value of MFS Sydney Orbx add on is obvious - & about 9GB of data, acquired Gaya Florence - particularly because Gaya added a few Japanese airports via MS/Asobo update, Florence LIRQ is about 1GB & a surprisingly small airport - I found far more Florence city context provided by the native streaming MFS, why is Orbx MFS Florence so expensive compared with Sydney?
  6. +1, we all know MFS is the new game in town - but - some clear Orbx developer communication about P3D & XP plans would be greatly appreciated now.
  7. i agree with so many of your comments, call me crazy - but i just today added P3Dv5 MK Studios EIDW (Dublin) via Orbx Central to my collection, great fun with the RAAF BlackHawk heli, Traffic Global & Super Traffic Board - & listening to ATC, still waiting, waiting, waiting for MFS helis.
  8. there are good reasons why i use all the sims now, just 3 years into this pastime & lots to learn, still purchasing for all current sim platforms.
  9. it is sporadic, Jon & now i am using Dev Mode, the FPS counter has a very good GPU VRAM budget usage tracker, will do heaps more flying at KBUR - it is interesting to check out this conundrum, as always, a reboot of MFS & a full reboot of computer can affect things - & new MFS patches are released fairly regularly at the moment, & what the developers think is happening would also be worth knowing.
  10. Jon, i noticed that there were notifications as the Japan Update package modules were being added - this aroused my curiosity so when i clicked on the notifications it placed me in the Content Manager showing all the MFS addons - i learnt something about MFS i hadn't seen previously - got me to wondering how the sceneries were being 'layered', after my experience with P3D & tools like SimStarter, apart from that, i have just now enabled Developer Mode in MFS & put KBUR & MFS under a stress test - switching High-End to Ultra - changing aircraft, mid-flight, with the Airc
  11. just did some tests at KBUR, Jon Photogrammetry on, Ultra & High settings, TBM & Citation CJ4, various demanding Orbx WPP settings, multiplayer on, traffic on, FS-FlightControl connection with moving map - Steam Standard - & on about a 25+Mbps connection, was doing circuits all around, takeoffs & landings - only one hiccup when changing settings mid-flight - & KBUR performed well, as noted, all that was applied was the most recent MFS patch & i fully checked out the addons in the Content Manager (& i am not aware of any Scenery Li
  12. the strangest thing happened for me with MFS Orbx KBUR, was having serious stutters - unusable, applied latest MFS patch - then activated the Japan update from MFS Marketplace, of interest & note, all I did extra was to fully peruse the Content Manager & saw all my MFS add ons - mostly Orbx & DD Moscow as well, after doing this I immediately checked KBUR & to my surprise - all was fine, I wonder if this could be some sort of ‘scenery layer’ issue in MFS? & double-checked flying from KLAX, in TBM, to KBU
  13. you can be proud of what Orbx provides ‘in spades’ to the flight sim community, John the Orbx e-commerce platform is second to none - never had an issue - & in fact, makes me feel part of a very large family, take care of yourself & ‘smell the roses’!
  14. KBUR is now fixed with today's MFS Patch, all the severe stuttering has disappeared - unlike yesterday, butter smooth on Ultra @ 4K.
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