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  1. again my opinion, please do not go for super expensive system RAM - about any good quality 64GB matched RAM kit will suit you perfectly... i can assure you that any ‘latency’ in good quality RAM will NOT affect your overall experience - the ‘latency’ actually is inherent in the OS, flight sims & addons - software bound... best regards, craig
  2. my opinion only, i use P3Dv4+ & XP11.3+ definitely W10 OS on M.2 - also recommend 512GB+ for OS system drive - very handy spare disk space (what i actually use) - & because of the continuous read/writes i recommend Samsung PRO M.2 version... the upcoming Orbx Central 4 will help you allocate Orbx sceneries across drives - please see following... https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/172560-introducing-orbx-central-easy-installation-for-everyone/?do=findComment&comment=1514719 RE the 2080Ti: 11GB VRAM can be fully allocated these days with our current sims (i got the 2080Ti but wished it had 16GB VRAM)... 64GB System RAM is also very useful now (sounds outrageous, i know) - i have actually blown out my 32GB RAM in heavy add-ons/scenery/heavy settings - heavy stuttering... it is just the new reality - & you will STILL have to adjust sliders for performance tuning - with your projected system... Process Lasso is your friend! again, my opinion only
  3. i can recommend 4TB 860 Evo - what i actually use - 4TB is the new 1TB for flight sim... you may also want to check out the new 860 QVO - saves about 20% $$$s - 3 year rather than 5 year warranty - an Orbx flight sim library collection tends to be read-only/load operation - could save you money... as always, WD Black HDDs offer excellent performance/$ - with large capacities... in actual flight sim performance - real world use - i have found the M.2 SSDs do not actually provide any significant noticeable performance difference over SATA III SSDs - & must say 4TB is a very handy size for what we do in our flight sim pursuits (thinking True Earth+)... frankly, with, say, P3Dv4+ stutters are a fact of life May 2019, depending on your add-ons/settings - an SSD gives you the best available/possible performance in these scenarios... the choice is yours... hope this helps, craig
  4. & the 40% discount for current users is truly remarkable - best in the flight sim business - thanks! could you please also supply some screenshots that show seasons - a current hot topic - & huge advantage of P3D+... & it seems you are actually saying installed size is around 25GB - rather than download size - amazing for 7.7 million square kilometres... also, look forward to CityScenes for XP11, based on your modelling for this huge project... cheers, craig
  5. Excellent! i wonder if you have included Byron Bay lighthouse? - regarded as most Easterly point of Oz...
  6. i very much like your idea of fun, Jack - highly entertaining as usual - cheers...
  7. Wonderful news, Renault - i just knew you were on the mend by your involvement the past few weeks - phew! Look forward to all your upcoming contributions & screenshots, & take care of yourself... & love your XVision preset - thanks! cheers, craig
  8. thanks for the info, lauriebe...
  9. great orientation & lighting - an exciting shot... curious as to which XP11 aircraft model this is?
  10. my shots are a very simple deployment of XP11 Orbx Broome overlayed on ZL17 Ortho4XP surrounding areas... this is what i will do with every Aussie XP11 Orbx airport/CityScene when available (i have heaps of the Aussie Orbx P3DV4+ versions)... hope this helps...
  11. top notch comparison... very well done! illuminating & thanks for your work...
  12. @JT8D9A i would also like to know what Faroe Island/ Vagar scenery you are using in these shots...
  13. apparently EKVG airport - Faroe Islands
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