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  1. Orbx Sydney & London Landmark packages (CityScapes) work really well in MFS - shows what can be done now & available, Paris, incoming............. & DD City/Landmark packages available via Orbx Central now, i see an MFS trend!
  2. as I age, learn more about ‘virtue signalling’... could be a slippery slope!
  3. what an unusual landscape, Pete your shots & story capture the ambience of Lanzarote - very interesting. cheers
  4. g'day Jack, it has been harrowing to hear of your troubles, thank goodness you are now in a happy place - phew! Merry Christmas & all the best for your 2021! Cheers
  5. Merry Christmas from Australia, Best wishes for a happy, healthy & safe 2021 to all. Imgur is down - so attaching in sim image...
  6. impressive skyscapes, Pete! you beat me to using the Dynamic preset function - works great as shown by your sequence. & also looking forward to when Weather Force has historical data. Weather Force adds a whole new dimension (Metar based) to the inbuilt MFS Live Weather (forecast based). So pleased this product is now available in the Orbx store. Have an inkling that some tremendous screenshots are incoming soon!
  7. thanks, Doug i am specifically referring to:- https://orbxdirect.com/coming-soon been checking Weather Force availability via Orbx for weeks now.
  8. that sure is a weather contrast, Pete real life at Newcastle airport!
  9. eagerly awaiting the 'Coming Soon' Orbx Central partners' products, A2A, REX, DD & others, is there any timeline? - have mentioned to others that REX Weather Force was 'Coming Soon' for past few weeks, completely understand that there is a bespoke licensing/distribution process to secure. also, my 2c as a happy Orbx customer, that many of us would willingly aggregate licenses from disparate 3PDs to Orbx Central for an appropriate $admin fee - if at all possible? Orbx Central, for me, has been the premier flight sim product distrib
  10. always wanted to visit Florence & on reflection i made the purchase & will stick with it, happy to support the developers.
  11. that is some serious flying experience, OND as i am learning flight sim, some of the most amazing YouTube clips are of the skills of the Alaskan bush pilots.
  12. well, I would be happy to apply for a refund of LIRQ - first time ever requested such a thing from Orbx - & of course, delete LIRQ from my account/library, how @Nick Cooperdo I proceed?
  13. yes, I am & the main reason is that MFS addons seem to be heralding new $price points for the flight sim consumers, let alone the plethora of already available freeware addons available since August 18.
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