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  1. @OF Team Leader it’s not techniques I am asking about... what are the actual products available for the customer right now? (& yes, using the techniques you speak of)... & you directly imply that P3Dv4+ - using seasonal textures is right now deprecated technology... it’s what I actually fly with now + Orbx...
  2. & 'I don't really care about seasons'... Was TrueEarth P3D Netherlands (the first TE region made available for customers) - with Seasons - a complete waste of time for Orbx to develop & deploy?
  3. hi all, & there are textures as well with performance overhead, i would love 'OF Team Leader' if you actually gave 2019 examples of ALL - right now - available software/sims/games to back up your bold claim... & i post this as a very happy Orbx customer - heaps of Orbx, & fairly new to flight sim world... & Orbx 'powers that be' - it makes a huge difference when very talented Orbx Developers take the time to communicate/correct & listen to your customers! cheers craig australia
  4. craigeaglefire

    True Earth...SDD vs. HDD...A Comparison

    Hi Doug, the WD Blacks are best of the best as far as HDDs go... you do not have your computer specs stated... i run at 4K res & i do not believe P3Dv4+ is optimised for best I/O & loading performance... i would be interested if you have some heavy addons like FSL A320 series what your actual results would be + real weather +++...
  5. very well said, MarkH it is all an approximation (sim world) - i find the Active Sky real weather the most immersive - along with the approximate 4/5 seasons - & plenty of my airports have switches to match Orbx for the 4/5 seasons... nuances of the Seasons & real weather makes for the most immersion for me - & i must admit the most accurate land classes & POIs make all the difference - still a long way to go in Orbx Land!
  6. clearly Winter! & some Orbx blurb (long time standing), Global Base Pack P3D - 'Textures for all 4 (edit 5) seasons'... & i believe Orbx has confirmed that all ever released & to be released P3D OpenLC products are based on seasons... & also i believe P3D Netherlands TrueEarth LOD 15 (available now - waiting for accuracy Service Pack) is all based on seasons... who would tell LM & Orbx that they were crazy for all their Season development? in fact, i know, there are a lot of diehard XP11 users that would love Seasons - available right now with P3D, Orbx & professional addons @ start of 2019... i'm not so sure shaders alone are the 'magic bullet'... a cautionary tale - 'if it's not broke - don't fix it'...
  7. what about really advanced procedures like an FSL A319 with real weather at a winter airport doing de-icing processes - that we can do realistically right now in P3D with Orbx & advanced add ons?
  8. i believe the 'Orbx powers that be' are horrified... also, it scares the average sensible user that $prices are going up (as has been mentioned on this thread)... clear instructions of correct download/installation instructions need to be provided by Orbx 'front & centre' - ideally guided by the upcoming Orbx Central itself... as has been mentioned, i am sure Orbx has access to user download data statistics - 'Fair Play' principle
  9. it’s all about actual response time & flight sim system management... if only my 6TB WD Black would do it all - I would be completely sorted... just negotiating the technical limitations of particularly the fully featured P3Dv4+ platform... eagerly awaiting P3Dv5 - in the meantime I would be silly not to deploy as much of my M.2 available disk space as I can - & yes, the SATA Samsung SSDs perform at about the practical limit of the SATA 3 bus...
  10. the new Orbx Central certainly needs to include smarter features... win-win for everyone - both efficient Orbx products deployment & support ticket overhead - & for flexibility for the Orbx customer... as of now, I have some intense airport add-ons sitting on my M.2 drive - where they belong, for maximum performance...
  11. most top tier internet providers have what they call a ‘Fair Play’ policy to avoid abuse of the service...
  12. my disk tests were done using User Benchmark on my system about a week ago & of course these different drives have different response times... I do not use the WD Black for my P3Dv4.4, using the 1TB Evo SATA SSD - for example, at detailed areas like CityScape Gold Coast with YBCG, I still get some occasional loading scenery issues in flight... personally, I am inclined to go large capacity NVMe M.2 Samsung drives (2TB maximum available at moment) for best flight sim performance - the benchmarks are real - & I notice Z390 mobos with up to 3 M.2 slots (be careful of shared SATA bus considerations)... & this is also why I would like the ability to split Orbx sceneries over different drives via upgraded Orbx Central for disk management flexibility... hope this helps, craig
  13. what about a genuine 'Verify Files' process - how would this be accounted for? this download size issue needs to be carefully thought through... i think there is cherry-picking on this season issue... P3Dv4 has seasons, standardised to 5 seasons as we know (for years, & of course the developers make sensible decisions for different climates/locales) - XP11 does not have seasons (however, you can tweak according to suggestions made so far)... LOD19 (7cm per pix) is used for instance, as a very high resolution for airports - just imagine the size of the files (LOD15+) for sizeable geographical regions & your computer would most likely be going 'low & slow' - there needs to be a pragmatic decision made (given the technology now & on the horizon).........
  14. hi all, it must be said that i have deliberately purchased many 3rd party airport add-ons where the developers have bent over backwards to ensure Orbx products compatibility (including seasons) - in fact it is an actual/advertised feature set of theirs... also, TrueEarth for XP11 users is a very hot set of products (no seasons in XP11)... TrueEarth Netherlands HD i can thoroughly recommend with 5 seasons at LOD 15 available right now - to test your flightsim system & a give you a glimpse into the future - with a Service Pack coming around the corner... Data Delivery/ROI:- for 1 Netherlands TrueEarth HD pack say 70+ GB at AUD$55 that equates to roughly 50 Orbx airports (give or take) for a return of - let's say AUD$1200 (the bean counters have to work this out) regions & CityScapes have another $set of numbers... & i am sure Rob A's 1Gb/s connection will not be downloading TrueEarth Netherlands in around around 15-20 minutes (can put it to the test tho')... Plus, for all the current real world Orbx sim users we will need the updated Orbx Central to natively support its own symbolic link structure/design for our crucial disk management & prepare for the Orbx 2020+ Roadmap...
  15. very well explained, JV TE Nethelands HD with seasons works well for me... +1 for TE GB Seasons LOD 14 version (with LOD 15 Summer only crossgrade option)... i understand the critical data delivery/server $charges - makes business sense to factor that into the equation... & the TE data size roadmap is very helpful for planning current & future sim/s deployment - to be helped with the upgraded Orbx Central... best regards, craig