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  1. very good panoramic shot, Pete! with heaps of detail...
  2. it sure is a big wide open country! enjoyed your shots @musterpilot & will look up the places you've shown us on a map...
  3. this FSElite interview with MSFS key devs has helped put my mind at ease (& kindly sponsored by Orbx)... https://fselite.net/video/microsoft-flight-simulator-developer-interview/ (sorry if this link has been previously posted) the crucial message is that the MSFS 'powers that be' have already had talks with 3rd partly developers - i believe it was stated about 60 developers so far (out of a list of around 200) - phew! so there is a bit of 'cat & mouse' at this juncture - & of course 'commercial in confidence' discussions - completely understandable... to reiterate again - this is a moment of distinct uncertainty - & i will be holding off further purchases (apart from XP11 TrueEarth packages) until we, as the general flight sim public, are given some rock solid road-maps (that will directly affect our future $investments) - of course, imo... completely agree with you, John - & also introducing many to their future RW aviation careers...
  4. just for interests sake... Fact: the absolute worst installation of any sim on my PC is XBox/Microsoft Forza 7 - great sim, but rotten installation technique (it sprays files haphazardly all over the place) - Steam does a far better job (still with room for improvement)... & quick question, can anyone inform me of a current XBox/Microsoft VR sim?
  5. thanks heaps, Iain i learn so much from you on these forums & you do a great job of curating the screenshots of our Orbx community... cheers, craig
  6. top shots of the day @bernd1151! exhilarating ride... & yes, your HD Alcatraz has significantly more detail than the SD version... cheers, craig
  7. I agree with you both & with your concerns... we’ve already seen enough of the fancy visuals & so on... imo, now, the most important ’insider’ update will be about the collaboration with the 3rd party flight sim developers we all know - & SDK details!
  8. neither had I ever heard of Vacaville, when I woke up this morning... made the mission with guidance of a friend - & sure enough found it in TE NorCal!
  9. traffic global from just flight - I have mentioned it a couple of times before... I hid the ‘red ai aircraft text’ in these shots... btw, a helluva lotta fun chasing ai aircraft approaching/departing airports in a heli - anywhere! always remembering it is a ‘sim’ - after all
  10. very cool, TigerT even Wikipedia does not have that much history about the Vacaville car racing history... the overall knowledge of our forum members is enlightening - i'm learning from you all every day!
  11. well guys, i mentioned to a friend i had acquired scenery of NorCal in the flight sim - & had been flying around San Fran... he, to my surprise, had actually lived in a place called Vacaville, CA - & openly wondered if it was modelled... my mission was to find it! well, Sacramento is the closest large airport... approaching Sacramento... & straight to Vacaville - via the HoloDeck Nut Tree airport to the right of shot... it is a small world - but, very interesting!
  12. thanks for your kind comments, guys! & I can confirm that indeed these shots with NorCal SD were using about 95% of core usage & VRAM of the 2080Ti - XP 11.40 seems to allocate available resources efficiently - zero stutters! another plus - we do not need ‘cached scenery’ with NorCal SD - it is directly loaded - very good outcome of the TE SD philosophy - & saves a helluva lot of precious disk space... now for a VR flight with fully released NorCal in 2019 - today actually!
  13. quick trip from Oakland KOAK to Golden Gate via San Fran... 4K shots with NorCal TrueEarth SD... hopefully, shows some of this brilliant Orbx package & modelling... Oakland International KOAK... approaching Oakland... over to San Fran... change of mood... now off to the next NorCal adventure...
  14. Thanks, Jack Apple has made some trail blazing products over the years - just look at what it has become! on a side note - it is interesting Apple has no VR/AR products available now (some future VR/AR products are being speculated) the red texts (can be hidden) are info related to aircraft ‘injected’ by Traffic Global - easy to install & use - helps fill empty skies & airports... cheers, craig
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