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  1. All the best wishes for your 60th, Jack You very much help make the Orbx forums the best around... & i particularly enjoy your entertaining stories & screenshot adventures... cheers from Oz, craig
  2. first impressions of DCS:- absolutely zero flight stutters & wonderful VR experience & immersion - right out of the box... feels really stable & very well programmed... a real bonus that you can try it for absolutely $free... & some official Orbx development/future support news would be most welcome - here's hoping...
  3. Orbx Cityscapes are a ‘representation’ in time - & historically modelled... experience tells me service packs may or may not be forthcoming... i have learnt (as others have) that there is quite a bit of ‘suspension of belief’ when using our various flight sims & addons - a never ending journey.............
  4. Phew! good enough statement for me to join the MSFS 2020 Insiders Program... Google Earth VR (for example) is good - very good overall representation, in fact - but, Orbx has some highly developed models & skills & team, + a very loyal & knowledgeable customer base... cheers
  5. then check the available resources... have you actually tried/used/understand Process Lasso?
  6. Happy Birthday, JV! you & your team have done wonders for all us flight simmers... & we appreciate your astute comments... cheers, craig
  7. Yes! i cannot quite wait for the Microsoft & Lockheed Martin get together - let’s call it a discussion...
  8. Orbx & team & community are leaders, in fact! & plus all the other dedicated flight sim developers - not going to give up A2A, Aerosoft, FSL, PMDG & et al... 2020 is not here yet - or is that 2021 as JV pointed out? really enjoying targeted Bing/Google Ortho4XP tiles - BUT, you just gotta have the fully modelled OVERLAY data to make it anywhere near real... the last 2 weeks - after lots of research - i must say that the VR AFS2 Orbx Innsbruck & Aerosoft Everest Extreme - in the AFS2/Rift-S VR holodeck has blown my mind... TrueEarth XP has done the same... also, very happy with P3D Orbx with seasons... ‘horses for courses’ - the dust will settle!
  9. many of us are already using Bing data to ‘roll our own’ Real Earth - just add real weather... maybe MS has noticed?
  10. so true, Jack i do not want to trip over my cat! must admit my new Rift-S VR headset has hugely increased my flight sim pleasure... my first chopper flight in Aerofly FS2 at Orbx Innsbruck actually blew my mind... ya just gotta see the places we love in Google Earth VR - totally amazing! all the best to ya
  11. have any of you guys used Process Lasso? my actual experience has been very beneficial with all flight sims with 7700K...
  12. interesting flight in interesting part of the Orbx World, Jack you are a screenshot king... personally, been lately getting into VR for immersion... does VR interest you, Jack? cheers, craig
  13. oh, the legalities & protocols... be very interesting to see how this unfolds!
  14. also looking forward to, specifically, the official Orbx & LM response to this announcement... (Forza 7 quality graphics/performance & real-time satellite data with quality 3D modelled objects on the fly - hmmm, has a dream quality about it)
  15. again my opinion, please do not go for super expensive system RAM - about any good quality 64GB matched RAM kit will suit you perfectly... i can assure you that any ‘latency’ in good quality RAM will NOT affect your overall experience - the ‘latency’ actually is inherent in the OS, flight sims & addons - software bound... best regards, craig
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