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  1. & another amazing part of this trip - using maps in FS-Flight Control - I flew over the, basically, Dover to Calais, underwater tunnel - another engineering marvel - linking England to France...
  2. off to see Dover Castle - built around 12th century - & apparently the largest in England... off from Lydd... approaching Dover... this trip has reaffirmed how much modelling detail is contained within the TE GB series... learning lots about history & culture along the way...
  3. thanks, Mark, for all this local info... the Ridgeway track has 5000 years of history - be good to plan a heli flight along its path... there are some excellent web resources that have info on ancient & historical sites in Britain - excellent resources to help explore Orbx True Earth GB with some important cultural context...
  4. great shots, Captain the lighting is indeed impressive - highlights the level of detail of the scenery modelling... btw, the lighting texture of the chopper in these shots is mighty fine - particularly shot #2... best regards, craig
  5. the Bell is very handy for hovering around detailed or hard to find poi’s.. enjoy, Captain - you live in a great part of the world! cheers, craig
  6. thanks @Mark Abdey for the tip & mission - once again, was fun finding this landmark... also worth reading up about, in sources of info like Wikipedia... on my way... this White Horse exists!
  7. using FS-FlightControl - there is a free 14 day demo - P3D & XP compatible... worth checking out, imho
  8. Brilliant shots, FILOU! some very special POIs... inspires me to explore more of TEGBS... cheers, craig
  9. ah, the good Captain, lovin’ flying around your home country - so many cool places to visit & so much history... the XP11 freeware Bell 429 chopper is a delight for detailed TE GB exploration! cheers, craig
  10. Richard, you have tempted me... a bottle of Bruichladdich is on its way to me - i like listening to good advice! thanks & cheers, craig
  11. ah, the Isle of Islay - been meaning to visit for years - Laphroaig is my favourite Scotch - better visit the distillery! getting thirsty, how do i land this thing?
  12. a quick Orbx adventure - visited here in the early '80s - filled with magic! enjoy!
  13. thanks Taph, lucky you - so much history with this white horse! cheers, craig
  14. thanks very much, Iain i have learnt a lot seeing all your wonderful screenshots... cheers, craig
  15. thanks, Richard cannot wait to explore more - helped by your tips! cheers
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