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  1. Hi, 1. yes 2. yes 3. ctd again with 0 Regards, Christian
  2. Hi, I can confirm a bug in your Orbx airport scenery of LOWI (version 1.30) causing a ctd terrain.dll at high altitude. I did the same flight from the beginning today without Orbx LOWI airport and I didn't get a CTD. Thank you Christian
  3. Hi, I get a crash when I'm near the airport of LOWI at crz altitude of 36000ft (FSLAB AIRBUS 320). I try two times the same flight and I get the same error "terrain.dll" near Kitzbuehl. I suspect it is LOWI because I try a third time with the airport desactivate and no crash. Could you check this please? see the flightplan file, crash happen just before the point Erkir near Kitzbüehl. I have p3v4 HF3, LOWI version1.3.0, GES 1.10, GEN 1.21, Vector 1.6.4, trees HD, Base Pack. Just another note, before the last update of LOWI 1.30 I never had this cra
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