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  1. Wow. I did a search for an aerial view of KACK and found one. What surprised and please me was that the aerial view agrees with what I am seeing in P3D. So apparently there is no issue and the runway is displayed as it should be. So thank you Orbx! Sorry for posting an issue that doesn't exist.
  2. Hello. Today I started a fight at KACK and noticed the issue shown in the screenshot. In that image my aircraft is sitting in front of the numbers (33) but up the runway you can see dimmed approach end markers with the numbers 33. I have Orbx KACK installed as well as base, vector, and OpenLC NA. To troubleshoot I went into addons and disabled everything and disabled all 3rd party scenery. When I did that The issue was still there but this time I could see double runway end markings (see screenshot). So this appears to be bleedthrough from a default KACK in P3D if I am correct. If that i
  3. OK I changed my mind and reinstalled the global airports into both v4.5 and v5.1. Then I did the following. Opened the airport design editor and opened stock airport, searched for KCKB and found it in APX26180.bgl. Edited the airport by removing all of the taxiway signs and saved then compiled. Then I placed the compiled bgl file in the addon scenery folder and started P3D v5.1 and added that file into the scenery library placing it below all of my addon airports etc and at the top of the base P3D scenery library files. Started a flight and the raised taxiway signs are now gone from KCKB.
  4. Yes I installed Vector for P3D v5. After reading the thread you posted I uninstalled the global airports from P3D v5. And to keep things fair I also uninstalled it from P3d v4.5.
  5. Today I was flying out of KCKB and noticed that I have raised duplicate taxi signs at that airport. I have both P3D v5.1 and v4.5. This issue only presents itself in v5.1. I am trying to find out which files to turn off to eliminate the raised taxi signs in P3D v5.1 at KCKB. I tried going into Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Orbx\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS\Scenery and turning off ADE_FTX_FTXG_KCKB.OFF and ADE_FTX_FTXG_KCKB_CVX.OFF but then I get a completely different airport in v5.1. Any idea where to find the files I need to turn off in order to keep the present airport but remove the ra
  6. There was no fix for the airport. You would need to contact customer service to see if there is anything they could do for you.
  7. I contacted customer service and they resolved the issue for me.
  8. Yesterday I purchased KSJC and discovered that it is essentially unusable. The stutters and lags are horrible. I have tried every variation in the KSJC configuration utility. Even with everything unchecked the stutters and lags remain. I do not have this issue with any of my other Orbx airports and have verified this by doing flights around KMRY, KSBA, KBUR and KSAN. I saw there was a patch/update but apparently that didn't fix the issue with KSJC.
  9. Has there been any fix for this airport? I just purchased it today and have unchecked all of the options in the configuration and still have jerking and stutters at this airport. So until there is a fix I have disabled this airport in my scenery library.
  10. I just happened to go to KMDT today and saw the issue still exists. I will try unchecking frozen surface to see if that is a "workaround" . Unchecking frozen surface in winter only does indeed correct the issue. I also have P3D V5 and noticed Vector for that no longer has the frozen surface option. Guess it had too many issues. I liked having frozen surfaces in winter but I guess that's gone now.
  11. Thank you for looking into this. I loaded P3D v4.5 and went to CO09 and did not see the issue that exists in v5. So I will indeed post this on the P3D forum as an issue. Thank you again.
  12. i just finished flying the flight plan I have KDEN-KPUB and looked for the other sunken airport that I saw along that route but couldn't find it. I will continue to look.
  13. I will read that thread you posted. After installing vector and seeing there is no elevation correction I went to the airport in the screenshot above, CO09. And yes it is still sunken. I will check for others. I have the Pilot's Mesh 2020 installed. I tried unchecking that in the scenery library and it made no difference.
  14. I will have to check on the airport. I just was reading a post of the Orbx products that are compatible with v5 and saw that vector was listed. I do not have vector installed for v5 because it didn't show up in My Products. So now I am installing vector for v5 and will recheck the sunken airports that I have seen to see if there is a difference.
  15. I am running Global Base, OpenLC NA in the area I am flying in, Colorado. I have noticed sunken airports when flying between KDEN and KPUB. I have attached a screenshot of what I am seeing and it is more than just a couple of airports.
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