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  1. What about X-Plane 11? It's on the Steam. Is it a Game then? Or FSX, is it a game too? Or DCS World. They all are available on the Steam
  2. FTX Trees is just a texture pack. It doesn't add trees anywhere or remove. It just replace some of tree textures. Landclass or scenery pack adds trees and palms and houses and so on to new and old places.
  3. You don't need to redownload everything, it wont remove them from you fsx. Only if you reinstall then you need to download.
  4. I am sure many peoples will update. I will too. Lets not have a stress, just wait and see. I am 100% sure orbx is doing everything they can to give a smooth and nice experience
  5. You can wait for few days and see how is everyting going. Thats what I mean. Many peoples will update and migrate and they tell here if they have problems.
  6. You update to v3 when you feel like it. If it looks like its not going well, then don't, update when everything is running well. If you can download installer from fss, then of course they work. Maybe we all just wait until nov 1st and see how it goes. I am sure they are doing everything they can to give us a good experience, they have to.
  7. I have a feeling that fss installer will work after 1st of november. And if you don't migrate your account, you can still download your orbx stuff from fss, you just don't get updated installers if there are any released. So, wait and see if it goes well and then migrate to orbx direct, its simple. And I don't thing they will force update FTX Central, so you can stay in v2.
  8. Wait and see what happens and then do the migration (or what was its name officially)
  9. Some leaves are bright red during fall , at least here in north. Those in picture are more like brownish.
  10. It does something else too than just installs objects. Because installing it changes FTX Central to new version.
  11. I have a same problem in same area. No other landclasses in use, so landclass is default, just global and vector installed everything else is default. Everything was okay without libraries, just no autogen. So it might have something to do with orbx libraries? Trying without vector made no difference. And with just global, it was fine, but after installing libraries it started, nothing else installed.
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