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  1. yes, I do have up-to-date https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html NAVAIDS installed. Probably I installed some other mesh or something like that, which messed up the scenery and elevation. The first screenshot signalizes that there are two sceneries used at the same time for one airport, right? I see that the taxiways are different and apron differs, other than the elevation is different. So I should look for WAGG / WAOP files in the FSX subdirectories to clean that out. Am I right?
  2. do you know how to investigate that? reinstall fsx from scratch and install ORBX products?
  3. correct, that is default airport. I have installed Global Base Pack, Global Vector, Global openLC Europe, EU Germany South, LDDU Dubrovnik Airport, LOWI Innsbruck Airport. There is no mesh installed. Airport another ICAO code is WAOP (alternative to WAGG)
  4. Hi, When I fly in Indonesia, Kalimantan region airports, the elevation is not correct, it makes impossible to land smoothly, because the airplane is going under the runway during landing. How can I fix the elevation for default airports? I've tried to use FTX Central Tool - ftx Global Vector - Airport Elevation Correction, but it didn't do the job. After Running and applying, the elevation is still wrong. Please have a look at the attached screen capture below: (this problem affects most of the default airport sceneries, but WAGG in particular) airport default scenery is one below the other. when landing, the aircraft falls through the upper one, which is frustrating.
  5. Okay, thanks for that information. How about these two aircrafts ( looks like private, not airlines ) 1) Gulfstream G450 2) looks like Embraer Phenom, but why three turbines? -- Sem
  6. Hi, May I know for my information the list of the airplane models, that are parked by default at the LOWI Innsbruck Airport in front of the main building (static parked aircrafts) - only commercial aviation? I'd like to know the model and manufacturer of the airplane, if possible, for example: Embraer 195, Airbus A-319, etc. etc ( not including tiny jets - civil aviation ). This is to be used for playing the simulation. Thanks in advance for your help! -- Sem
  7. Any ideas what's the problem is? The request is submitted on Monday, until today there is no clue.
  8. Hello. After getting latest updates, the LOWI airport has strange dark shadows with certain opacity. I'm not sure where those shadows are coming from. How can I fix or disable that ( in case that is a feature ). The screenshot is attached below. To resolve the issue I've tried to start the flight at a different time of the day, e.g. morning, day time, evening, different weather, the shadows are constantly there. Also I have checked the The LOWI Control Panel, which is in the main FTX Central interface, but I couldn't identify which setting is responsible for the strange shadows. -- Sem
  9. After reinstalling, the Airport scenery worked fine, it is possible to place an airplane to the gates and to the parking. It seems that there was an issue with installation. The LOWI airport has no Instrument Landing System, so that is fine. -- Sem
  10. Hello, Few weeks ago I bought the LOWI airport scenery, but there are many issues. The transaction ID / receipt number is 5964f880cf7b2. First thing that I don't like is that the airplane can't be placed next to the Gates nor on parking. The only possible start position - is a runway, however, the airport itself has abilities, parking places, entire infrastructure for normal boarding process. It's not realistic to start a flight on a passenger jet directly from runway. ((((( The localiser is broken, it shows wrong direction to the runway when landing, making it impossible to capture glideslow and runway direction automatically, everything has to be done manually. When installing the scenery I didn't have any errors or other problems, everything was smoothly until I started flying to that airport. Should I try to download and install the latest version?
  11. @Nick Cooper , dude, I'm asking how to get rid of two the dimensional city infrastructure on the picture - same like it is in the original FSX textures. On the low altitude - clean ground in 2D, everything else like buildings, trees, transport are tree dimensional objects, which looks natural. On high altitude - everything is just a two - dimensional snapshot. -- Sem
  12. Hi john, thanks for the suggestion, I followed the steps from the topic below to reduce the graphical settings, it worked. There is another question thought, regarding the ORBX textures. The default textures are showing two dimensional landscape, including buildings and trees at high altitude, and only three dimensional objects at low altitude. The ground at low altitude has only landscape, covered with 3D auto generated buildings, trees and transport. After installing the ORBX, the textures are mixing altogether - 2D landscape with buildings, 3D auto generated stuff at low altitude, which is looking awful. Is there any setting that I set wrong? I expect to see only ground landscape covered with three dimensional objects at low altitude, as it is by default in the FSX simulator. Briefly summarizing the problem is that after installing ORBX textures and sceneries, I see three dimensional buildings, roads and transports on top of two dimensional picture, which already includes all the infrastructure - houses, trees, cars, etc. The result of this 2D and 3D mix is an awful pure city scenery.
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