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  1. I see. I guess I'm just used to living where Winter = brown and Summer = green. Thanks for the help! Maybe the steamers I was watching had their sims set to the Winter time by default then.
  2. Here is a screenshot from Winter. Looks much better. I'm scratching my head to wonder why the textures are greener during the winter and not the summer. Seems to defy logic a bit. However, with that said, I used to have an issue where my textures were super brown in the Winter in North America and Winter and normal in the summer. I had to reinstall Base to fix the issue (I updated the scenery when I moved from P3Dv4 to 4.1). Could anyone with FTX AU load up at or near Melbourne on todays date and show me an aerial shot just to confirm that my scenery looks right? Thanks
  3. Will do. I have my scenery set to default to the current date. Is the area supposed to be more green in Winter (June, July, August)?
  4. I am having problems with FTX Australia which I just purchased. From satellite photos, as well as streams I have seen, the area in south Australia is very green. However, it seems that a lot of my green textures have been replaced by brown ones. Here is an overhead screenshot from Melbourne. Looking in Google Earth, the real area around YMML does not look like this. Also, from a few videos/streams I've seen, others have the green textures while I do not. Here is what I have tried to resolve the issue. I also have this issue in the entire "BLUE" area of Australia (that is the only area I've seen). 1. Reinstall of FTX Australia 2. Reinstall ORBX Base 3. Delete scenery.cfg and let P3D recreate. Then, open FTX Central and let it add in my scenery 4. Force migration of unified lockup. However, the issue still persists. What can I do to fix it? FTX AU Transaction ID: 5a9ed1a4b0db8
  5. Long Beach would be great. However, while you're waiting, there is some pretty good freeware available for KLGB. I believe its from the same guy behind SunSkyJet KPHL. For freeware, its pretty amazing. Take a look at the link below and download the KLGB related files. https://library.avsim.net/search.php?CatID=fsxscen&SearchTerm=long+beach&Sort=Added&ScanMode=0
  6. I don't own FlyTampa Sydney, but I solved my problem concerning the area around FlyTampa Toronto. Try unchecking the Landclass (LC) part of the scenery from your scenery library. This solved the problem for me. There may be an incompatibility that is causing the issue.
  7. That was it, thanks! I did not know of this issue in the past (I never had it), but getting rid of the LandClass file fixed the problem.
  8. I have. I doubled checked that I am a member of the fastlane, and reinstalled FTX Central, and then did a reinstall of Open LC NA. However, I still have the issue.
  9. Something quite interesting happened when I tried to a reinstall of FTX Global Base. As soon as the reinstall was complete, I loaded into KLAX and noticed that I had the black patches everywhere. I tried other airports like KSNA, KSFO and CYYZ and they all had the black patches. Next, I did a reinstall of Open LC NA. Afterwards, I loaded into KLAX and all the black patches were gone. I also did not see any black patches at KSNA and KSFO. However, the black patches were still there at CYYZ. It seems like this is not an "all or nothing" issue, and it has the ability to only affect a few small areas at a time. I've uninstalled Open LC NA for now. Hopefully a fix comes soon.
  10. I (and other members of this forum) have been having similar problems with some areas in OpenLC NA. I haven't been able to solve my problem, but many others have solved theirs by doing the following. 1. Reinstall OpenLC (in this case, try a reinstall of ORBX base and FTX Australia if you have it) 2. Reinstall P3Dv4.2 Clinet 3. Repair your terrain.cfg as mentioned in this post Also, see the following posts about other similar issues. I hope this helps fix your issue. Regards, Arzaan Khairulla
  11. I'll give that a try later, thanks. Also, if you get some time, could you try loading up in the Toronto area (CYYZ) to see if you get the black patches there? I originally had the issue in the LAX area like you, but then it went away after a reinstall of OpenLC NA, however, I still have the issue around CYYZ (and no where else that I know of), which I find quite strange.
  12. Unfortunately, repairing the terrain.cfg did not solve my problem (I'm having the same problem as you are). I backed up my original terrain.cfg, replaced it with the one downloaded from the post and opened FTX Central, and then P3D. Is that what you did also?
  13. Okay, here is what I did since my first post. 0. Ran the "Force Migration" command in the FTX Central settings. 1. Uninstalled and Reinstalled P3Dv4.2 Client. 2. Made a backup of my terrain.cfg 3. Replaced terrain.cfg with the default terrain.cfg from the forum post about morphin textures. 4. Opened FTX Central However, I still have the issue. Anything else I can try?
  14. Which post did you refer to when repairing your terrain.cfg file? I was looking at this one but I don't have an ORBX/Scripts/FTXCentral/Work directory, I only have ORBX/Scripts inside my sim directory. Is the path located somewhere else, or do I need to create the directory? Thanks
  15. Hi Nick, I just tried that and it did not work. I have now been trying to repair the terrain.cfg file to see if that works. However, I don't have an FTXCentral/Work folder. In my sim directory I have ORBX/Scripts and no further FTXCentral directory. Where should I put the terrain.cfg file located in the forum post so that I can repair the terrain.cfg file? Here is a link to the original post. Thanks
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