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  1. After watching the new video on this I too was amazed at the scenery, then I thought what about companies like Orbx and others what will they do? I read on the comments earlier that they will/might be needed to work on airfields to add to the scenery, I don't know how they work in this new sim, things like parking spots etc. also is there a function for AI aircraft, I hate to see bare airports with no other movements? I remember many years ago when FS2004 came out a lot of simmers spent a fortune on upgrading and/or buying a new PC to handle it, that seems like a joke now but i
  2. I also went to VOMM Chennai, I know it thousands of miles from the above but I got this as well. another ground incident lol.
  3. Yes very observant, the problem is definitely the building lol. Friedi what is GE? Col.
  4. Hi, I have no other scenery except the default and Orbx, I must admit, I've seen extra buildings on other default scenery, I'm using FSX gold boxed edition by the way. Col.
  5. I don't I let the sim decide. The only thing I have is in the aircraft.cfg: atc_parking-types=RAMP or Gate or CARGO etc. There are 3 or 4 other parking spots close to this and they all taxi through the building. Col.
  6. Hi Nick, No mate, all the AI aircraft I manually installed one by one, not from any AI program.
  7. Not been there for a while, spotted an AI here, the taxiway sign was saying 'N' just in front of the building. Col.
  8. Thanks again Nick, I came back to tell you this time it worked, don't know why it didn't before. I like to have a lot of AI aircraft and seeing them double parked is a bit annoying, that's why I always un-check the option. I'll know what to do next time it happens, cheers mate. col.
  9. OK Nick thanks, it takes a long time to install again but if that's the case well so be it. Having said that the control panel should save the settings rather than having to uninstall and install again, don't you agree? Col.
  10. I did that Nick, don't know why it didn't work, it says when you exit your changes will be saved but for some reason they weren't. Also I was going to ask this in the support forum but there is that many sections I wasn't sure which one, sorry mate. I went back in the control pane and they are all un checked, I took a screen shot. Col.
  11. I have mentioned this before, I have an AI flight plan for an aircraft to leave EGHI Southampton, most times it is placed on a vacant parking spot, but other times it is placed on a spot that is taken up by a static. On installing the scenery I unchecked the 'Static aircraft' box plus the 'People' box on all of the Orbx scenery and then validate, but they still show up, so am I doing something wrong when installing or are these statics and people unmovable? Col.
  12. Hi Nick, forgive my ignorance but what is AEC please? I found it thanks mate, this happened last time but it was a while ago I forgot. Col.
  13. I recently had to reinstall my FSX plus the Orbx scenery, I have FTX AU, EU, Global, OLC & Vector. In my screenshot you can see the runway at EGCC Manchester is partly covered by small hills, plus the runway is also higher then the other one, any ideas please?
  14. Thanks Nick I did a search but obviously missed it mate. I hope i never need to do it again lol, the last one was the second time I went through the whole downloading and installing, took nearly all day. Col.
  15. I had a hard drive fault and had to reinstall FSX plus Orbx, I have everything up and running now but after this incident I notice Orbx has folder within FSX, if I copy that and save it to a pen drive or disk if ever I have a crash again can I just place that in the the FSX folder or do I need to do something else? The reason I ask is not only in case of a crash but to save time downloading and installing it all again, thus taking up time and using your server. Col.
  16. I went to setup an ai flightplan around the Shetland Islands northern Scotland. I noticed a name in the FSX airport menu: Muckle Fugga Lighthouse, the ICAO code is EGMF. I went to do the plan using AIFP and input EGMF but it didn't recognise it, I did the collect airports thinking it will find it now but it didn't. So was this added when I installed the Scotland region of ORBX, if so if it is recognised by FSX surely AIFP should have found it, not a big problem just thought it would be a nice TNG ai plan to get a search and rescue aircraft to fly by it.
  17. I was making my way in to EGPO Stornoway Scotland and I noticed this in the water, it was around 8-10 out from the airport, at first I thought it was some kind of dock or boats moored up then I zoomed in and the saw circles. Not a problem I just wondered what they were or do I get a prize for spotting them lol?
  18. My apologies, I looked at the other 3 airports I bought, I noticed the statics had been turned off, I knew I had selected it but got mixed up with which airport I had done it for, glad the others had that selection though. Col.
  19. Ah perhaps I was mixing it up with the ai traffic, it would have been nice to have that selection though going off the amount of statics there.
  20. I bought this morning EGSG Stapelford among 3 other airports, after the download I selected NOT to have static aircraft, but look. How did this happen, it said on the screen, once you exit this screen your selection will be saved?
  21. Thanks Nick, your the man. I found the Insersion Point tool, plus I downloaded some more scenery. Col.
  22. Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum earlier please forgive me, I found this one and hope it is the right one. My problem is I recently installed the acceleration pack for FSX because I wanted the tools menu, anyway that worked but when I went in to FSX I noticed my water had turned to land. I searched the forum and found a few things, this once happened before after I installed something but I couldn't fined my post to see the remedy. I found a configuration tools and it told me some of my Orbx scenery was missing, I went in the Orbx Central and that told me I owned th
  23. Well I'll reply to my own post, I eventually installed My Traffic X, after a few minutes I soon uninstalled it, mainly because the AI models are terrible. I understand they are low poly and are meant for AI use, but they look like they belong in a cheap old sim, plus I noticed on a couple of airports some were parked partly inside buildings, I did put the MTX scenery lower down below the Orbx scenery in the list as well. Anyway I have decided to go with World of AI (WOAI), some flight plans I have had to convert to FSX before I installed them but I'm taking my time plus I can pick an
  24. Now I have it running and back to how it was, one more question please. I was thinking of installing My Traffic X but in the booklet it says in will install some scenery, will this cause another problem?
  25. Also I wil be honest add something else that may have stopped some of this from working, my antivirus had run out so I got Comodo, well it stopped a couple of programs and when I went in to it there was a list of other things it had stopped because it thought they were malicious. There was something from Orbx in the list along with MS Train Simulator, anyway to cut it short I deleted Comodo, it wasn't easy to get rid of, it put files all over the place plus two that I could not delete, so I had to go in to safe modse to get rid of them.
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