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  1. I am honestly not sure here guys. I have tried to reproduce the stuttering but can only achieve it by overloading the VRAM usage. I developed and run this scenery with 8GB ram, an i5-3350P CPU and a GTX1050TI so a lot less powerful PC than yours. Although i don't run it at 60 FPS like you i don't have any micro stutters or pauses. I will keep testing and see if i can find out why it is happening. Cheers, Karl
  2. Hi again Magnus, Yea antialiasing seems to be more heavy in sceneries with a lot of transparent textures such is the foliage used for our sceneries so glad that helped with the fps. Regarding the stutters the only thing i can think of is VRAM usage. I see X-Plane is using 7.3 GB out of your total of 8 so it might be possible that while actually flying around this starts to hit its limits but of course i can't be sure. Do the stutters reduce if you turn down the texture quality? Cheers, Karl
  3. Hi guys, Sorry to hear you are having these issues. If you could provide me with a screenshot of your in-game graphics settings when loaded in to the scenery and just an overall list of your PC's components i will try to see what can be done :) Cheers, Karl PropStrike Studio
  4. Hi Derek, The airport is on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia. It doesn't have any identification code in the real world but you can find the exact location here "50°23'04.24" N 124°56'12.15" W" In the sim we have given it a fake ICAO code so you can find it by typing in "PS01" Cheers, Karl
  5. Not a problem Andy! Terra Flora replaces 2 files in the directory: Resources\default scenery\1000 autogen\forests\textures The 2 files are "ag_trees_eu_ALB.dds" and "autogen_trees_ALB.dds" Cheers, Karl
  6. @andy1252 Just as a note to your second question. Terra Flora does replace a couple of the default X-Plane textures in the resources folder so that autogen houses and gardens also have updated textures instead of the default. This is however handled completely automatically by Orbx Central.
  7. Hey, @John Venema if I am interested in working on conversion stuff for Orbx to X-Plane 11, who do I get in contact with? I am specialized in dirt and grass strips for X-Plane using all custom textures and utilizing the X-Plane file formats.
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