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  1. Couldn't agree more, I've never known such an exciting time for slight simulation. Roll on more Orbx products and the HP Reverb!
  2. And at what point did I assume ''everyone'' can? But the fact is you CAN if you want to. As you were...
  3. You can always add your own Ortho areas and use the Orbx overlay, the results are amazing.
  4. Airfields I presume, like London City? I guess this makes sense.
  5. Absolutely staggering. I remember you saying something about adding a higher resolution Ortho area around London and Portsmouth. Is this included in sp1?
  6. Stunning! Is this freeware scenery?
  7. Thanks guys! Really pleased with these, especially around Goodwood, amazing scenery OrbX!
  8. Cheers Rodger I'd never say no to being a beta tester and promoting their shots for sure!
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