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  1. *EDIT* : Apologies the fix does actually work above many thanks. I must have done something wrong the first time. Cheers!
  2. Just to confirm I tried this but it didn't work for me. This needs fixing please
  3. Just to confirm I've recently noticed I cannot change my roads to transparent anymore. The option in Orbx Central makes no difference. Never had this issue before, but it's appeared since the last update.
  4. Haha I did indeed (maybe that's not such a bad thing Thanks for the post
  5. So many screenshots it's so hard to choose, however, here is a shot low and fast, over Blackpool in TE Central:
  6. Thanks guys your comments are really appreciated
  7. A ''small'' selection of the vast amount of screenshots taken while in VR in this wonderful simulator over True Earth Netherlands. When you think that I was flying in the HP Reverb and easily achieving 45fps, it's no wonder why so many of us wish Orbx would release more regions. Anyway, without further ado....
  8. Wow, maybe you ought to get that attention span looked at
  9. The final part of this epic series taking the incredible Hot Start TBM900 from Sumburgh in the UK all the way to Seattle in Washington! I've been using the HP Reverb for the entire trip and it's been such great fun with many twists along the way! I'd recommend anyone trying this! Merry Christmas all!
  10. Checking out Orbx Leeds Bradford in the Oculus Rift S! Make yourself a brew and come join me if you like!
  11. Totally agree with you (and I'm the one who made the video) Thanks Hiflyer for posting this video here and in the Aerofly forums. It's a superb sim and more people need to know about it!
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