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  1. The ortho around the Isle of Man is on another level to the rest of the UK scenery, so I thought I'd check it out, close and personal in VR
  2. WOW of all the shots I've seen so far, your set is by far the best. Very natural. An instant buy since I really need a large airport in the North!
  3. Many thanks! It may be due to 2 things; I use an old Plasma 42 inch TV for my monitor for 2D flights (since I don't do that many of them), I'm not sure if this may have an impact? Otherwise I'd say it's most likely youtube compression (or even compression my end when saving the raw video).
  4. Thanks guys for your comments it's hugely appreciated
  5. Come fly with me as I take a look at yet another stunning Orbx True Earth region - This time, in pancake (non-VR) mode!
  6. My little amateur review of Orbx's latest masterpiece. Well done guys, this one is special.
  7. Looks amazing. So are you providing a higher resolution ortho version for more dosh? Great idea, are you able to do this for the UK? I'd be the first in line.
  8. I'll try and remember this in my GA videos, however when flying low level in a fast jet, that's a little tricky
  9. Cheers guys, it's nothing like that in the headset, it just feels like you are moving your head naturally. I'd doubt there is anything to compensate without it looking laggy and unrealistic. It's the same when you attach a go pro camera to a motorcycle helmet etc.
  10. Join me for a dare devil blast over the stunning Orbx True Earth Region of North Wales in the Oculus Rift S!
  11. That's fantastic Karol thanks for sharing that
  12. Looks amazing a must buy for me since I often use East mids.
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