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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, appreciated! @Jack Sawyer: beta-testing Vulkan has been a frustrating experience. The performance boost in the first betas was significant, but sadly no longer, for reasons I don’t understand. I guess I might take a break from beta-testing for now. Hopefully Laminar will be able to sort out the issues.
  2. Hi all A throwback to the vivid colors of X-Plane 11’s latest stable release, 11.41. After months of beta testing Vulkan (all flights in latest beta - 13 - have so far ended in CTDs), these images brings back a lot of good memories.
  3. Oh, I just used the photos app on my iPhone. Very simple to use. The effect is called vignette.
  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone! @Jack Sawyer: I believe that was added as post-processing before I posted the pictures.
  5. Hi all Of all the simulated flights I’ve done over the last 25+ years, I keep coming back to some places. One of those is Innsbruck, and with the Orbx rendition of LOWI, it’s always a great pleasure! With Vulkan, the possibilities for what can be achieved in X-Plane has been pushed to new boundaries. Getting stable 30+ FPS on approach in the ZIBO 738 with such complex scenery is no small accomplishment! The RNAV 26 appproach is a fairly challenging one - prope
  6. Thanks everyone! It was a really fun flight! I quite like it when there’s a bit of weather - both for variety and the extra challenge. I recreated one of Steveo’s flights recently, when he landed the TBM at Tampa Intl with cloud base just over the ILS minimum. Used historic settings in AXP - great fun!
  7. Thanks Iain, Jack, VH-KDK and Eberhard for your feedback! Good to know I’m not the only one with the wonky cloud phenomenon
  8. Hi all! What to do in South Florida with rain clouds looming over the horizon? Take a flight in the 738 of course! Late evening departure from Fort Lauderdale, down to the Keys. Then an early morning flight up along the coast to Tampa Intl. ILS 01L approach just as the sun was rising
  9. Awesome shots there @BradB!
  10. Gorgeous set of shots Iain! Gotta love those twilight colours!
  11. Hi all! Just finished a flight in ZIBO's 737 from Palm Springs to San Fransisco. And my initial impressions from VFR flights in the TBM and SIAI-Marchetti were confirmed: this is such a stunning scenery, just amazing! Well done Orbx! It's certainly different looking down from FL340, but none the less beautiful. This was one of those flights were everything just worked. I had a flight last night in the ZIBO to test things out - Fort Lauderdale to Key West using Orbx TE Florida. That flight was a mess! TrackIR was acting up, messing up the views, and all autopilot descent
  12. Thanks very much @Jack Sawyer and @Eberhard Haberkorn! I agree - SoCal is stunning! I have not flown in the region since i used FSX back in 2010 I think. Would be fun if I digged out some old screenies to compare then and now
  13. Thanks Jon for the expeditious fix! Looks safe now Mesh issue does not seem an unlikely cause. Cheers, flavik
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