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  1. When I put the clockup.bgl to cl...bgl.off and terrain.cfg.off orbxcentral says that my terrain file is messing or corrupt and cannot verify the files.
  2. Thank you Nick I will try this out and report back!
  3. Hey Guys, So I had to uninstall and reinstall my P3D scenery cab (where you uninstall scenery and then run the P3D Scenery installer) I did the other ones as well and they are all running on the same version. As you guys can see in the pictures my scenery is completely messed up now. I have irregularities in Scenery and I get some night textures during the day and vice versa. All my landclass is messed up and I get these random blue spots now I have all Orbx Scenery products (Base,Vector,Europe,NA....,Buildings and Tree) after I first noticed this problem I uninstalled all of them and reinstalled them but that did not fix the problem unfortunately. I have object flow installed as well. Would really appreciate if anyone can help me. Windows 10 PRO P3D V4.5 central.log
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