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  1. Thanks lain, it's good to be back flying again.
  2. I bought 15 scenery packages and the lancair with about and hour to go. Now to get them all downloaded along with any patches. It looks like its gonna be a long day at the computer.
  3. Thanks John for the welcome in! All the hard work paid off on my playing. So much so that the wife thinks I should make some money and pay for all these hobbies I have.
  4. Hello everyone, I've been away from fsx for over a couple years (had to brush up on my acoustic guitar skills) And of course the first place I checked out was Orbx. And what a huge sale there was. Just got it in the nick of time. Being that i'm now semi-retired, i've got all kind of time to fly. And what a better way to soar the sky than in some Orbx scenery. Best out there....imho. So thanks Orbx for the sale and all the hard work you guys do. And thanks for spending all my money.. j/k.
  5. Lawn_Dart I agree with you 100%. Being totally new to FSX, I spent what seemed like hours reviewing tons of scenery add-ons, screenshots,videos...etc. Orbx won out above all the rest. So, off to the FSS store I go to purchase PNW. But wait, I notice in big red bold letters that if you purchase Concrete Airport on July 31 you also get Israel Farms. Now that's a deal!! So, not only am I now purchasing PNW but also Concrete Airport with Israel Farms as a sweet gift. Ah, but wait a minute, I was suppose to decipher on my own that this was Australian Time Zone. Nevermind that this wasn't mentioned no where on the Orbx website, nor FSS store. Going back to my confirmation email which was generated at 9:54 on July 31 CST, FSS is showing it already Aug 1....oops... Needless to say this whole ordeal has left me not a happy camper.. And money isn't the problem its the principal of the thing. Had I have known that I was to convert my time zone over to australian time zone from the start, I would have quickly figured out that my purchase of Concrete Airport wouldn't have qualified for the free Israel Farms at the time of order. Oh well, you know the old saying, you live and learn...
  6. Wow! 30 years! and still sane.... Hmm...let's see, 30 more years...83 yrs old...yep, that's a possibility...
  7. Hi Jigsaw, I never would have thought that flying a bird around could be so addicting, but as you said, that's an addiction I don't mind having. I'm starting to wonder how long can one sit behind a flight yoke before going insane....
  8. Welcome Christian, newbie here also to the Orbx community. Wow, what a great bunch of folks up in here..
  9. Thanks Blitzer for the list. I'll check them out. You're right, the list is overwhelming on what to choose from. But that's all part of the fun for me. One thing is for sure, my credit card has been on fire the last couple weeks..
  10. Hi Stephen, small world isn't it? You and I spoke briefly on another forum. You convinced me to give overclocking a try. So, I finally gave it a shot. Although a small overclock, i've got my I7-920 to 3.4 so far. Plan on going higher. Even with the small oc, my fsx is cruising pretty darn good...Thanks!
  11. Hey John, isn't that the truth. I can remember about 15 or so years ago purchasing my blazing fast Pentium 100mhz.... and the price tag was outragious too! It's exciting to see what the future has in store for us.
  12. Blitzer, thanks for the welcome in. I started this hobby about 2 weeks ago. It took extensive reading through forums and such to realize what I wanted. One thing was for sure, I wanted the best FSX add-ons had to offer. And Orbx satisfied the scenery end of it without question. I've also got REX running which helps tremendously. Now I'm looking for a cool aircraft to cruise around Orbx in. Think i've found it with the A2A Piper Cub. That's my next purchase. Wow!!, where does it end?? ...
  13. Jay Kae, Thanks also for the welcome in. You're definitely right, this newfound hobby has got me all messed up, in a good way... Appreciate the forms, thanks a lot.
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