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  1. Given your response, you appear to: be one of the hyper fans that I mentioned; and not have read my post properly. If you think simmers are passionate fault finders, you clearly haven't seen gaming message boards. It's ok, I have a balanced appreciation of the two sims installed on my PC and can see where they shine and where they fall short. Orbx seems to be finding and filling the gaps in the vanilla MSFS nicely.
  2. I agree. Flight sims are always a platform for adding more detailed content that doesn't come as default in the sim. Asobo have brought a very impressive-looking sim (albeit unfinished) to the party and the amount of interest shown by people not traditionally interested in flight simming has been nothing short of extraordinary. That will help everyone in the community as an even wider range of products will be available at a price lower than we are used to, while allowing the developers like Orbx to make even greater returns on their products. GA airfields, small to medium-sized airports a
  3. Last one for US-based scenery it appears. Quote from their Facebook post: The Balearic Islands were released for XP, so we could see those appear in P3D. I suppose it depends on just how many people are like me and will buy TE SoCal, and whether its worth Orbx devoting developer time to any more TE products when the MSFS market appears to be so much bigger.
  4. Excellent! Will complete my western U.S. collection of photo scenery. So many flights to do and places to discover. Just need an improved P3Dv5 to drop...
  5. 'Something, something, was waiting for this in P3D, something, something...' It looks great. Thanks for listening to customer feedback with regards to the 'hero assets'. I look forward to adding this and the "several major Australian projects" to my MSFS in future. (Still would love to see this come to P3D before the quality payware airliners make their appearance in MSFS).
  6. Fantastic real world photo! How did you get airside? Great pic - really nicely done.
  7. It's a lot more recognisable as London with Orbx's landmarks city pack than without. Very nice pics.
  8. I think the same. Here's what I posted on another forum: The 3090 looks like the Titan RTX replacement and, IMO, will be priced as such.
  9. "I bought and wore this shirt for the last few years. It's unfashionable now. Can I exchange it for a new design and colour?" I like the cheek of calling X-Plane and all of its add-ons as "unusable" now. Now, I don't use XP, but I'm pretty sure it still works if you have it installed. In my line of work, the equivalent of the OP's request would be if one my clients asked for last year's financial statements to be exchanged for credit on this year's. At least you get a lot more use and enjoyment out of a flight sim add-on than you would from a set of accounts!
  10. To echo what has been said by a few people in this thread, MSFS is nice, but the lack of POIs in MSFS (unlike with TrueEarth regions) makes the majority of smaller towns and cities look very uniform - they could be anywhere. I hope it's possible to have good-looking and good-performing POI packages rolled out for MSFS. GB, Netherlands, Balearic Islands and smaller conurbations in the USA would look a lot better with them.
  11. Very nice set of pics! With all the excitement in the flight sim arena lately, it's easy to forget that this was the product that said 'yes, you can have photo scenery ground for a whole country with 3D objects that match the base photo footprint'. Lovely detail on display here.
  12. There's always someone ready to sarcastically **** on another person's point of view in this hobby. Perhaps I and other simmers hold Orbx to a high standard because they develop better quality products than most. Well done on adding to the conversation with such a constructive post...
  13. @Orbx Just watched a live stream showcasing the new products. Really like them - EGLC and London City Pack are must-haves for me. As a Londoner, I really appreciate the extra POI models over and above what had gone into the TE GB South version of London. The extra skyscrapers at Canary Wharf and at Vauxhall, the new American embassy, and more detailed bridges. A couple of points for making the products even better. - London City Pack: the BT Tower (circled in purple) is way too tall. It's 189 metres (620 ft), including its aerial, and should be a similar height to the building circl
  14. Watch YouTube vids and read how to use Ryzen Master in tech articles. How to tell what program uses which cores? Either download the program 'Process Lasso' or if that doesn't work, use Windows Task Manager and right-click on each program and process in the details tab to 'Set affinity'. Download the program 'Prio - Process Priority Saver' to help Windows remember your choices. You want as many programs and processes away from Cores 0 and 1 as possible. So unselect / uncheck Core 0 and Core 1 boxes except for P3D. For P3D-related add-ons, this freeware app is great. Creates bat
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