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  1. Just searched 'LN-RMD' on everyone's favourite data hoarder... Definitely broken. Little disappointing as that's an 'interesting' livery and you had some nice background for it. Ask for a refund!
  2. Excellent! I'll be waiting for the P3D version, but I'm very happy to see quality, regional GB airports being made to complement the TE GB series. EGNX, EGNM, the North East of England one that was given a mini announcement yesterday and possibly an eastern Scottish one also? All excellent choices and will be bought. Any chance of an EGCB conversion to P3D also?
  3. In the UK, we've long been on metric. So in the above image that's 93.9 pence / litre or an equivalent of $4.43 / gallon. Today's real world price would be £1.29 / litre or an equivalent of $6.06 / gallon. We pay 54% duty, and a further 20% sales tax on top, per litre. That's the real highway robbery...
  4. Not at those prices! I haven't seen fuel that cheap in just over 10 years... [goes to request honorary membership of the 'Old Coots Club'] Very nice @Ronaldo Valadão
  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. @Rodger Pettichord EK correctly called their first class 'seats' as suites. They really are like a hotel room on the 77W.
  6. Even nicer than part 1. Great shots.
  7. While waiting for this addition to Central, may I recommend the freeware program P4AO (Add-on organiser for Prepar3d) by Lorby-SI? For use with P3Dv4 and P3Dv3. Not only does it arrange your scenery.cfg and .xml add-on entries, it also comes with a fancy tool which exports all of your active scenery to a Google Earth .kmz file to see visually what scenery you have in the sim and the install location.
  8. The Orbx thinking on the next TE regions is here (though this may have been superseded): In the meantime, for P3D and FSX there's is some truly excellent freeware photo scenery of Spain with autogen and quality Portugal scenery, both of 'Hispanic' origin There's also some acceptable Belgian and Luxembourger photo scenery (also freeware and with Belgian autogen) if you like 'Waffle' from the Dutch 'mouth of the Rhine'. Those are big clues without breaking the rules here (I hope). Germany was mentioned waaay back at the start of the TE concept process, but it's possibly either too soon after FTX Germany North and South or it's like France, too expensive to licence the aerial imagery. The TE list is plenty long enough to keep Orbx developers busy for a while.
  9. No need for an upgrade! P3D has always been poor at LOD, only since v4.4 have things improved. Given that your hardware is similar to mine, give these settings a bash: The blurries will be affected by the 'Level of detail radius' slider and the 'Use high-resolution terrain textures' checkbox. If you're feeling confident, you can use the tweak to manually add 'TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10' to your Prepar3D.cfg file below the section called [Terrain]. You must have the 'Use high-resolution terrain textures' checkbox filled as per the picture above! This will give you 1024 sized textures as opposed to 512 with just the box checked or 256 if you leave the box unchecked. Note that this tweak will increase increase your VRAM usage, potentially causing performance loss in demanding areas as your VRAM is maxed out. It will also increase your scenario load times. I have used the tweak for flights over OLC areas, some of the better-performing Orbx regions or photo scenery with little to no autogen present to avoid maxing out the GPU's VRAM when using a payware airliner.
  10. Vote goes to Martyn (VH-KDK) for #2. Honourable mentions to Helifan123 #50 for the action and bernd1151 #32 for the use of negative space.
  11. This one's better though, thanks to 'our' English Kiwi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrIew7-4isI Plus reaction: https://youtu.be/VCkl8RBX8IM?t=38 The next Test is going to be a 'ripper'...
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