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  1. Yup, minding my own business, just clicking onto this post for some gentle browsing, then blam... "image not found or was removed"
  2. Some points to consider: PMDG might be in a more advanced state of discussions with Microsoft than other developers. NDAs are different for different entities. We don't know how restricted the third parties are in what info they can divulge (if any). The 'Partner Feature Announcement kickoff' as highlighted in the Microsoft Development Roadmap has not started yet. That may be another reason why third parties are not saying anything in regards to MSFS. We don't even know if Orbx has had any positive discussions with Microsoft yet. Don't forget that there is a French developer who has created Courchevel for FSX and P3D, so it may not be Orbx / Gayasim's scenery that is in the latest teaser pictures. Next month should see JV release the Orbx roadmap for 2020. Maybe we'll see some announcement by then.
  3. Very, very nice! The Cairo and Cape Town views check out well against Google Earth. Any chance we could in future have a Table Mountain depiction similar to the Ayers Rock, Monument Valley, Devil's Tower models and textures that Orbx have done previously? That would be the absolute cherry on top for me. I have a few scattered all over the continent plus another handful in the Middle East. This looks to be a massive improvement on what we have now. Looking forward to this.
  4. Superb! Outstanding scenery I.R.L. and in-sim - very nice shots!
  5. It would be rude not to get this one. So detailed, very impressive!
  6. Some unexpected, but fantastic scenery released this year with another couple (TE NorCal and Samedan) appearing to soon be added to the Orbx catalogue. Going back to the original post here, is there any news on: NZNV Invercargill Channel Islands, Alderney KSGU St George Cityscape Cote d'Azur 61B Boulder City KBUR Burbank ENBO Bodø KDAL Dallas Love Field and for XP: KEGE Eagle County Orbx Global for XP11 I understand if priorities have been shifted to elsewhere, though it would be good to know which are still being progressed in the background, which, if any, have been cancelled, and if progress has been paused, slowed, or soon to get a fresh impetus on any of these. Thanks.
  7. John, it's a DC-10. How to tell: The L-1011 has its #2 engine and its exhaust at fuselage level, with the engine intake (connected via an S-duct) positioned above the fuselage. The DC-10 has its entire engine in the tailfin and all parts are positioned above the fuselage. Bonus geekery: If it looks like a DC-10 but has split scimitar winglets, it's a MD-11. Like these moodier and more colourful final shots for XP even though I'll be buying the P3D version.
  8. Very nice set and in the classic British Midland livery on a 737 - old skool, like it!
  9. Great set Jack. You did use the displaced threshold of 27 for your take-off roll, didn't you? Have you installed v4.5 hotfix 2? It helps remove a lot of the shimmering, so your night shot of the EGPH apron should be better.
  10. OMG, so unrealistic!! Old Ryanair livery, IAE engines on a EZY, Landor livery on a B732... anyone would think it's a sim and not real life! [JOKE] Great shots as ever, Iain! One very minor thing, could you ask the Gaya sim team to look into the cars in the multi-storey car park, please? There are about 8 cars in pic #2 that look like they are precariously balanced on the edge and about to fall. Thanks.
  11. It's not. I imagine Orbx want to showcase their TE GB series by having a range of their own airport products across GB. The fact that these 'compete' with Gary's is neither here nor there. How many non-Brits are aware of his stuff and how many would still buy them when compared to what Orbx has shown? I have a lot of them, yet will be replacing with Orbx's more up-to-date and higher quality ones.
  12. Completely different. openLC is landclass, the data gives a representation of what you would see in the world. TrueEarth is photo scenery. A complete picture recreation of what you can see.
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