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  1. Oh hello! Very happy to see Africa back on the development path. Hopefully we'll see this great looking, and much-needed add-on soon.
  2. Many thanks everyone! I suppose I'll return to simming outside of TE GB at some point. Difficult to do when it looks so good though.
  3. Turns out TE GB isn't too bad at FL390 either... Over Glencoe, Scotland
  4. As Chris rightly points out, you can get a whole lot of free AI traffic from Alpha India Group using their fantastic AI Manager (AIM). Over 700 worldwide airline packages to choose from, regularly updated schedules, detailed sounds and animations of the different aircraft and importantly, very easy to use after the initial install and set-up. Absolutely no need for payware.
  5. Terrible to see such widescale damage. @Neptune6's second picture and the smoke-filled sky over Auckland, some 1,200mi (2,000km) away in New Zealand partially show how bad it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5TWN_WGHJI That said, some of the images circulating around the internet are false. 10.7m hectares or approximately 1.5% of Australia's landmass burnt does not need any exacerbation. For an idea of the scale of the fires, the Guardian has an interactive map which you can superimpose the total area affected over a handful of cities: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/datablog/ng-interactive/2019/dec/07/how-big-are-the-fires-burning-on-the-east-coast-of-australia-interactive-map
  6. Nice shots Jack. The last one puts things into perspective! The Portsmouth / Southampton area in TE GB plus Orbx's EGHI is arguably the best part in TE GB South, even ahead of London. So much to see!
  7. Very nice! Another fantastic set of pics from you.
  8. Many, many thanks for all the kind words! TE GB has been a huge step forward for P3D, which I've tried to show in these pics. Last shot is a recration of BAW2 (A318 JFK - LCY) right at touch down, albeit 12 hours later than its real-world STA. Truly fantastic Orbx combination of TE GB South and EGLC. Thanks! Flying over London in a payware airliner is still a trade-off between losing a lot of FPS and getting rid of most AI, most 'eye-candy' reflections and shadows, plus not using inclement weather. Finding the right balance between how it looks and what performance a PC is capable of giving is imperative. That said, performance is much improved on v1. I can 99% of the time comfortably maintain 30 FPS locked, using any aircraft, over any part of the country, while using payware airport sceneries.
  9. I've been spending my time exploring TE GB - I haven't even flown outside of GB since its release. Investigating (the) Isle of Man Flying over Filton Exiting East Midlands Examining Edinburgh Landing at London City
  10. Running FlyTampa EHAM, Orbx TE NL, ASP4 weather, AI limited to 70 aeroplanes and FFTF Dynamic. (Hardware in signature). I get 19 FPS on the ground. It drops when airborne obviously. Screenshot - https://i.imgur.com/JX3aA0j.jpg Settings - https://i.imgur.com/ObVkKgk.jpg With those CPU-intensive settings turned down, in the same scenario, I have 30 FPS with only the occasional drop to 28 FPS. It appears to me from watching and reading other simmers' experiences that Intel's 9900 and 9900K are able to run P3D and XP at higher settings than AMD, however where the Ryzens shine is at running sims smoothly (no infamous Intel stutters) with lower settings and doing it a cheaper price. Completely agree. 'Maximum' settings isn't even possible on a super computer like his. Intel have been moving towards more cores and away from 5.0+ GHz o/c capability (see the trend of the highest recommended overclock on their CPUs for the last 3 years). More multi-threaded applications are the future. As for DDR5, I don't think that's going to appear on most people's radar until next year. Only people with a professional need for DDR5 or gamers wanting to show off will be buying it this year. To maintain sales, I feel that only the Zen 3 threadripper and whatever Intel offers as their competitor CPU will be DDR5-ready this year. There will be a lot of AMD users hoping that the Zen 3 is still a AM4 socket CPU. If you are not in any rush, I would wait a couple of months to see what AMD is offering later this year. Zen 3 (4000 series Ryzen) CPUs are anticipated this summer, based on the now 3 year-old AM4 socket architecture. The next Intel range (10th Gen) has been launched (no Core i9 version of them yet though), but real-world TDP is notoriously high on their CPUs. Cooling them sufficiently will likely need a very good AIO water or excellent air cooler to get the best sim experience. One thing I will say is that for simming, hyperthreading (HT) or simultaneous multithreading (SMT) should be turned off / forced off using a batch process for your sim. Neither P3D nor XP are designed for using multiple threads on the same core. Just leads to hotter temps and an increased chance of stutters.
  11. Good grief! You have it greener than the video? A lot of shots are a lot greener than what I see in my sim. Using PTA with a Matt Davies preset (which doesn't use P3D's HDR) and I'm getting what I think is a relatively realistic view over GB landscape. Will post some pictures in the screenshot forum in the next few days. I though the second half of the promo video was very good.
  12. Merry Christmas Iain and everyone at Orbx. Thanks for a great year of previews, screenshots, chats and products. Looking forward to the year ahead.
  13. Apologies Jack! Both comments meant entirely as jokes. Clearly the tone didn't come across as I intended. As you rightly say, it's a sim. Anyone is free to do whatever they wish, whether it's a Pan Am 737-8 flight into SIN, a Cessna 152 into LHR, an F/A-22 through Lower Manhattan or a yellow heli upside-down under bridges. Keep 'em coming!
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