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  1. F737NG

    How to make the cooling fans race

    Nice! Who needs central heating? Just let your PC heat the house while it's trying to cope with all of the detail being displayed there! Your first pic is soon to become reality, Nick. G-BYGC is expected back from the Dublin paint shop at EGLL wearing her new colours on Monday morning. Sneak peek (Credit: James Cahalin on FB):
  2. F737NG

    Ryanair - True Earth GB South - XP11

    Posting R.W. photos again? These are excellent, so realistic.
  3. F737NG

    Country to coast - TE GB South

    Appreciated! Of course, but as I bought these three airfields in the sale, I thought it would be almost rude not to display them. Thanks kindly! I'll see what flights I end up doing and see if any justifies another series. Many thanks!
  4. Little schlep from EGTH - Old Warden in deepest rural Bedfordshire to EGKA - Shoreham on the South Coast in West Sussex. (Some UK-based people may recognise this as an aerial alternative of the Thameslink rail line) Nope, no food. Just go! A little pre-flight prep required Getting old(-er) while waiting for take-off clearance Yup, definitely low flying aircraft here! The big smoke... a little smoggy today it appears Over Elstree aerodrome (EGTR). Unlike the train, no stopping on the way A cheeky little sightseeing detour The i360 is the giant mast sticking out on the promenade, Brighton West Pier is the burnt out wreck just visible above the A.S.I. and nose cowling, Brighton Palace Pier is the entertainment pier further along and a bit further again is the marina (Very) Short final at Shoreham Made it in good time It's always great when someone picks you up from the airport
  5. I.R.L. it's a fine looking bridge. Need to add it to this thread: Rod, I see you are also suffering from road and rail decking depiction not matching the 3D model. Many of my bridges in TE GB South are also not displaying correctly. Do you run any other mesh product as well as the TE GB mesh? Can I use your pic to add as a bug report, please?
  6. Despite faults, there is nothing available on the market that can match the TE series. No other photo scenery products give ground images, overlaid with custom 3D building models (POIs), and other VFR landmarks, and autogen buildings, and autogen trees, and a 10m terrain mesh, and updates to default airports, and night lighting and permit default vehicle traffic to display. Other products either miss a few off that list or only provide similar for a city-sized area. A picture says more than I possibly could:
  7. F737NG

    TE GB South - Prepar3d V4 Pic Request

    Hope you find these useful - I run a 3 screen setup, so that's why you have a panorama view for both. My settings: I lock my FPS to 31 and reach that outside of everywhere except the big cities.
  8. F737NG

    TE GB South - Prepar3d V4 Pic Request

    What altitude would you like? Do you want an overhead shot looking straight down or one looking forward?
  9. F737NG

    TEGB North in the Vulcan XP11.

    Excellent set. Best for me are nos. 4 and 5. Amazing machine - saw her at Farnborough back in 2008. RoC of up to 5,000 ft/min for a big 1950s jet is seriously impressive. To experience the deafening roar of the engines and unique howl first hand was just incredible. Still gives goosebumps!
  10. F737NG

    TE GB London

    From one of the many, many high street coffee shop chains that we have in the UK. There's at least 4 of these shops around every corner of an airport terminal. Thanks. It's such a great add-on! Set your controls in CP so that you can move the camera around in all six axis and manipulate it to get the view you want.
  11. F737NG

    TE GB London

    TE Netherlands says "Hallo, remember me?" A typical winter's day in London
  12. F737NG

    Southwest in the Northwest

    How true! Though we have this hobby to do the (aviation-related) things that we cannot in real life, without the hassle of dealing with a crewing department...
  13. F737NG

    Southwest in the Northwest

    That must've been some sight. As a city boy, living somewhere with very few hills around, I appreciate a good mountain view at any opportunity. Me too, better lighting. Thanks, I need to get lower to the mountains like your shots do. You would think that. I actually departed KSEA in cloudy, but sunny conditions - not a snowflake in sight! Sunset / dusk colours were great though.
  14. A few shots of Mt Rainier and of Mt Hood both 'peak-ing' through the clouds
  15. Diese Bildschirmfotos sind toll! Die Werbung aber nicht so viel Great pics! The lack of Northern Lights is something I've experienced IRL many, many times. This exposition should therefore be commended for its realism!