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  1. Thanks very much. What I really like about this OLC is that some of the textures look like ortho - Nile delta, desert dunes.
  2. A selection (I make no apologies for compiling a highlights reel of the obvious sites!) Table Mountain, South Africa Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya Mount Silali, Kenya Oasis near Sabha, Libya Cape Peninsula, South Africa Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
  3. I realise that this is a payware listing thread, however there are some acceptable to good freeware options out there that I've downloaded and installed, namely: DAAG - Algiers Int'l, Algeria (by Riad Ghenim) FAKN - Kruger Mpumalanga Int'l, South Africa (Aeroworx) FASZ - Skukuza, South Africa (Aeroworx) FLLS/FLKK - Luanda Int'l, Zambia (Proflight Zambia Virtual) FLLI - Livingstone Int'l, Zambia (by Jacques Botha and Frits Beyer) FMNN - Nosy Bé-Fascene, Madagascar (Free Scenery Designs) FMST - Toliara (Tuléar), Madagascar (Free Scenery Designs) FQIN - Inhambane Int'l, Mozambique (Aeroworx) FVHA - Harare Int'l, Zimbabwe (by David Uzzell) GVAC - Sal Int'l, Cape Verde Is. (Grupo de simulacion de Canarias / Canarias Virtual Airline) HAAB - Addis Ababa Bole Int'l, Ethiopia (Whitedotsim) HTZA - Zanzibar Int'l, Tanzania (by Jacques Botha and Frits Beyer) Many can be found by a Google search or in the FSX & P3D scenery listing section of freewarescenery.com (I hope I'm allowed to name the freeware developers and where to find them - apologies if not).
  4. It appears to me from watching and reading other simmers' experiences that Intel's 9900 and 9900K are able to run P3D and XP at higher settings than any of AMD's. However, where the Ryzens shine is at running sims smoothly (no infamous Intel stutters) with lower settings, doing it a cheaper price and doing it cooler. Check out the I9-9900K thread: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/172742-i9-9900k/ Thing is, at the end of this year both Intel's new 'Comet Lake' processors (10000-series) and AMD's new 'Zen 3' (Ryzen 4000-series) will both have been launched. That will make the current bleeding edge CPUs cheaper (whilst they remain in stock). It will be up to you to decide whether price:performance ratio matters more than absolute performance unencumbered by budgetary concerns. I wouldn't go for any Threadripper CPUs by AMD. As PerfectFlight points out, the extra cores give no extra performance (in fact worsen it) as workload is spread across too many cores and is more expensive. Apart from the most demanding scenarios, e.g. Over Central London in TE GB, approaching Aerosoft's EGLL rwy 27L in the PMDG 737NGX with AI and weather on, FPS dropped no lower than 21, generally held at 24 / 25. Nearly every other scenario I have FPS locked at a very steady 30. You can see my PC specs in my signature below.
  5. Those desert textures are class! Another great set Ian.
  6. Nah, more important things in life than worrying about the correct engine variant. Bigger military or cargo planes might operate, but I just love how RNZAF send the largest-sized airliner to Antarctica. No paved runways or apron there!
  7. There's a considerable lag between cases being identified and subsequent deaths. Unfortunately, the US (and here in the UK) are about to see exponential increases in positive test results for COVID-19 and resultant deaths. You are going to see a very large jump in cases and deaths soon. The excellent link provided by @Ken Terry shows what is coming our way. Bearing in mind that this graph is a week old. France now has 5,400 cases, 120 dead (2.22%) Spain 7,753 cases, 288 dead (3.7%) Italy 24,747 infections, 1,809 dead (7.3%). Caveat to these numbers is that they are 'today' (15/3/2020). This is NOT a bad seasonal influenza outbreak.
  8. I think @Kev D has it. Also, there should be Rolls Royce RB211 engines under the wings instead of those ugly, inferior PW2037 Nice shots.
  9. @Quantum Amiga Thanks for your detailed response! I already run P3D with an Affinity Mask, use RTSS at 1/2 vsync @ 30 Hz, and use the FFTF Dynamic program. Where I see a significant difference between us is where I use an affinity mask to limit P3D to logical cores only to simulate SMT off (AffinityMask=21845), moving a lot of background processes and all other sim programs away from Core 0 and three of the other most heavily used cores. Process Lasso no longer works for me since I upgraded to a Zen 2 CPU (makes the system unstable and lock up). I use Prio - Process Priority Saver instead to remember my chosen affinity for tasks. Additionally, you set autogen and scenery draw distance to 'medium', whereas I tend to use 'high'. Though I compensate somewhat by reducing the density to 'dense' for buildings and 'very dense' for vegetation. I'll give Bitsum's CorePrio a go to see if it's more user friendly than Prio - Process Priority Saver. Also, I'll test moving P3D off from Core 0 and onto Core 1 (it's the fastest core on CCX 0 anyway). AI traffic (even limited to 100 aircraft), ActiveSky when broken clouds or overcast (even limited to 4 layers and density 'low') and shadows cause a disproportionately large hit on my PC. What I get performance-wise is good. What I want is better! I'm impressed by how your PC runs P3D, i.e. without any micro stutters. Maybe I'm asking for the Holy Grail with a triple monitor setup on only a 1070 (overclocked) GPU and a lot of CPU-demanding settings. My Prepar3d.cfg:
  10. @CXA001 I'm confused by a number of things regarding your scenery library. Why do you have multiple duplicate entries, such as: Orbx!OPENLC_EUROPE1 (1) and Orbx!OPENLC_EUROPE1 (2)? There should only be one entry of these. Delete the light green entry and remove the '(2)' from the remaining entry's name. Orbx!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (1) and Orbx!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (2)? Again, only one of these is necessary. Delete the light green entry and remove the '(2)' from the remaining entry's name. Orbx!OPENLC_zBASE (1), Orbx!OPENLC_zBASE (2), Orbx!OPENLC_zBASE (3) and Orbx!OPENLC_zBASE (4)? Delete entries (1), (2), and (3), remove '(4)' from the remaining entry's name. I cannot confirm your point 1 and point 2 questions unfortunately. I have installed Orbx products in the "old way". Someone will hopefully answer those for you. Other points: Are all the '(scenery name) elevation stub' and '(scenery name) scenery global' entries made by you or did Orbx Central 4 create those? Seems extra work to create individual entries for files that would all habitually reside in the same shared 'Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery' folder. Also, makes the sim take longer to read the individual folder locations at start-up. Given that you've installed the vast majority of your 3rd party scenery as add-on.xml entries (dark green) as opposed to scenery.cfg entries (light green), why don't you consider moving your FlyTampa, FSimStudios and PacSim sceneries to the add-on.xml method also? Highlight one scenery at a time and click the 'Edit scenery' button, then in the next window click on the 'Move to add-on.xml' button and 'Submit'. Along the top row of buttons in Lorby's P4AO program, there's a 'Backup/Restore' button. Click on 'Create Backup' before making any changes in future. Means you can revert to your previously good settings easily or at the very least, have set of files to compare with.
  11. @Quantum Amiga Very smooth! Well done on getting that performance. Would you mind responding with your P3D.cfg settings listed in a spoiler (3rd button from the right and above the reply text box), please? My sim is nearly smooth, but I still get micro stutters and I'd really like to compare to someone else and see where I'm pushing my PC too far.
  12. KSJC for the bottom set of pics. Edit: I see Koen updated his comment to include both airports.
  13. Thanks! Who doesn't like a bit of prop visuals?
  14. Thanks guys! A string of poor management decisions starting with an attempt to be a noteable player in European aviation about 15 years ago. Instead it was a case of too big, too quick. Additionally, it was the launch customer of expensive (to purchase and operate) EMB jets, which were larger than anything else in their fleet up to that point. Despite a takeover 12 months ago, flybe sufferered more financial woes. Pre-tax losses in 7 out of 10 years due to various market conditions left it highly susceptible to any other shock. Coronavirus provided that shock just a month after it needed a 'tax holiday' from the UK government to maintain its cash reserves. It survived longer than expected. A few smaller airlines are going to do well out of some of the routes that have presented themselves with no competition. However, three airports are in big trouble - flybe accounted for 70%+ of their flight schedules.
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