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  1. Watch YouTube vids and read how to use Ryzen Master in tech articles. How to tell what program uses which cores? Either download the program 'Process Lasso' or if that doesn't work, use Windows Task Manager and right-click on each program and process in the details tab to 'Set affinity'. Download the program 'Prio - Process Priority Saver' to help Windows remember your choices. You want as many programs and processes away from Cores 0 and 1 as possible. So unselect / uncheck Core 0 and Core 1 boxes except for P3D. For P3D-related add-ons, this freeware app is great. Creates bat files to start programs with user-selected affinity masks: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=affinity_shortcut.zip&Author=&CatID=root It may all seem very complicated, yet reading around the subjects one at a time will, more likely than not, bring you a much-improved P3D experience.
  2. Thanks. With regards to my first point and the cable car / aerial tram?
  3. Suggestions in my post above will give you a small performance bump. To really see some difference you need to get more technical. I really think that you should research how to use Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) in AMD's Ryzen Master software. It's a slightly simpler and safer way to boost your CPU performance than doing the same through your BIOS. You said that you boosted your RAM speed using XMP, so I think you are confident enough to try. By using stock settings, you are leaving at least half a GHz of CPU performance on the table. People spend hours and $$s trying to get that sort of performance boost. You will want the main thread (Core 0) to run as quickly as possible. A few ways to do that: 1) Overclock / use PBO 2) move add-ons like ActiveSky to later cores 3) Move as many Windows background processes away from Core 0 and Core 1 as possible. 3b) Use 'Prio - Process Priority Saver' or 'Process Lasso' to help your PC remember what processor affinity you apply to add-ons, apps and background processes. (These don't necessarily work for every PC setup). 4) Prevent your antivirus program from actively scanning P3D's various files and folders while the sim is running. I had to whitelist each P3D dependent folder and every conceivable P3D add-on app location from being actively scanned by my antivirus program (Bitdefender). Was quite a shock afer I had upgraded from a Ryzen 1700X to a 3700X and installed the new AV program to find that P3D had become very stuttery and suffer from late loading of AG and ground textures. Thankfully, I recognised early on that Bitdefender was doing too good a job. I get better performance than you currently experience using weaker hardware components and higher settings in P3D. It takes some reading around the subjects, but the pay-off is worth it. You'll see what I mean when you are able to let rip with your 2080Ti and add dynamic reflections, shadows, traffic, more weather and more autogen. Good luck!
  4. Some further suggestions. Try: - AntiAliasing set to 4xSSAA. - Texture filtering to Anisotropic 16x. - Texture resolution to High - 2048x2048. In your Prepar3D.cfg file, find the section called [PANELS] and look for the entry 'MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=4096'. If there's another value there, change it to 4096. Try setting Target Frame Rate (TFR) to 'Unlimited'. The reason for that relates to Fiber_Frame_Time_Fraction (FFTF). Too long to discuss FFTF here, but homework for you to understand how to get better performance. Your target FPS should try to match the hertz of your monitor or be divisible by two. E.g. I have 60 Hz monitors, so I run at 60 FPS for a lot my flights and at 30 FPS for the most demanding (such as shown in my first post of this thread). There are many threads on Avsim P3D forum devoted to using the 'Max Frame Rate' option in Nvidia Control Panel (NCP) or downloading RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) to limit FPS externally while leaving TFR in P3D settings at 'Unlimited'.
  5. Short sightseeing flight around Portland. Looks good! There are two issues that I've noticed, however. First: The Portland Aerial Tram cables stop in the middle of an empty space. Is this a problem with my install or is the lower terminal missing? Also, the cables pass over the central tower and dive into the ground just across the highway rather than continue to the upper terminal. Please see the areas within the 2 yellow circles in the pic below. Second: I have Bill Womack's / Flightbeam's KPDX and Bill's / Orbx's KVUO installed, however it appears that autogen buildings and vegetation are excluded around KPDX. Is there a fix / workaround for this? Thanks.
  6. Turn off Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation! You should see an improvement by doing that one thing. Need to see your 'Display', 'Lighting' and 'Traffic' settings pages in P3D also to be able to help further. Finally, you're testing your sim the wrong way round. Start instead with low/medium settings and build-up to the point where increasing 'eye-candy' features (reflections, shadows, traffic, autogen) causes performance to drop to an unacceptable level for you.
  7. Just seen your posts. FPS is more linearly linked to CPU performance in P3D. A better GPU will allow you to run certain options, like shadows and reflections at a higher level. I think you have a problem either with your settings selections in P3D or less likely, your PC hardware settings. You haven't shown us screenshots of your P3D settings, like I did in the links in my earlier post. A better CPU will bring you less improvement than you think. At least the 11GB memory of the 2080Ti means you are less likely to get an out of memory issue. I highly recommend reading up on how to safely boost your CPU performance using AMD Ryzen Master software. It will take you some time as you need to fully understand what you are doing so that you don't damage your CPU. https://www.wepc.com/tips/amd-ryzen-master-utility/ https://www.pcworld.com/article/3178406/how-to-use-ryzen-master-amds-powerful-new-cpu-overclocking-tool.html However, we really need to see screenshots of your P3D settings to help you improve you sim experience. Plenty of simmers have PC setups that aren't as good as yours and are getting much better performance.
  8. I'm confused by how you drop to "10 or 12 FPS in some aircraft like 737 or A320". Is this in P3D? You have a slightly stronger PC, yet you are getting only 33% - 50% of the performance that I got in P3D4 / get in P3D5. I think it would be useful to see screenshots of your settings in the version of P3D that you use regularly to see what is compromising your sim experience. My settings for TE GB over London (to prevent VRAM OOM): https://i.imgur.com/3QRYxlm.jpg https://i.imgur.com/089siOC.jpg https://i.imgur.com/zR1GaTK.jpg With my 3700X and GTX 1070 using the QW787 over TE GB London on approach to Aerosoft EGLL with AIG AI and ActiveSky, I can get 28-30 FPS (externally locked to 30 FPS with Nvidia Control Panel) in P3D5. Close-up of OSD perf data: https://i.imgur.com/s98Fvn2.jpg With regards to the hardware side of things, have you turned on Precision Boost Overdrive or manually overclocked your CPU? Is your CPU running below 90°C when under load? Is your GPU running below 85°C? Is simultaneous multithreading (SMT) turned on? Are you limiting your FPS using an external limiter? The jump from an AMD 3800X to a 3900X isn't worth the price. The move to an I9 build really isn't worth the price nor the hassle. You will see an improvement with a RTX 2080Ti, but is it worth it at the moment? With the new 3000 series GPUs from Nvidia and new CPUs from both Intel and AMD just a few months away, you could be spending a lot of money on soon to be outdated tech. Better to determine what is causing your sim to perform so poorly first, before spending thousands of $ on hardware to brute force an improvement that could possibly be achieved through better settings.
  9. Oh dear, another "why isn't my preferred sim getting the attention I want?" thread. I feel sorry for the moderators having to deal with the sim wars / supposed favouritism of one sim over another / 'ignoring of a whole customer base' / etc. We have these type of threads every few months. Here's one example: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/177910-p3d-team-on-vacation As I said in that thread, everyone wants new content to have been released yesterday. New, *quality* scenery takes time to make from scratch. A bit of patience is needed. I'll wager that before the end of this month we'll hear that some incredible new XP product has been under development, but due to Orbx's more recent policy of only announcing when a product reaches beta, there have been slim pickings for eager customers to pore over.
  10. That earlier map clearly told us that ESMS was on the way. Based on the dropped pins, it does make it look like EKCH is going to appear in the Orbx stable. It wouldn't surprise me to hear at a later date that there's another tie-up with a small developer - one who is already working on their own version of his nation's capital. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I'm really hoping beyond hope that the pin in the bottom left corner of that earlier map will happen. We could do with an updated version that uses the latest techniques and to match its TE surroundings. Anyway, enough speculation from me. Great pics! @Marcus Nyberg Another fantastic looking airport from you. Didn't think I needed another Swedish airport, but with pics like these, it's impossible to resist!
  11. Yet Orbx's versions of these (Bristol aside) are vast improvements over what was available before and tie-in brilliantly with the TE GB set of products. Re-doing airports that are already of acceptable quality is not necessarily a wise business decision as the market is a lot more limited. Anyway, the original quote was "tend not to do airports that are already available from other developpers" [sic], rather than 'do not'. I too would like to see NZNV, but then how does that fit with Orbx's upcoming releases?
  12. Is no-one else going to point out the obvious lack of rotor blades in this image?! Of course, it proves what I always thought to be true... helicopters only fly because they are so ugly that the ground repels them! Sorry heli fans. Looking forward to this airport release.
  13. Great! Happy to see this is coming our way after a long wait since the first preview. Looking forward to getting this.
  14. Hi, you appear to be fairly new here. I don''t know what your level of knowledge is of flight simming, but I can tell you immediately that only a handful of systems can run P3D with all settings maxed-out. Your PC, like mine and many other simmer's PCs, is not capable of that. So drag all the sliders back to medium and slowly work your way up setting-by-setting from there. Check that you have unticked 'Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation' in the 'Scenery Objects' section of the 'World' settings in P3D. It's a huge performance killer! Additionally, you say you have an i9-9900 @ 3.6 GHz. If you haven't already, have you considered overclocking it to nearer 5.0? The Intel CPUs shine when you get the most speed that you can from them. If you are still having problems after undertaking those three points, take a look at my posts (thread linked below) to someone having similar issues with TrueEarth https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/195182-question-for-the-Orbx-scenery/?do=findComment&comment=1676695 TrueEarth is a great scenery product, but with all the detail, it's very demanding on your PC. As such it isn't really designed for airliner flights, but rather slower GA VFR type flights instead. As always with flight simming, it's about finding the acceptable balance between how your sim looks and how it performs on your hardware.
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