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  1. Nice! Been waiting since FS2004 for a city scenery of CPT that is equal to its natural surroundings.
  2. Precisely! There's already a lot of popping of terrain in MSFS as it changes LOD when you approach. If the terrain engine is similar to FSX/ESP sims, increasing the resolution of the mesh would seem to exacerbate the popping issue. Fingers crossed Orbx has found a way to reduce this problem from being as visible. Orbx's improvement in mesh is something to be welcomed. These mountains look less rounded, and more like the real thing!
  3. In my defence (though not really, I should just read slower ), the What we're working on - Orbx 2021 Roadmap, was a long old post! For me, there are some very interesting products in the Orbx development pipeline. Look foward to their releases when they are ready.
  4. Did someone just let the cat out of the bag on a, as yet unannounced, new product? Great news about both this small airfield scenery and a POI region!
  5. In my opinion/wishful thinking mode, the "Regional Packs" would contain POIs of regions/countries, e.g. castles, bridges, theme parks, antennae, masts, windmills, etc. that aren't included in the MSFS World Updates, nor appear in Orbx's City Packs. While some people got upset with Orbx for 're-using' P3D assets from the TrueEarth GB series for the London CityPack, I'd be ok with assets from NA Northern Rockies, NZ North and NZ South Islands, Aus v2being used to give us more POIs that are missing from MSFS. The World is a lot bigger than a few large cities in the USA and Western Europe.
  6. Negative or not, demanding or not, what it actually is, is customer feedback. If the same types of comments appear, it means there is potentially unmet demand. Most companies would love to know that. X-Plane simmers can arguably feel hard done by in the number of products coming their way compared to MSFS and P3D. And on other commentary sites, there is a concern that problems with more recent releases are not being fixed, e.g. the ILS at LOWI in MSFS, in favour of new products.
  7. I also hope that a TrueEarth Western Alps and a winter season is also forthcoming for P3D. One extra season to give Europe's playground the snow coverage it's famous for, rather than 4 extra ones in TE Netherlands. What a huge difference it would make!
  8. There are some very interesting products for me in that line-up. Particularly like the P3D stuff, but welcome the regional packs in MSFS too. Glad to see some emphasis on areas outside the USA and Europe. Just hope previous feedback on MSFS products is taken on board and we can get some updates on long-standing scenery discussions (e.g. EGLC P3Dv5, YPPH).
  9. YBBN v2 is such an improvement. It was an obvious purchase, especially with the kind discount. Obviously technology has advanced in the intervening period between releases, but it's good to have a major Aussie airport brought to P3D. YPPH is still rumoured to be under development by Jarrad Marshall. Perhaps it's not too much to hope for a rejuvenated YMML... Some favourable news for P3D-using Brisbanites here:
  10. Great! Looking forward to getting this. Cheeky request: Any chance of Brisbane City Pack for MSFS being 'ported' across to P3D? Would be a fantastic combination.
  11. Great to see Oz getting some attention. Just need some more airfields to go with these city scenery packages.
  12. Yes. There is a fantastic freeware program called 'AI Companion'. It's a very powerful in-sim AI traffic management tool. Want to limit the total number of AI aircraft? Want to limit to traffic at one specific airport or a handful of specific ones? Want to remove all AI on the ground when above a pre-determined altitude? Want to retain all enroute traffic when above another pre-determined altitude? The creator is very active both with updating the program and responding to queries on the AIG (Alpha India Group) AI traffic forums. If the mods here don't mind a freeware utility being highlighted, here is the link to the specific forum thread over at AIG with the file link in the first pinned post: https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=29651.0 (Sign-up required)
  13. I would really like to see EGLC updated to include the new taxiway and apron extension. Details are already available on the official NATS AIP: And Jeppesen: https://i.imgur.com/CKq8I8d.png Even Google Maps satellite imagery shows enough to make a good recreation of what should be there: Whatever is designed to be put there would be a big improvement on a submerged dark splodge with a tree in the middle of the dock! Thanks.
  14. Yes, this needs to happen. A lot of people on various social media sites have been very vocal about wanting their favourite UK landmarks that have not appeared in World Update 3. Ddespite the freeware versions of Google Earth models that are available on other sites, IMO, Orbx would have very good sales of properly optimised, textured and coloured POIs covering the UK. Compared to Orbx's TrueEarth GB, there are very few POIs in MSFS to see outside of London.
  15. On a new thread here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/275-community-airport-poi-requests-and-photo-submissions/
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