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  1. Outstanding, Orbx! Thanks for another incredible freeware scenery, PNW is floatplane heaven.
  2. Good grief! Get one of those pictures into the screenshot competition immediately - they're fantastic. Well done!
  3. Thanks everyone, glad you liked.
  4. Mount Fuji at dusk.
  5. #7 Well done everyone on making it very difficult to choose this month!
  6. Literally just tested the bridges. A couple of graphical representation issues with the Tamar Bridge that you had already mentioned, but much better than before. Looks good, thanks very much for the patch!
  7. Good to hear P3D is not far off receiving an update! I too would like there to be a changelog, so that we can see what has been included. P3D did indeed receive some extra POIs ahead of XP, however, there is now a substantial list of outstanding models for P3D following XP's SP1 release, e.g. most stadia, several castles, Dungeness Power Station´╗┐, additional London tall buildings, among others. I feel that seeing a changelog would lessen any over-anticipation by us simmers if this update is more of a fix rather than "SP1", which is not how it is being described.
  8. Next CityScene, Dog River /(Rouleau), Saskatchewan? As long as Wullerton [spits] gets ignored or represented by a blank LC tile. Since there's nothing else to use as reference points in the entire province, how can you not model these important VFR landmarks? [Joke]
  9. Thanks for the update and allaying some concerns. Going beyond the norm by explaining the behind the scenes activities is unexpected, but also highly appreciated. Back to excitedly awaiting the eventual releases of Aus v2 & Africa.
  10. Leaving GB incomplete was not in the original roadmap. Completing it, moving attention to PNW, before returning to European countries was. It would be a massive kick in the teeth for P3D users to have a country left unfinished. FTX Germany South was developed immediately after FTX Germany South and as seen above, TE NL isn't coming in parts for XP. The proof of concept for P3D was TE Netherlands. As a complete guess, the lack of profitable sales numbers are a result of current poor performance in P3D - which will hopefully be rectified by SP1 and the expected improvement in load times due with the release of P3D v4.5. XP is more popular on the screenshot forum because TE GB is complete. How many shots are of the, as yet unreleased in P3D, TE GB Central and North products? Therefore, I don't think that it's a balanced comparison. Also, the lighting in XP also lends to overall more impressive screenshots. As Michael said above, TE Netherlands (the original proof of concept) works well in P3D. I have a lot of praise for that product, as I will for TE GB once it has been optimised and been given its updates. The SP for TE Netherlands (now complete), Australia v2 and OLC Africa have been given priority of P3D development resources. They've been promised for a while and should be guaranteed smash hits, helping the Orbx bottom line. Hopefully by that point, P3D v4.5 with its improvements, and all of the TE GB products SPs for XP, will have been released. This may result in a shorter development period for Central and North in P3D and without the need of later SPs, allow the P3D team to move earlier onto bringing PNW from XP to P3D.
  11. As you're in the UK, may be worth your while applying for a Halifax Clarity Card? No foreign currency transaction fee and no fee to use on cash withdrawals. Just uses the base Mastercard fx rates of the day. Fantastic when abroad and very useful for Orbx and other sim shops charging in other currencies. That's but one option.
  12. As this is an ORBX-hosted screenshot forum, I am more than happy for submissions to be limited to displaying ORBX products with only a user aircraft taking a significant proportion of the shot, such as what we see from Ian Emms, FILOU, John Lovell, etc. If anyone wishes to show off an aircraft in detail / the output of weather packages / the results of shader settings as the primary reason for a picture, then there are other places in social media to do this. To be honest, you can do all of that *and* still show plenty of ORBX material. What I would like to see is when submitting pictures, a new thread cannot be posted until the correct sim is chosen from a drop-down list, what ORBX products are being shown (could use a checkbox feature), and a description of the location in a free form text box. I feel that would answer the question posed by the OP.
  13. Thanks. The scenery makes it easier to get good shots.
  14. I'm going through waves of absolutely loving TE GB South for P3D to being a bit disappointed with parts. Some places suffer from buildings not sitting on top of their photo footprint closely, as you can see below in central Cardiff. I like that most of London has 3D-modelled bridges (I'd prefer if all of them were given proper models), though I'm not a fan of these 'ramps' at either end - some of the bridges should be elongated to reach the river banks correctly. I don't think this is asking for perfection (maybe it is?), I believe that I'm asking for ORBX to meet their usually incredibly high standards. When you can get detailed scenes like the one below, I think that the high standard is very nearly reached. (We'll debate seasons another time, however). ORBX should rightly take their time on getting the SP done right. I've had to move the '3DM' building models to a separate 'OFF' folder to get acceptable performance. I'm getting a bit tired of other developers hastily bringing their products to market when they're patently not ready. We're all impatient as simmers and it's leading to 'early access' / open beta products. I'd much rather see developer comments like this:
  15. Thanks very much! Yes it is. I thought I was being clear in my post above yours - obviously not! FeelThere E-Jets v2 as in my pictures above is a port. It works, but has issues. A new version is on the way, but no clue yet if it will be technically as good as v2 because it will be a collaboration. Previews appear to show better visuals though.
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