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  1. IF that's true, and we all saw just how wrong the advance leaks over Zen 2 were, I'll throw my AMD into the bin now. The I5-10600K looks the best value to performance CPU and the I7-10700K would be the go to CPU for simming. The I9-10xxx are all very marginal clock improvements for more money, despite the two extra cores. The pricing seems off - a quick look sees the current top I9-9900K still at over $500 for most retailers and nothing less than $480. Right now, I'd take that chart with a huge mound of salt.
  2. Thanks for the evidence, very useful! I didn't see it when scan reading, did Comptoir du Hardware benchmark the Intel CPUs at their max OC of ~5.0Ghz with the Ryzens at their max GHz with PBO? As it stands, it appears that I could get at least an 11 FPS boost from going to a 3700X from my Zen 1st gen CPU. To go better than that would cost me at least an extra £60 for the CPU plus another £160 for a motherboard change. So an extra £220 to change to Intel (£540 total). The take away is: If you're on any of these Intel CPUs already, stay where you are. The gain is only justifiable if you're looking at moving from an I9-7xxx series to an I9-9xxx series or a 1000 series Ryzen to a 3000 series Ryzen.
  3. Latest from Zen 2 users is that the new 7nm CPU pumps out more heat despite lower power draw than Zen+ and Intel. Suggested cause could be due to the decreased surface area of the transistors. If this is true, Intel may struggle with temps on 10nm CPUs before they are given high OC by users. 5.0Ghz+ may become a thing of the past. 7nm CPUs from Intel are planned for a 2021 release. Zen 3 (4000 series) is planned for next year, 7nm+ tech with some of the media expecting a 20% increase in transistor density over Zen 2. Given how far off some of the rumours were just a few months ago about Zen 2, I would take this latest rumour with a huge pinch of salt. I'm guessing that we will see a bigger push into VR (and 'mixed reality', check out the Microsoft / Airbus story) next year. Big, expensive 4K monitors / TVs will be slowly pushed out for more affordable and (eventually) easier to display gaming. Shorter term, AMD have to start matching nVidia specs with their GPUs. There's no ray tracing tech on the Navi cards yet and nVidia announced the 'Super' versions of their 2060 and 2070 GPUs. This forced AMD to drop the price of their 5700XT by $50 and their 5700 by $30 just two days prior to launch. Investors don't like that sort of reactionary Intel is rumoured to be considering the jump into the GPU sphere, maybe it will be them (unlikely given their CPU pricing). Whatever is planned, we all need a disruptor in the GPU market. The prices of the latest GPUs are still inflated after the mad dash to cryptocurrencies, and with Bitcoin back approaching its previous peak value again, GPUs are going to be high in demand with miners (read: expensive). My 2 cents.
  4. Congrats @dominique! It could be that this topic and your research from Weibo may have been the jump-start required to get OLC Asia up and running. Everyone's a winner!
  5. Appreciate the update! While a tad disappointed at OLC Africa suffering another delay, if it's out before Xmas, I'll be happy. Any outside chance on a couple of photoreal areas, such as the Pyramids at Giza and further south of Cairo, and perhaps Table Mountain / wider Cape Town? OLC Asia is a very welcome surprise and has instantly been added to my shopping list. A lot of people are going to be happy at this announcement.
  6. Hi Tony. As Nick Cooper points out, you can use Orbx on a Mac. Therefore, if your Mac is good enough, the rest of this post is irrelevant! Chris, I have to pull you up on the AM4 socket - It's officially only promised to be supported until next year (though the socket will most likely change when DDR5 becomes more widely available). If anyone is going for a top-of-the-line build, the rest of your post is very valid. Anyone on a more restricted spend should definitely consider one of the new Ryzen 3000 series CPUs due to performance/cost. But at the moment, for XP11, it seems that single-thread raw clock speed is the biggest factor, therefore it's hard not to recommend a fast Intel I7 or (if budget permits) an I9 to overclock. If overclocking, I highly recommend Noctua CPU air coolers. Though they are BIG in size, the best ones beat most AIO water coolers. AnkH's and Dominque's posts contain a lot of great advice regarding PSU, RAM, case size... Only other points to add would be to get a GPU that has 8GB of VRAM and to consider a hybrid HDD if a SSD is out of the question.
  7. Thanks. It's another great Orbx scenery, IMO.
  8. Just to use the example of Jena-Schöngleina, here's the real world version. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-SEbKpQuwgwE/WvKLpH-5NVI/AAAAAAAAZAs/HjaYTiZlZFQiwNVWXjjpEpfW922bDGKtgCLcBGAs/s1600/P1080023.JPG https://scontent-ams4-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/10417800_875968572423976_2890115454516831861_n.jpg?_nc_cat=110&_nc_oc=AQnCFoYIG0G4N9qwtOR4vQO-D4_qryhWRZCj0X8urDNU_X-7s1MFnb626hWw17iw5DY&_nc_ht=scontent-ams4-1.xx&oh=66b0add817c6d89132f79152184f9205&oe=5D85C505 Nothing to suggest that the trees are anywhere near the height of the tower, let alone taller. While noting that you can get Redwoods and Giant Sequoias reaching 107m (350 ft), they are tall and thin (relative in dimension to their height). Certainly not the oversized bushes as we see in AnkH's earlier linked shot. It appears that trees all over the World are often far too wide and 'bushy' in appearance. As an example, the maximum permitted height of a two-storey residential building in NSW is 8.5m, which is 28ft per this U.S. 'mean roof elevation' shown in the image immediately above. Unscientifically, I measured some two storey buildings around the world and got an average of 12.2m (40 ft) which is a substantial 43% taller than 8.5m. Single storey bungalows measured 10m (33 ft). As pointed out earlier, oversized autogen gives the wrong impression of altitude and speed. If there was any way to modify them, I would jump at it.
  9. Except mountains, they always seem to be bigger where it's coldest. Your setup is miles ahead of mine. I'm running a GTX 1070 @4180*1024, but then I'm sitting 0.5m away from my monitors. Thanks, the visuals were great in the sim.
  10. #63 by Torchy821 But a very close run thing between the two leading entries. I hope we get another tie.
  11. Thanks Iain. Everything's bigger in Alaska. Except 737s, they seem to shrink! Yes, triple display setup in a slight wrap-around format. I found it to be the best thing to increase immersion for me (wider view and peripheral vision), since I'm not going for a curved 4K monitor or VR.
  12. LOWI -ish. Valdez has the benefit of a rather large escape route to the south! Thanks for the comments. Thanks, it really is! Fantastic realism and colours. If you're interested, I came across a YouTube video called "Déjà Vu, Alaska - A Flying Short Film" 30 minutes of guys showing off their deadstick skills in the middle of absolutely nowhere.
  13. About 1,400 miles (2,200km) north west of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Hood... (Apologies for the wide views, I felt that the scenery was too good to crop)
  14. Gerold, Martyn, Looks much better with the OZx addition! Is this North Sydney scenery available from this OZx 'superthread'? If not, could you let me know where I may find it, please? Thanks, Nick
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