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  1. I would really like to see EGLC updated to include the new taxiway and apron extension. Details are already available on the official NATS AIP: And Jeppesen: https://i.imgur.com/CKq8I8d.png Even Google Maps satellite imagery shows enough to make a good recreation of what should be there: Whatever is designed to be put there would be a big improvement on a submerged dark splodge with a tree in the middle of the dock! Thanks.
  2. Yes, this needs to happen. A lot of people on various social media sites have been very vocal about wanting their favourite UK landmarks that have not appeared in World Update 3. Ddespite the freeware versions of Google Earth models that are available on other sites, IMO, Orbx would have very good sales of properly optimised, textured and coloured POIs covering the UK. Compared to Orbx's TrueEarth GB, there are very few POIs in MSFS to see outside of London.
  3. On a new thread here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/275-community-airport-poi-requests-and-photo-submissions/
  4. In most of the vanilla scenery 'before' pictures, it was 'you could almost be anywhere' territory. The modified 'after' scenery pictures was most definitely Singapore. Looks great; will buy!
  5. Hi Nick, Merely meant to draw attention to a possible problem for your Webmaster to investigate, as it could disuade purchases. Given the lack of replies from anyone else, it looks like it was just me.
  6. Typed in www.orbxdirect.com in my Mozilla Firefox browser address bar. I am presented with the following warning: Anyone else seeing this?
  7. Agree on point (i) Michael. Orbx are missing out on customers using Central for third party products because we have no idea if they will appear on Central or not. Point (ii) is a nice-to-have option for us, but it comes with commercial issues.
  8. The only CYVR description update I want to see is: "FSimStudios' CYVR v1.1 for P3D available on Orbx Central". The whole release went under the radar on these forums for v1.0. No post regarding the scenery release, despite the developer being a Partner organisation. Impatiently awaiting the updated files to arrive at Orbx HQ and posted on Central.
  9. You're going to love it. I've had their 737 Honeywell MCP and EFIS for nearly 8 years going back to using it in FS2004. The hardware has never put a foot wrong, all the switches, dials and displays work like they did as new. The software is (usually) a simple install into the main P3D folder. To be fair to CPFlight, I've only ever had problems when Win 10 has stopped a COM port from being opened after an update and the one time there was a delay in getting a 64-bit version of their drivers for P3D v4. (You may need to amend a setting in a CPFlight .ini file for PMDG aircraft to recognis
  10. Well, in fairness to Orbx, about half of those European airport sceneries that you have listed have been developed by third parties and do not originate from Orbx's own developers. With that in mind, it's not up to Orbx to give "a little fairness" when the release schedule of third parties' products is outside of Orbx's control. In time, *a lot* of North America scenery will be added to the list. Some of us were pretty fed-up with the long-lasting emphasis of scenery for the US Pacific Coast. Which goes to show, they cannot please all of their customers all at the same time. Let's have s
  11. Apparently not. Here's what the developer said over on Avsim (my emphasis in bold):
  12. The RX 6000-series has 3 cards >8GB VRAM: RX 6700 XT / RX 6800 XT / RX 6900 XT ("Big Navi" / "Navi 2"). And for money-no-object types, there are also the Nvidia Titan and Titan RTX cards to consider. Combined with the Nvidia 2080 Ti, 3080 and 3090, that's at least 8 GPUs to look at already, with allegedly another 2 (the 3070 and 3080 refreshes) to come in December. I'd consider 10 GPUs with above 8GB of memory as plenty of options.
  13. If you can, wait for a few weeks until after the next gen of AMD GPUs (RX 6000-series) are released in 7 days' time and the Nvidia 3070 launches in 8 days. Even if you don't want an AMD card or the new Nvidia ones, they should force downward pressure on prices of older GPUs. Like some have already said, 8 GB of VRAM is the absolute minimum you should be aiming for. I personally wouldn't buy a GTX 1000-series GPU if you want to hold onto it for a few years for MSFS simming. The minimum requirements are only going to get higher as the product is developed further. You'll have plenty of o
  14. The only important poll is the one that Orbx sees with its sales of products for each of the sims. Hopefully, there's enough coming in for each of P3D v4/v5 and XP11 to see new products continue to be made for them. OG20 and KBCE-sized airfields and cityscapes like Sydney are the only products of some interest to me in MSFS right now. Until a decent payware airliner shows up in MSFS, I'll continue to buy scenery for P3D - I suspect that I'm not the only one thinking that.
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