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  1. Hello all, Just got my sim set back up for the lockdown after a long time away. I picked up the Freebie Swift from Aeroplane Heaven and took a short flight around Tasmania Simply blown away by it all.
  2. Thanks very much Stewart. Exactly what I am looking for.
  3. Hello all, I am looking for some software that can generate GA flights for me. I seem to remember there was one years ago that could generate flights from a given airport based upon flight time and distance. It would take a lot of the hassle out of flight planning when I only have an hour or so and would like to just fly someplace new. Thank you
  4. Good Luck and thanks for all your efforts over the past few years.
  5. A couple of shots from my travels in Ants Tiger Moth.
  6. From memory one is a short control tower for the smaller airport and the other is a Tall control tower for the Larger airports. They don't do anything apart from give you a great view of the various airports and the AI traffic using them. They work much the same as an aircraft in that you can move them around as you see fit in the slew mode. They came out when ORBX first put together their freeware traffic packs for Australia. Which was quite a revelation at the time
  7. I have been on these forum since before OZ Blue was released and I have never noticed the 'Latest News' tab. Cheers Bruce.
  8. Evening Some images from my final stage of following the Trans-Canadian Highway Hope you like
  9. Jon, I have no problem with dropping the prices on older products. Provided it is a clear and consistent policy I do not see how anybody can complain. Regards Warwick
  10. I would love a South Africa scenery pack from ORBX. Economics would however never make that feasible. *sigh* I will def be buying Global if the textures are better than the current crap african ones. Regards Warwick
  11. Good Morning I am looking at buying a couple of new airfields from yourselves and have found the process a little frustrating. It is not consistently clear in the title or the individual product pages which region each airfield belongs to. ie: NA PNW, AU Red etc..There is no maps showing where most of the airfields are. Some of the earlier OZ and NA product pages have a little clickable map showing the rough location of the airfield & the surrounding ORBX airfieldsI have had to constantly use google maps to locate these newer airfields and then estimate in which region they are in. As I do not have all the ORBX regions this has been quite frustrating. May I suggest the following in order to clarify matters: Stating in a prominent position either on the main product page or individual pages which region each airfield belongs to,Returning to the idea of having a clickable map somewhere showing either the location for that airfield or a larger map showing the ORBX airfields for each region.The above would really make it easy for your customers and I to see what goes where and what airfields they could buy for the regions they own. Hopefully these comments will be of some use to you. Regards Warwick
  12. Hello All, Following the above suggestions I have done the following: Scanned my PC for Malware/Spyware-Found no Malware & removed all spyware. Also checked for viruses & Bullguard found nothing, Removed Catalyst & replaced it with the latest graphics driver from ATI Direct X DXdiag shows no errors Also my PSU is 750 watts so I think it can hande my PC comfortably. Once this was done I ran ARMA 2 & Grid and unfortunately the same error occured again. It is harder to reproduce the error in FSX so I did not try to test it.. I borrowed Two Worlds 2 from a friend to test another game & it too crashed. Rather weirdly however Oblivion runs fine at maximum settings. They all have the same symptoms. After a few minutes (between 1 & 5) of playing the game the screen goes black. I can hear the game sound still going on. I am unable to change screens either with Alt Tab or CtrlL Alt Delete. Following up to 15-20 seconds the screen goes a flatter black & the only thing I can do is reboot the PC. And to answer Maurices question my PC was running fine util around a month ago. Other than when I play games my PC runs beautifully Also the Graphics card also seems to be running smoothly. At no stage did it exceed 85 degrees C before the crashes occurred. Any suggestions as to how to proceed Cheers Warwick
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