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  1. I had the same issue. Looks like all Moscow landmarks and standiums were duplicated. Coping the OBX58120.bgl file fixed it for me too.
  2. Hi Nick, All sorted. Did an uninstall of NA Pacific Fjords and PAKT and then reinstalled in that order. Thanks Steve
  3. Fixed it! It looks like the xml file that is being downloaded is incorrect - it is set to toggle and not checkbox. I've manually edited and its working (original and edited xml attached): orbx_cpl_NZWR-Default.xml orbx_cpl_NZWR-SteveEdit.xml
  4. Hi Bruce, Nick, No joy. Just tried again and doesn't fix it. I had also uninstalled NZ North Island and Whangarei and reinstalling again. Has fixed the elevation issues but not check boxes. Other airports are fine including Queenstown: Thanks Steve
  5. In the old version of ORBX Central, I could turn off all the static aircraft as the options were checkboxes. Now they are options?
  6. It doesn't affect the simulator but I thought I'd got an issue when the error appeared starting P3D. Ended up wasting a fair bit of time trying to verify the AU Australia installation as thought there was an issue.
  7. Hi Nick, I am having the same issue, just tried to use the attached adjustment but made not difference. Do i need to do anything with these: This was working previously, but just did a flight into it today and had the elevation issues: Thanks Steve
  8. Had the same issue and deleted them. I presume ORBX Central will be updated to stop this? Thanks Steve
  9. I have the same problem with the missing buildings. I followed the Performance FAQ and that has significantly improved load times to an acceptable level. Hope this gets fixed soon as purchased this a couple of weeks ago and not been able to use to date!
  10. Full reinstall of KSAN and ESSA fixed the static aircraft issue for me.
  11. I was hoping this wasn't the answer as did a flight from KSAN to ESSA overnight since updating and both have the static aircraft issue. Assuming LDDU will be the same?
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