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  1. An interview with a Lockheed developer regarding the changes: https://fselite.net/originals/fselite-exclusive-interview-with-lockheed-martin-all-about-prepar3d-v5/
  2. Personally, I prefer PBR textures on aircraft but as you say, it lowers the density of the shadows. I think the highlights look better though. So when your AC sits at a gate (with PBR) in a row of standard AI aircraft without PBR then the shadows look different. The P3D bloom slider changes them slightly. Plus REX Environment Force has sliders that can bring the shadows back. I prefer PBR when it is raining. I glosses up the aircraft. PBR scenery is wonderful. Aussie
  3. Yes, you always need to remove the chocks before flight. Might need to put red flags on them..
  4. Nice shots! I did a short haul B737 YMML to YSCB early yesterday morning (about the same time as you arrived by the look of it). And in AS real weather - yes it was raining again. (R27) You seem to need to get familiar with wet runway performance in Melbourne (or as they say down there - just wait 5 minutes you will get another season ) (Note for self: Duck for cover as Victorian members read this) Aussie
  5. Thanks Hillbilly, I'll give it a try today when I get down the shed. I'm surprised the check box for EU England in the scenery config does not do that? I wonder what it does now - before a fix? I see you mention 'ABP files' in a Global VECTOR directory. I do not have vector so I don't expect to find them. I will however, turn OFF the other three files and report back. Hopefully, no surrounding scenery features do not disappear Thanks for the pointer. Aussie
  6. I can't resist the Sales. A couple of days ago I purchased a $150 worth of items and yesterday about the same in airports. (I estimate I now have about 90% of the P3D stock items ) Orbx Central makes it painless and very tempting. Everything queued up OK plus downloaded and installed without fault. Then came the Configuring part. Again painless at each airport. Then testing. Everything went well for me, except at London City airport. I have Global installed naturally, plus England LC scenery (ticked that - no TE installed); I do not have Vector installed (indicated that). No other companies UK scenery installed, but when I relocated to a Gate, all the surrounding AIG aircraft are sunk into the ground by about 2 metres. They still work, taxi and take off OK. Surrounding heights seem OK no dips in the scenery. I could take off OK but AI aircraft taxing in front had their gear underground?. I closed down, rechecked the config, fired P3D up again, but - still the same at London? Anyone any ideas? Aussie
  7. A quick guess: Do you have either Australia (V1) or Holgermesh installed? They need to be uninstalled in Central first. (Open them up and select 'uninstall') I think the Tasmania demo needs to be uninstalled as well (if you have it) If that is not the case, then you will have to wait for more experienced users Maarten.
  8. +1 on the quality of the waves. Just to note, in a reply from Larry, carried over from a previous question that I asked of him. The new waves don't display on AUS2 (as yet, hopefully someone can find a way of adding the option). But, on a couple of short flights around New Zealand I'm sure the new waves are there and make the junction of the land mass and the sea very impressive and animated. Aussie
  9. Nice shot. On a long leg :-) As you are aware, Australians know the Airline well and it's relatively short history compared to it's predecessor, Trans Australian Airways. Some may be interested in TAAs history and it's evolution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans_Australia_Airlines
  10. I noticed, earlier this month or last month, the talented developers had officially released a new windsock for the North America scenery in the library. I went and visited a few NA add-on airports and was most impressed. Disappointed when returning to AU and taxing around even the latest airports and AUS2 fields to see the static sock. I presume AUS2 and the various Orbx AU add-on airports, use the default P3D windsock? My question: Is there any manual way of swapping out the windsock model? Or are there various models? Or secondly, how is the work on an official pan-Pacific windsock transplant going? Aussie
  11. Wouldn't you think the generated wing tip vortices would spread out quickly close to ground level? Runway separation must take that into account? I guess landing parallel is better for the small aircraft than being slightly in the trail? Aussie
  12. Thanks Larry, Your clear and well thought out explanation makes sense, particularly in reference to AUS2. As you say, I do normally fly my 737 cockpit IFR but, I occasionally like to descend and explore various familiar island or coastal features. To me, approaching without wave effects it looks like descending to a static picture with a very sharp line delineating the beach and sea. Your waves are very impressive so I am going to have to take visitors to my cockpit over to the Pacific North West for now to show them off. Thanks again, Aussie
  13. Regarding the new Wave effects. I installed the new PNW Ferries package just to see these wave effects and started flying around the area in my 737. To me the lake effects still seem to be the same as before? Quite fast and one dimensional? However, after reaching the coast the waves look very nice and slow. Very impressive. I also had a look at the YouTube video of the waves and they look great. I spend most of my time flying around Australia and hoped that the new waves would now surround the continent. But I can't find any. (My test flight was from Evans Head [YEVD] to Coolangatta.[YBGC]) Not a wave in sight. Is there anything I can do? Aussie
  14. Out of interest, What does ticking 'Advanced APX file for Fly Tampa's YSSY' do?
  15. Something curios there. My transfer went very smoothly on my new PC. All packages were promptly located and no fresh downloads? Are you sure you created the library, at the same folder level as before? Not at a higher or lower level? In my case, at step 5: I simply 'Cut' the existing '\Orbx Library' (and all it's sub directories) and then 'Paste'd into my D: drive's root directory. (ie became D:\Orbx Library\) about 30 minutes later it was on the new drive. When I stepped through to step 8, all I had to do was locate D:\Orbx Library\ and click Save. I then closed Orbx Central, opened P3D and everything was there (you do have to click accept on each add-in package while P3D is loading) Are you sure your 'Documents' folder is on your new drive and not located back on your old C: drive?
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