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  1. Interesting but not what Timmo asked Wombat. Any idea when it will be released for P3d? Quite a few of us have expressed interest over the years for Perth airport. If it is not going to be developed for P3d would be nice to know and we would go looking for another supplier. (I'd rather stay with Orbx and Partners) Aussie
  2. Small group! I'm sure there are many of us that tried the beta MSSS Microsoft Scenery Simulator, become frustrated with every ongoing 'fix', and returned to the P3d multi screen flight simulator Aussie
  3. Couple of shot of my sim. P3d V4.5HF3
  4. I think when you are scared witless in a plane, AND it gets you home - that become a great plane. Off the top of my head, I was on a F27 Fokker Friendship traveling on a short leg, into Sydney one late afternoon, and we hit an intensive storm. Aircraft assuming every attitude and rapidly deciding, by itself, what height it wanted to fly at. Early in the action a female Flight attendant was moving down the aisles checking seat belts. Suddenly she was airborne and I can still picture the slow arc as she went up, and then landed in my lap, with ankles pointing to the ceiling.
  5. I like how you put the Mirage III on the list Favourite of mine but might not be in many others ranking. After looking at the list, I couldn't rank them. To me, 'Planes that have earned their place in History' would include a lot of the 'firsts'? ie. First of type. eg. ME-262, X-15, Mig-15 etc? Just my opinion.
  6. A very fine and distinguished Marshal of the Royal Australian Air Force. I saw him close up on parade in Adelaide, when he toured Australia, in his own right, for the 50th RAAF Anniversary during March 1971. I wonder who will become the Marshal now?
  7. I vaguely recollect a story, of when the Queen and Prince Philip visited Iran during 1961 that Prince Philip was taken to visit a high school. He expressed surprise when he heard some students were learning Hebrew. He was told by the Headmaster that they always conduct classes in the language of their potential enemies. Prince Philip promptly responded "I hope you are not teaching them English".
  8. Reminds me of the story about a bloke who was heading to work on winters morning. He went out to his car and had to clear the heavy frost off the windscreen before driving off. He arrived work and received a text from his wife, who was also expected to be going to work in her car; "Window's frozen'. He texted back; 'Pour some hot water over it'. The next text from his wife said; 'Thanks for that stupid, the whole computer is buggered now!'
  9. Good to hear from Axonos but no mention of a P3d version of Perth as a companion to the XP11 version? Is it in the pipeline?
  10. Painless update - Great discount. Nice work. Was good to say goodbye to the old clunky version where I dreaded every landing. My framerates seem to have gone up too (V4.5HF3) Aussie
  11. Thanks John. It was a bit tongue in cheek. I was hoping that maybe by flagging the condition of this major Australian airport and it's vintage, might encourage someone to give it a go. Doesn't hurt to wave the flag every couple of years. Aussie
  12. Maybe they are working on YSCB (Canberra) as well? Released about the same time as YBBN (Brisbane) circa 2010.
  13. The IKEA car park (bottom right) is a good place to watch arrivals Nice capture.
  14. Personally, I prefer to experience Orbx scenery in surround, in 210 degrees. I only have 1920x1080 monitors but the effect is pretty good. A 17 foot wide view. A 75" monitor to my left and the other three are 55". The immersion is the thing. I did have a 3 LED projector many years ago but the brightness wasn't the greatest. I switched to LED monitors. Quite happy.
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