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  1. I went shopping yesterday morning, on Orbx Central, at about 9:50AM local (2350Z). (My first chance after receiving the email) The discounted prices were there on everything. Looked good. I selected two items and put them into the cart. (about $66) I took too long reading about their new features before proceeding to the Check out. Once there, Central would not accept all my credit card details. I presume as it was now after 10 o'clock. Tried quite a few times. I went back shopping and looked at all the airfields on sale and they still had their discounted prices displayed? I added another airfield and it went into the Cart at the discounted price (now $88) and proceeded to the Check out. It still had blanked out fields in the Credit card entry with no explanation. Moral. Shop early. Don't believe the discounted prices if you exceed the Sale period. Aussie
  2. I guess you noticed a change in the quality avaliable??
  3. That looks like a static scenery item and not a true VDGS object??
  4. I haven't fired up my cockpit today to check. I can't say I have seen that effect but do you have Australia 2 installed. (Well worth it if you have not invested in it.) Or if not - do you have the free Orbx Holgermesh installed? That may improve it? Aussie
  5. Don't bother trying if you are in Australia either. Seems they are keeping it a secret.
  6. Hello Jack, Slow and steady wins the race. I spend a little, at a time, and after 10 years the cockpit is quite good to fly and suspends reality (our main reason for flying Flight Sim). It is good to have a user interface that approximates the real aircraft, where you place your hands, and where you look. My wife is reasonably happy, always knows where I am (".... down the shed again.") All of the five PCs that make up the networked hardware system (other than my main PC) are old ex-office $30 Quad specials. The ProSim737 software does all the hard work and is the main expense. The B737 USB Plug & Play items (radios, FMC etc) are generally the lower priced Open Cockpit units that I can afford. The prices you can spend for hardware go up from there. Not quite like working on the real aircraft Jack (need to pump in the smell of Avtur) but it is good fun, and the view is terrific Glad you enjoyed the video. Aussie
  7. I enjoy all your outstanding Community Screenshots and I review them, every day. However, I'm disappointed I cant participate, even though I am immersed in the Orbx scenery just about every day and constantly gobsmacked by the quality. I use P3Dv4.5HF3 view groups, across 4 screens, to produce a 210 degree external view. So when I get particularly get impressed by a sunset, panorama, or airport, a screen grab only captures about 50 degrees (which can't show you what I am experiencing in the Orbx world) A fellow Forum member, and friend, John Dow, came over about week ago, and recorded a flight in the Sim. He has just posted the result over on the Community Video sub-forum. While the video struggles to show the actual quality of external view, it might give you an idea why I enjoy flying with Orbx and the immersion it gives. Thanks John. Keep up the good work Orbx, Aussie.
  8. Thank you John for filming and posting your flight here on Orbx. The video came up well. (Shame about your co-pilot's head) Looking back, we had the odd flight programming problems along the way but figuring out how to get out of them, and complete the flight safely, is half the fun of sim flying. Everything is a learning experience. As you are aware, when I started building the 737 cockpit (about 10 years ago) I was using FS2004 (FS9) and, being in Australia, the must have was Voz Scenery. I worked my way through to v1.8. It was amazing scenery. I first started with a 20" colour CRT, ex CAD, monitor as my only exterior view. Just the one view out front. I reckoned it was great. Next, I the found an old inFocus projector (about 720x625 resolution) and used that, projected out the front onto a bed sheet. Very dull. By the time FTX Australia came about, I was on P3D v4, and had single 40" 1300x768 monitor out the front. Things have slowly improved since then as I continuously upgrade hardware (when I can afford it). I was calculating yesterday: The view is now 210 degrees. There are four display monitors (all Samsung, 1x 75" OM75D, 2x 55" OM55D, and one 54"). They are all ex-shopping centre monitors. Quite bright. I calculate the view is now about 208" wide, or 17 feet wide of view A bit of difference to the 20". I run them set at a resolution of 1920x1080 on each so the numbers come up as a scene of 7680x1068. The RTX 2070 Super handles the four outputs OK. P3d View Groups work well for the wrap around. We experience a low frame rate at very complex old Orbx airports (eg YSCB + Cityscene) but it does quite well at the newer Orbx airports (LOWI around 15 FPS when taxing, but 24 when off the ground, 45FPS at height) I don't skimp on quality though. Most of the sliders are to the right (set to Orbx standard or better) with shadows etc. Anyhow - having a great time enjoying the view. Orbx rocks. Thanks again John for shooting, editing, and posting the video. Hope to have you over Captaining another B737 flight soon. Stay safe, Aussie
  9. Maybe someone is secretly setting up a new Hutt River Provence with a grader and only Orbx is the only one to know? Succession plans? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Hutt_River
  10. Happy Fathers Day to all you blokes out there. We have to wait until September ( in Australia), until we get new annual supply of socks and jocks. Have a great day. Aussie
  11. Nice shots. I've driven past the airport a few times in the past couple of weeks (and months) going between Swansea and Newcastle. (Actually went to the little Naru beach and the boat ramp near the start of R07) Sky diving had stopped and the normally active sky diving aircraft was tied down at the point in your first shot for months. As you are aware, there are more hangers at the airport than is depicted in the scenery. Westpac rescue helicopters are now based there in a large hanger along with Matt Hall racing. Normally, an active little airport to watch arrivals and departures. I enjoy doing circuits there in the sim. Aussie
  12. Congratulation. I hope you have many years of happy flying.
  13. Yes... The one thing we don't need is more layers of Government.
  14. Welcome back. The secret now is the later versions of Orbx Central. (Downloadable from the Orbx front page). It looks after everything from purchase, through to library management, and automated updating. It can create libraries on another drive if you wish and most of your scenery can be moved to them. (bit of manual work to start with but after that it is very easy) If you purchase a region then it will organise that your airports are on top. Do a bit of reading and see what you think. Are you on P3D? Orbx Central will look after FSX, P3D and xPlane. Aussie.
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