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  1. No Adelaide Airport?? You must have your settings set very low?
  2. Jack, your Air Force One has been in Canberra a few times (not too many): Johnson in 1966 and 1967; George H.W in 1991; Bill Clinton in 1996; George W in 2003; and Barack in 2011. I watched the 747 take off from the end of the strip in Canberra in 2011. Air Force Two has been here a few times as well. Aussie
  3. Thanks for showing us the settings Iain, They explain the consistent high quality of your images. That level of detail would bring my system to it's knees. Particularly, the 'Scenery Object' and 'Special Effects' sliders all over to the right. Mine are in the middle to keep the frame rate out of the teens. That is why I haven't rushed to purchased Buildings HD. A question about the 'Image and Texture Quality' selections. How did you select those particular settings? Do they make much of a difference in 4K on a RTX2080?
  4. When I relocate my AC, double windsocks are my first hint, that work needs to be done. (Nice series of shots)
  5. Nice shots Adam, From the title, I think the original requestor is after shots of the general aviation airfield Parafield (YPPF) up the road as well if you have them. Parafield was a bit light on in AU1. (I'd do it myself but I have a 4 screen view group multiscreen set up and when I take a snapshot it captures all of them) Aussie
  6. I had some Oz X scenery installed on my old 32 bit FSX computer but have not since purchasing a new 64 bit PC for P3D v4 when it came out. ( I didn't want to complicate things if some FSX features did not work within P3D plus, I mainly fly airliners that can't utilise many of the smaller airfields) However, that improvement to the Sydney city area looks great. What is the minimum (and the installation order in the P3D v4.5HF library) that I need to install to take advantage of that nice work? Aussie
  7. Nice collection of shots Carlos. I've actually been on a R44 chopper flight, with my wife, in February this year, basically following the circuit you took. I have to say that AU2 and Cessnock is a great representation of the real world. The Hunter Valley is quite diverse with vineyards separated by bush. Some cattle up there as well. Hence the bush separated by square green paddocks. By the way, We landed at Petersons near the end of the strip for lunch: https://www.petersonhouse.com.au/ Last year, we have also stayed at the Crown Plaza featured in your last shot; https://www.crowneplazahuntervalley.com.au/ You might like to watch this video. It has a nice flight from Pelican, over the range to Cessnock and shows how good Orbx has represented the real world. Cheers, Aussie
  8. I know that YPPH and Perth cityscape is on the way so I didn't hold up much hope for the representation of the Swan district in Australia 2. But, I was pleasantly surprised. I'd say about 400% better than Australia 1. You would not fly around it at 100 feet in a helicopter but, we are assured that level of detail is on the way. I wouldn't put off upgrading to AU 2. It will be the basis of a better Perth experience. I enjoyed taking off from Rottnest Island and landing at YPPH in a Dash 8. A great improvement over AU1 and more to come. Aussie
  9. Suburban Canberra: Started the AU2 download at 9:30AM today and finished downloading at 4:15PM this afternoon. After that installing was a breeze. One flight from YSSY to YWLM. Newcastle and Williamtown look great. More exploring tomorrow. Thanks, Aussie
  10. I've always pointed out to visitors that the Republic of Ireland is the same size as our smallest state
  11. The 'Just William' books were staple reading for boys when I grew up in the WA AU outback in the early 50s. I still have a few books I received as presents. I seem to remember that as well as the extensive collection in our school library they were still being released about one per year and were highly anticipated. The English life depicted was certainly different to ours in the bush but the adventures boys got up to was familiar. Biggles was also popular.
  12. Very nice work. Personally, I'm patiently waiting for some AU2 Sydney, Brisbane, or Adelaide approach or circling shots.... (To me, the Melbourne CBD is something to look at, in the distance, as you take off and land from YMML, YMAV, or YMEN). This cityscape inclusion will be appealing to helicopter pilots I'm sure. The attention to detail is fantastic. Aussie
  13. If you watch a couple if the local skydiving company's videos you will see how well Orbx has reproduced the area.
  14. Nice shots Dario, I parked in that carpark the other week watching the Skydiving, gyrocopter and helo traffic. Quite a busy little airfield. Aussie
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