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  1. Another low cost airline over Melbourne ?...… :-) Our existing airlines staff may not be to happy considering the job losses a couple of days ago. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-28/virgin-to-chop-750-jobs-as-it-posts-349m-loss/11455840 Aussie
  2. Getting an early start...
  3. I think it is a slow evolution and different Orbx airport sceneries have been released at different stages along this evolution. There was a time when you had to opt-in or out from people or Object flow because of the frame loss encountered. I reckon most people leave it on now. If you do go to the older sceneries, the people do have limited actions. Maybe, someone could work on a replacement program for the older objects. Maybe that is too difficult. (One item I particularly like, is the lady in red. She seems to have evolved over the years to become more fluid. I particularly like the instance of her on the terminal balcony in Broome. She is on the phone with movements quite natural.) I note that the GSX add-on have just gone up a notch with the representation of air side personnel in the PBR version of GSX2. I think they explained that they could only animate 16 joints in their old personnel but now do 32 joints? I particularly enjoy watching the refuelling personnel. Have a look at this video if you wish. Aussie
  4. A question: I have a 500Gb SSD sitting at about 400Gb used, with just P3D/Orbx and other FS stuff. (also a 2Tb HD for back-up) After simply uninstalling my FTX and installing the new Central, will I finish with more SSD space or less? I don't want to overshoot, run out of SSD space or spend ages moving stuff around. Is it easy to move to this version and how much time should I allocate? Aussie
  5. At least you finished up in a straight line and didn't take out the fence. (As I've done a few times) Just wondering, did you have the Auto-brake wound all the way up? From Wikipedia: " The airport has one runway aligned roughly north-south. The runway (03/21) is 1,820 metres in length, making it usable by aircraft up to Boeing 737/Airbus A320 size, and it has an Instrument Landing System. " I'd go back and try again, a bit slower and enjoy the great scenery as it goes past. Aussie
  6. Look after yourself Don. I've often contemplated before going to sleep that maybe I should set up a powerful laptop with P3D/Orbx just in case I get crook, laid low, and suffer withdrawal symptoms . I know my wife would chuck a wobbly if I suggested carting my PC to my bedside. Looking forward to your next shots Don. Glad you are back and able to spend time with us. Aussie
  7. Great shots Brad. You can almost make out the dolphins. The AU2 development team has certainly done a great job. Aussie
  8. Hi Ydelta, Very nice shots. Great angles. Your current main PC specifications are exactly my shopping list for my next flight sim PC. (Still saving) Is there anything you would change? I guess you have a large SSD plus a HD? Aussie
  9. No Adelaide Airport?? You must have your settings set very low?
  10. Jack, your Air Force One has been in Canberra a few times (not too many): Johnson in 1966 and 1967; George H.W in 1991; Bill Clinton in 1996; George W in 2003; and Barack in 2011. I watched the 747 take off from the end of the strip in Canberra in 2011. Air Force Two has been here a few times as well. Aussie
  11. Thanks for showing us the settings Iain, They explain the consistent high quality of your images. That level of detail would bring my system to it's knees. Particularly, the 'Scenery Object' and 'Special Effects' sliders all over to the right. Mine are in the middle to keep the frame rate out of the teens. That is why I haven't rushed to purchased Buildings HD. A question about the 'Image and Texture Quality' selections. How did you select those particular settings? Do they make much of a difference in 4K on a RTX2080?
  12. When I relocate my AC, double windsocks are my first hint, that work needs to be done. (Nice series of shots)
  13. Nice shots Adam, From the title, I think the original requestor is after shots of the general aviation airfield Parafield (YPPF) up the road as well if you have them. Parafield was a bit light on in AU1. (I'd do it myself but I have a 4 screen view group multiscreen set up and when I take a snapshot it captures all of them) Aussie
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