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  1. Personally, if asked, I preferred the old Orbx Simulator Systems logo. I could spot the enclosed image on a page. I still direct people to orbxsystems. Then again, I prefer the traditional Coca Cola swish to the lazy 'Coke' text.
  2. You have a long way to go. Where are you planning to re-fuel? I had my ProSim B737 arriving at Broome yesterday on a simulated around Australia flight (in Volanta). I always use Active Sky, with real weather, and the Broome area had a lot of storms. Clear today though. Nice looking plane. I'm sure it flies well. In real life, Wagga is just down the road from here, out past Yass. I often use Canberra (YSCB) as my start up situation and use the YSCB to Wagga leg often as a test flight in Prosim. Orbx AI (and AIG) has REX airlines aircraft flying out of Wagga so I am
  3. I upgraded to Fly Tampa YSSY V2 from V1, before Orbx offered it for sale. I'm on P3d V4.5HF3. YSSY V2 makes the airport look much better, on top of Orbx AUS V2, but in my opinion, it does not improve performance. On your other issue, I got sick of adjusting configs on the fly and I leave mine on pretty high settings and tolerate the lower FPS on approach.
  4. I was following your question, When you find the answer, can you post it here? There is no way I am joining Discord. Thanks.
  5. Looking forward to viewing any P3d Asia release in 210 degrees cockpit. I'm sure it will be released before the MS game gets multi-screen capability.
  6. All sorted now Anton, I actually hadn't registered within the program. I had only registered for the beta program. Red faced. I'm enjoying it. I purposely only fly from where I parked the aircraft the day before. Good fun. Aussie
  7. Basically Anthony, How much RAM is it using when the error is thrown up? How much do you have? When the error happens, press Ctrl+Alt+Del together. Then select the Task manager. Select the 'Performance' Tab and the figures are there at the bottom along with a graph. If a stick is faulty or un-seated, then you will see if the number is less than you had originally. ON the other hand, If you open the task manager first, before P3d, then you can watch the memory as it is 'used'. I think the guys here are interested in these figures. Aussie
  8. A little dab'll do ya. VINTAGE 1965 BRYLCREEM COMMERCIAL - YouTube
  9. I have been invited to join and have been looking forward to testing bit I require a password. I requested a password reset about three days ago but haven't heard anything. Is there anything else I should do? Aussie
  10. Very minor thing: I have been invited to participate - and I thank you. I downloaded the package and went to log in about 6 hours ago. I'm sure I never had a password? I then requested a reset. It said an email would be sent but I can't find one in all the usual places :-) Keen to test. Aussie
  11. I still have not had any feedback of any kind after registering interest back in October. You would think there would be a project update, development timeline or a courtesy reply of some sort? Is anyone involved in testing? Or are they only interested in MSFS game users? Aussie
  12. Merry Christmas to all of the Community. As many of us can not travel to join our loved ones this year, ABC Classic organised a choir which became some 1,500 people from all around the world. They joined together to sing a new Christmas carol, 'Christmas with You'. It was released three days ago. If you have time, I'd invite you to watch it (link below). Some of you may even get a tear in your eye. Welcome - ABC Classic Stay safe, Aussie
  13. You are not alone Jackaroo. I signed up pretty well on day one. No contact yet. Aussie
  14. After your help: I have my P3D sim running nicely with just about all the Orbx products and I don't want to stuff it up. Presently, I have most of my Library, and my complete Backup, on my same SSD D: drive. After downloading a further two True Earth packages yesterday I have very little spare space on D: I just want to know, will it make any difference if I; A: move the complete backup folder to my E: HD first, and then open Central and change the backup location, or B: Change the backup location in Orbx Central, close down and then move the folder and it's c
  15. I was at Lake Macquarie airfield the day before yesterday. Still looks similar. Few more hangers for the Westpac helicopters and Matt Hall Racing. Aussie
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