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  1. Thanks for all the replies! Here's a run down of my set up The freeware utilities I mentioned for that flight visualisation are Sim Logger and IGC flight replay. Sim logger will record your flight in the background with (as far as I can tell) no impact on FSX performance. It saves the flight in the IGC format that real world gliders use. IGC flight replay will then let you replay the flight in Google Earth. The key to soaring in FSX is CumulusX which creates thermals and ridge lift, taking into account terrain mesh, landclass, prevailing winds, cloud layers etc. It depicts the l
  2. Thanks! I haven't tried Condor yet; coming from FSX I'm a bit put off by the graphics! But I intend to do real-world glider training at the end of the year so I figure I'll try it, just because it seems more glider pilots are conversant with Condor than the arcane lengths required to get soaring in FSX working. Then I'll be able to better relate the relative merits of FSX to them (which seem largely misunderstood by the Condor Community). Condor, with its niche community base, will likely always have the edge on multi-player competition, but for non-competitive flying I reckon the sim with
  3. Great shots! You've convinced me to get NZSI this month. I'm looking forward to soaring over those peaks from Omarama.
  4. In posting my last cross country flight here, I suggested I could have gone on to Australia's tallest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko. Turns out I might have been a little optimistic! After resolving to make a return flight to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko from Khancoban I tried several times in the Discus B. But every time I got up close to the mountain I ran into unstable conditions and had to turn back: Then last night I thought I'd give it a go in the Soar DG808s, which is a mod of the stock FSX glider: Close to the plateau beneath the summit I found a str
  5. Thanks for the replies guys! That's right, cumulusX makes this kind of cross-country flight possible. I only realised recently that when installing cumulusX, in addition to disabling the default fsx thermals .xml file you should also uncheck the thermal and turbulence setting on the FSX weather tab. Maybe I'm just getting better, but I feel like making this small change has made a world of difference for me. I could have kept going on this flight; although the lift was going down with sun I reckon I could have got to Kosciuszko, but I really had to go to bed!
  6. From Benalla to Khancoban: 474km, 3.75 hours, no engine – no worries! Soaring is a great way to appreciate Orbx scenery:
  7. That's right. It's a powered device in its own right with three red LEDs that ensure better tracking than the hat clip. There is a USB input on the Track Clip Pro cable so both devices are powered together by a single USB port. I'm definitely happy with the whole set-up, thrilled in fact. I just think a wireless version would be even better.
  8. Apologies for bumping an old thread but I was motivated to buy TrackIR in part by comments here so I thought I should share my experience: After reading the posts in this thread and those in a similar thread on another forum I decided to buy TrackIR5 and Track Clip Pro as a birthday present to myself. In less than a week it has completely transformed my experience of flight simming. Like a few people have mentioned, it can take some getting used to. My very first flight left me feeling a bit disappointed, and even a little nauseous. But within a couple of flights I found myself intuitive
  9. Hi folks, first post from a long time lurker here. These shots are from a flight this afternoon, in real time with real weather (Rex). The Carenado Mooney with the Orbx VC and repaint is a great combination!
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