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  1. I have found a mismatched portion in the coast. Attached is a picture of the problem. LatLon Coordinates: 26.0719444 -81.84166666666667
  2. Hi, With the texture quality at "maximum", im getting almost 21GB vram usage at EGLC as shown in the screenshot. This results to stuttering and freezing when panning, or when on approach to the airport. With the texture at "High" im only getting 8gb, which is well within the vram of my 2080ti and I get no stutters. I never had this issue before installing EGLC, even with texture quality on maximum I had relatively good performance with no stutters. I would just like to ask, why is there a 13GB VRAM usage gap between the two settings? Granted I also have TE GB South but, the scenery is unusable on my end with texture quality on maximum. It is in only this airport that I have experienced this and I have never had to set my texture quality lower than maximum in any scenery before.
  3. Nice! cannot wait for the preview topics and pictures to trickle in! and of course the much awaited final shot post
  4. Looks amazing and a sure day one buy! Can I request for screenshots of southeast asia like maybe Philippines or Indonesia?
  5. F5 key currently being pressed a lot right now :D
  6. I also noticed this and hoping for a fix soon. It ruins an otherwise great airport for me.
  7. simply amazing, CC is ready and awaiting release
  8. I hope the next one is their England TrueEarth photoscenery for XP11
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