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  1. Germany would be a nice Demo area, don't you think so?
  2. Thanks for asking, John. I'm from Germany and absolutely satisfied with GES+GEN currently. So no need for me, especially when there are no other seasons. What I'd like to see much, much more is a partly photoreal scenery of the Alps (with seasons)! Complete, not just Switzerland or whatever! Talking again about Germany, the new Aerodata could be used to enhance little parts and cities of GEN+GES
  3. Great shots, could you post your PTA file, please?
  4. And a comparison: (both pictures of that comparison are slightly edited in colors to get a better match to each other - the upper Cessna shot is raw P3Dv4 with PTA) I would tend to say I'm satisfied
  5. I traveled a lot with my motorcycle, mainly in all north african states (except Libya). Also in Israel, Turkey, Baltic States and so on. (But that was some years ago - you know that this wouldn't be possible these days.) Turkey impressed me a lot, we where invited for a tea or breakfast or lunch at any occassion. Much too much But in all arabic states I have visited, the people have been extraordinary friendly! The poorer the people have been, the much more hospitable they have been. And they always denied to take any presents or money or whatever as a little thanks you.
  6. Please do not post real world pictures in this forum, thanks
  7. thanks for your replies! I was approaching LOWI from Milano (LIMC), the 747 was nearly fully loaded, but not much fuel of course. I have tried now the takeoff, this time the 747 was completely full loaded, but also not much fuel, just to get to Stuttgart (EDDS) I was surprised over all, that it is obvidously no problem to land and takeoff from LOWI. The takeoff was made with TO2 (33°C), Flaps 10 and a calculated margin of 21 meters. Taxiing was the only "problem" turning at the end to get out with rwy 08 ready for takeoff calculated margin was perfect
  8. I'm also here to comment how disappointed I am about this decision ... whatever the reason is. I simply see 98% of all online stores (I use) all around the world using PayPal, but ORBX abandons it ....ok. No PayPal, no Purchase on my side. What I find really annoying is, that this happens during a sale ... had at least two more products in view before Xmas. Hopefully this will become true ....
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