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  1. I can't get FSEconomy working with P3dV4.5 so we need something else. other programs are too much of a pain but paying a monthly/annual subscription will put a lot of people off from the start: better I think just to have an up-front price and then, if they need to, charge us for updates - or charge us an initial cost high enough to cover at least a few updates over time. Adding extra complexity before release may just add more bother for the end-user.
  2. I migrated all my ORBX FTX products from third party resellers successfully some time ago but after going through a number of P3d Versions (from FSX originally) I appear to have missed migrating NZ Sth Island, which I have on disk. I had purchased NZ Nth Island direct from FTX ORBX on disc but now would like to be able to use the Sth Island scenery via download using FTX Central 3 (the discs won't load into P3d). Is there any way that I can now migrate the item using the reseller's registration number or do I have to purchase it again (which I am prepared to do)? Regards, John Gibson
  3. Hi Guys, I am reloading after a hard drive failure and have loaded Vector Base Pack, with Versions 1.10, 1.20 and 1.30 to be installed in turn, however I have lost version 1.15 and the Vector Configuration Tool that came with it. I can't locate Vector version 1.15 on the ORBX/FTX site or a link in the Forums and I was hoping someone can help me out with my problem. Regards, John G Order AUBlue 2293, AUGold 6600, AUGreen 11665, AURed 14926, Pelican 27457/Warnervale 27457, Cessnock 46408, FTX SP3 NK, PNW 78903, Tamworth 64035, Caloundra 64035, Brisbane 65034,Northern Rockies 91576, NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Fjords 92705, Lancair, SP4, FSS 0131193NAGold Central Rocky Mountains, NZ South Island PCAviator Order 4646, FTX Alice Springs FSS 0147983, Concrete FSS0105116, FTX Go Tweak & launch FSS0077954, Cairns; FSS 0175170 NZNI; FSS0187197 EU England. FSS0209774 EU Wales; FSS0209774 Southern Alaska. FSS0218733 EU Scotland; FSS0223310 Global; FSS0232371 NA65S Bonners ferry; FSS257848 Global Vector; FSS0267099 Moorabbin Airport, FSS0276883 Bathurst Airport; FSS0298564 Jackson International Airport; FSS0302804 FTX: Global openLC Europe; CYSE Squamish Airport FSS0359247 EU Norway FSS0366411, FTX Trees FSS0368157, ORBX OpenLC NA Alaska/Canada FSS0406697
  4. Is there a review without the video? I couldn't hear what was being said for the engine noise - at 68 and a 10% high tone hearing loss I miss out on some things aural. If not, fair enough. Regards, John G
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have developed a problem with the three-button/scroll wheel Logitech Optical mouse that I have used for several years now. I cannot get the scroll wheel to turn the knobs on the instrument panel on aircraft (it is the same in all aircraft I have flown today). I can hold and drag but even that isn't successful as it is very hit and miss. My first experience with this problem was when flying the Lionheart Creations 24B Learjet (I never had this problem with any aircraft before, including the LHC 24B). Next I tried the Carenado Socata TBM850 and that was the same, then two A2A Cessna 172s - same problem. I have had a look at FSUICP (Reg version) and at my hardware Controllers in the Windows Control panel but nothing shows up there. I tried another mouse but still had the same problem. I have looked at the pop-up aircraft settings sub-screens but they don't show me any options that I can see. I would be grateful for any feedback the community may be able to provide to get me back to normal. I run Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and FSX with all SP and Acceleration. I have a Logitech G510 keyboard and a Logitech Optical Mouse w/USB fitting. Thanking you in anticipation, John G
  6. I make videos of my flights (many but not all of them) and burn them to DVD. To do this I capture the flight (or segments of it) with Fraps (I assign a key on the keyboard to on/off). I then use Corel Video Studio 6x to assemble the video files from my Fraps folder. Editing is simple and I have had no problems (I have now used three versions of the Corel program). I also like to record my voice (ATC read-backs and commentary) and with Fraps this can be done easily on the fly; however I can also add commentary and music background with the Corel program (again no problems there). I think Version 7x might offer a 64bit program but so far 32bit works fine on my 64bit machine. One little trick I have discovered for video making where I use my own voice to call ATC etc. is to not call ATC with my voice while flying but use the ATC screen number prompts (with "pilot's Voice" unchecked in the Options menu) i.e. you record what ATC says but not your voice. Then when I assemble my video in the time line I can, upon hearing the FSX ATC voice, go back a few frames and make my call using Corel's in-built voice recorder. I do this now because I find that FSX ATC comes back far too quick at times and you don't have the chance to get everything said that you want to (my drawl is the culprit!). In the end the video comes together very nicely. Not realistic but for someone viewing the video they would never know what I have done. I have used VoxATC and found it a bit buggy (something happened at my end and I can't get it to work anymore) but the big killer was that it wouldn't allow recording of my voice with Fraps. Radar Contact will and I think FDC will but I don't like having to have pages of "responses" etcetera that I have to read from. There is a new ProATC version out but I haven't tried it (only the previous version but I found that frustrating and complicated, and in any case I wanted my own voice without having to amend any files). As it is I generally spend around three days making a video (or even longer) because I'm finicky that way. I hope this can be of some assistance for you and anyone else interested in making videos. Regards, John G
  7. I had this problem some years ago with FSX. After I ditched my old computer and had a new more powerful one built I never had the problem again. I think it was the (1) Power Supply - needed a bigger one and (2) the NVidia graphics card wasn't pulling its weight - needed a newer one. After this was done (with an increase in RAM) I never had any more problems. Worth a try. Regards, John G
  8. Hi, Can someone please tell me how I can report this repetitive and long-standing problem and ask for assistance? I don't see a place where I can do that. I would be grateful to get this cleared up. Thanks in advance, John G
  9. Hi, I really need help with this persistent problem I have with trying to log in to the FTX Forum site. No matter how many times I try to log in I have to resort to saying I have lost my password, then go through the process of using a password emailed to me. I have cookies turned on so that can't be the problem. I have had this problem on and off over many years with the Forums, and over several computers, but now it happens every time. I use Windows Home Premium 64 bit and Internet Explorer, if that helps. I can't figure it out and I assume that it must be something to do with my internet settings. Would that be right? Or is it something else? I hope I am using the correct sub-forum here. Regards, John Gibson
  10. This is a gripe that I have developed since starting flight simming in 1993 and that is the number of promotional videos that present aircraft with music overlays that prevent one from hearing the engine sounds properly (we don't fly 'music'). The other thing I find annoying is the number of times the aircraft is presented for viewing in fading light (dusk for instance). I would hope that developers who read this take it on board that if they want to sell their product then it would be fair to let us hear the sounds we are going to get and see the aircraft in full light. We are interested in seeing the aircraft in all views (outside/inside) and the all important engine sounds (inside and outside) and preferably going through the various power settings. I remember making a similar post some years ago and found that I wasn't the only one who didn't like the way some aircraft were presented. I have been very disappointed twice in the last two years when I forked out X dollars only to be sorely disappointed by the sound files (short audio loops or no variation in sound with engine power changes). We deserve better treatment if we are paying for it. The video clips I refer to are not FTX/ORBX but I believe that most developers would read these forums, so come on guys ... John G
  11. I have used it occasionally and found it to be a good little device for capturing your flight and then playing it back as AI while I fly another aircraft alongside, in trail or in the vicinity. I haven't had any problems with it. John G
  12. After several decades of stutters at varying degrees I followed someone's suggestion and matched my frame rate in FSX with my LCD monitor refresh rate. Ever since that simple modification I haven't seen a stutter. Marvellous. John G
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