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  1. you were using EZDOK v2? That works ok in v4?
  2. Lofoten Islands

    You just sold another copy of Norway!
  3. Is flight simming more for the older person?

    I'm 51 but I got into it in the Sublogic days when I was around 17. BUT, back then we didn't have all these shooters and action games, some, but not like today. I played some of those but would always return to flightsim, something about it that I can't shake. I've got my rig hooked up to our 65" TV in the living room and I'm going all McDonald's about it........I'm loving it!
  4. Online bush flying collecting thread

    the latest version of TS3, works great and easy for me. We are all very clearly heard. This is free as well and it's easy to setup as either voice activated or push to talk. We all setup a button to mute our mics as well as mute the speakers. For example you feel a sneeze or a cough coming on, hit the mic mute and if you want to check atis when everyone else is talking hit the speaker mute. It hasn't interfered with P3d for me at all.
  5. Performance difference between regions

    I have to say I love ORBX scenery but why it varies between developers is odd to me. Doesn't ORBX give every developer a "development package?" This would ensure everyone developer is using the same "stuff."
  6. I see a few of us are still kicking.
  7. Online bush flying collecting thread

    +1 Digital Theme Park, provides JoinFS server and TS3 you can fly anywhere you want then. See above. This is where I go with all my online group flights.
  8. She wore a Yellow ribbon.....

    what plane is that cool looking dart thing... What and where do I get/buy that one? Thanks
  9. this is a test to show photos 2

    you passed the test. You are free to take screenshots around the world.
  10. Texas.Houston & Around.

    That's amazing!
  11. Texas.Houston & Around.

    was that just ORBX global base, vector and LC? or something else?
  12. Working Day - Dia de Trabajo - Arbeitstag

    They are spraying! I knew it!
  13. I'm in, this is stunning. I hope it runs ok, if not, I know it'll be better than any of my uncle's boring slideshows.
  14. FTX Global Auroras - Northern Lights

    You mention in the OP that in real life these are rare to see. Will this increase the chance outside of reality to see these or does it keep it real and rare as you state?
  15. useful tip Orbx 2017 Roadmap

    What surprises me is speculation. The truth: we all have to wait and see then we react: buy into the new or stay with what we have. You can change only yourself and remember life in itself is simple, we choose the complexities (addons) in how we live it.