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  1. I did see that within the post by the developer . Just wondering weather he actual product FTX Auroras that I read was in beta testing will be released or if it was dropped.
  2. I came across an article recently discussing anot Orbx product called FTX Auroras. Is this available or still going to be released.
  3. Thank you Nick. The thought of reinstalling my 20 plus orbx products again with 6 mb internet speed is unbearable.
  4. Thank you Nick. Is there a post or something with a flow to follow to complete this operation.
  5. Is it possible to do a full new install / upgrade of p3dv4.5 instead of just client, content and scenery without having to download and reinstall all of my 20 plus orbx products.
  6. Thing is I didn't seem to have any problems initially after updating client and content to 4.5. Sort of seems like I am having the problems some users were having where the hotfix was needed. Mine was fine and I haven't even loaded p3d for twenty days.
  7. Ahhh. Drives me mad this sim sometimes. Upgraded client and content to 4.5 about 30 days ago. Everything was absolutely fine. 4k tv refresh rate set at 30 hz, vsync on and triple buffering on. At dence airports such as orbx ESSA and UK2000 EGKK sitting on stand in pmdg 737 no drop below 30 fps and butterfly smooth everywhere. All orbx sceneries looked great. First flight today for 20 days without changing a single thing I now have 15 to 10 fps nearly every ware, scenery and water looks terrible and black patches. Any ideas would be very welcome. Thanks in advance community.
  8. Hello Marcus and all, I had the same problems with flickering buildings. I uninstalled essa and reinstalled which fixed the problem. I seem to have another one now. Flickering has gone but at night with landing lights on the taxiways and runway look terrible. All really grainy. Any help pleas.
  9. Hi Marcus. Is that uninstall and reinstall the p3d scenery from control panel / programs or uninstall and reinstall ESSA from orbx central.
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