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  1. March 12TH 2020 Development UPDAPTE Multiplayer video postponed to March 19 https://www.flightsimulator.com/
  2. Martch 5TH,2020 -MSFS Development Update https://www.flightsimulator.com/?fbclid=IwAR3jCv2LuuYcnxN7LbWQLEPU90hILa-D9whKF6nW6EYiVkZdiaDxdlvUvGE
  3. Hello, What I found: [" How to fix insider hub login issues! This worked fine for me on chrome. I learned that if you use the "Auto Sign-In" feature for the website, that's what breaks the insider hub (at least for me). So DON'T use it. If when you click insider login and it just takes you back to the main page or another page without asking you to login, you can simply fix it by going to Xbox.com and login in the top right. Once it says you're logged in, click your profile picture and select sign-out. Now, go back to the FlightSim website and click login. Fill out your login information and sign in! Again... DO NOT CLICK AUTO SIGN-IN. Anyway, all of that worked for me. Let me know if it helps any of you!"]
  4. February 27TH,2020 Development Update: https://www.flightsimulator.com/?fbclid=IwAR31KkMjTZMrL6FrJQzgeIm9dij7GUvLDopK-DUUr7lZBT0dr7NgRIyT5Wg
  5. Microsoft Flight Simulator Twitter. @MSFSofficial
  6. Even one RTX 2080tI does not bring much more fps in addition in P3D and XP11. It's not the fault of the graphics card but the total lack of optimization of the simulator.You can upgrade with the next RTX3080 series it won't change anything.When you see what is capable a GTX 1060 in modern games you understand right away where the problem is.We are completely next door in another and old era.ASOBO Studio uses the latest technology with the participation of a team of a hundred people and it is certainly not for us to make a paper simulator with disastrous performance.The stakes are too high .Sebastian Wloch Asobo Studio Co-founder and CEO uses an older generation computer (GTX1070)and runs FS2020 without any problem. In any case, I like their way of doing and sharing and listening with the community.Not only will it be a new generation simulator but it will also be a different mindset.FS will attract a new and young generation like a sponge by its playful and open side.It will reconcile people with the simulation.It is the obligatory passage to our time if we want to go in the right direction. Of course ASOBO shows us the best with their videos but what company in the world shows the opposite.There is still a lot of work but I take no risk of applauding them even now. I will be the first to knock on your door.
  7. FS2020 is comparable to today's video games.Optimize like as never been a simulator.Forget old history and old bad memories .A GTX1070 for example and you will have your smile that will tickle your ears.You can carefully keep this message and remind me when FS will be released.FS is already ten years ahead of what exists and that's just the beginning.
  8. The great endless debates, the thousands of pages and the millions of comments about fps and everything that goes with it which spoiled the existence of several thousand people for several years will soon be over.
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