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  1. My last shot here.

    Thank a lot Scott for your very nice comment.I have not invested too much to be able to change but i understand very well.I cannot have multiple simulators is not about the money but i like to be concentrated for one only.I have chosen without regret in my case .Take care Scott.
  2. My last shot here.

    Thank you very much and continue to show your beautiful shots Stewart.
  3. My last shot here.

    Thank.In "my" current situation difficult to go back.And believe me I used both simulators for a while and the verdict is without appeal.And it's not orbx fault.Each person has his or her affinity.And I respect that.Today P3D does not match me anymore and this is not a criticism It would have been too easy to do that.
  4. My last shot here.

    Thank a lot my friend.Take care also.
  5. My last shot here.

    I always remain a big fan of ORBX. I will miss their scenery enormously but the simulator where i fly must be exhibited the scenery at their highest level with a modern lighting engine.It is for me the big big difference.
  6. My last shot here.

    https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/514480-not-very-original-but/ https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/514477-x-plane11-my-first-two-shots/
  7. My last shot here.

    Thank a lot. You will be always welcome no matter the place.
  8. My last shot here.

    Thank a lot Ken!
  9. My last shot here.

    Of course but it is not.
  10. My last shot here.

    Hello Adam I do not speak about scenery,water,clouds.I'm talking about the lighting engine In its entirety.Of course that P3D v4 is more fluid than P3D v3 but that's all. And number 2 if I can say it without debate (For me ORBX is not in the right place for show us all their potential scenery) Aerofly fs2 ORBX scenery is a very good example what i want to see.Now i don't have anymore the amazing ORBX scenery but i have the rest.
  11. My last shot here.

    I never said never I'm open minded but respectfully P3D will have to surpass.This is my personal feel.
  12. My last shot here.

    Thank you very much for all your kind comments.There is of course nothing serious about it and the ORBX scenery will remain still fabulouse but I would have liked to see them appear In another environment (It is my personal feeling).It will be difficult to find another forum like this.But I would continue to share my shots somewhere.For me the aerial simulation is only one fantastic world of which I am a member.Continue to be who you are.
  13. It has nothing to do with orbx.I am too honest, I can't pretend ,I can not take pleasure anymore with P3D V4 and his lighting engine,the comparison bitween P3D V3 and P3D V4 is for "me" a big disappointment.I was expecting something modern at all levels. To be honest the "other" sim gives "me" a lot more of what I was hoping.I feel like I'm there,i feel like to be a pilot,i feel the reality.For me "everything is bigger" I will not go into details. I want to thank all the orbx team and all users of this forum.Take care of you all.
  14. So close.

    Thank a lot my friend.
  15. Ambience.