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  1. Il fait que tu disposes d’au moins 125 Gb libres pour la décompression d’installation, celle ci va prendre entre 1 et 3 heures ensuite, pour installer la scène. As-tu assez d’espace libre ?
  2. Here some more, with excellent IPACS Switzerland scenery AND ORBX Freeware Saanen...
  3. Jack, the F-15 is stock Aerofly fs2
  4. Once again, ORBX KEGE is a jewel in Aerofly fs2, with freeware IPACS Colorado Scenery Addon Fantastic shot, Ian !
  5. Fantastic shots. Aerofly fs2 is incredible with Orbx sceneries
  6. ...Aerofly fs2 and its incredible light ! Great shot
  7. After flying since 1995 flightsim 95, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, fsx, then P3D and then XP11, I’m sold totally to Aerofly fs2 since 3 months... and cannot come back anymore ... with Orbx joining as pionner, and now some editors will release more addons.... sure the future looks bright.
  8. But time is on the Afs2 side :-)... regarding performances with equivalent sceneries, Aerofly fs2 is miles ahead of others... 100 fps over London, if I read well.... woooowww
  9. Woooow ! I cannot wait. And it will be definitely I think the proof of superb Aerofly fs2 engine ´s capabities
  10. That is right ! But using P3Dv4, Xp 11 as well, which have much more features that is right, clearly Aerofly fs 2 is miles ahead in terms of image definition, lights, graphics and performance. But for sure, this sim is just at the beginning.... Orbx was the pionner to join this simulator, and then Aerosoft, and now Justlfight will offer planes as well.... and believe me, it is just the beginning....
  11. Clearly, as I owner of TE Netherland for Aerofly fs2, and TE South GB in Xplane, nothing compares in therm of smoothness, performance to Aerofly fs2... More: the light in daytime is so realisitc in Aerofly fs2 (of course, still now with the only reserve of no rain or really bad weather in this sim). So iti is great news if OrBx still plans to provide us AF2 add-ons (I’m a proud owner of all the Orbx AF2 Products, as well since years of more than 30 ORBX products in Xplane, P3d and fsx....). To my opinion, there is just one sim that can offer you constant 90 to 120 fps...
  12. Yep, I second that. Andrea, any chance to adapt this scenery to AF2 ? It would be a great addon with Switzerland DLC... best regards
  13. Aerofly fs2 looks absolutely incedible ! Compliments for these pics
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