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  1. Hi, any news about further compatibilities of older sceneries? Especially I‘m interessted on estimated timeframes for: KRDD KIDA Barcelona City cheers Andre
  2. When will be the Immersion Packages for the PMDG 747 and 737NGXu for P3d v5 available?
  3. I like the ORBX people flow, but in the wintertime it looks really strange with shorties and t-shirts. Can I siwtch it anywhere to winter-clothes?
  4. Why they removed the SODE-Jetways? Does it make sense? Will they moving jetways added in the near future? For the Moment I will uninstall the ORBX-Version and will use the Turbulent-Version. I like moving jetways much more than moving People...........
  5. Wow - what a helpful message! Any timeframe when it will be "ready"?
  6. When we will get moving jetways at ESSA? Any News?
  7. Nice pics from Oberschleissheim and the castle! I saw munichs Theresienwiese at your shots. Is the Oktoberfest displayed to during mid September until begin of october?
  8. spring - acc google earth maybe denver is a special area
  9. It seems, this issue is related to the season. If I switch to spring or winter, it looks good to me.
  10. Hi Friedi, I did. Without OpenLC is it definetly more realistic than with active OpenLC.
  11. Nobody an idea what's happened? I have not such problems with OpenLC EU.
  12. Hi, I downloaded and reinstalled OpenLC NA and the library several times, ran the migration again and again. the result is always the same, the textures look like randomly arranged. What can I do? P3d v4 First Pic without OpenLC NA Second with OpenLC NA
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