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  1. I believe the one in your facebook link was Lake Hilliar at the Recherche Archipelago........ which is still pink. The lake that is not pink anymore is Spencer Lake, and may be the one Richard was referring too. Lake Hutton at Port Gregory is still pink
  2. There are multiple pink lakes in WA though.... Lake Hilliar (Middle Island) at the Recherche Archipelago (the lake in that video) should still be pink, but it is not as vibrant as shown in that video anymore The lake at Port Gregory (Hutt Lagoon) is also pink, but again not as vibrant as in that video and I have a friend who flies tourists over this lake. Spencer Lake...... the pink lake inland near Esperance........ this one has not been pink for about 10 years now Terry
  3. Jack, its the extensible host controller for USB on the motherboard.... there are usually settings for the handover mode to the operating system, at which point Microsoft's generic drivers take over. This is an older board, so you will not likely have issues or need to worry about it
  4. Not everyone will; as it will be specific to the motherboard implementation...... this was on a friends machine with i7 4790; and a Gigabyte board with h97 chipset. I have a similar setup and had no issues with the update either, so its a strange one, but hopefully its only a temporary hitch and they will address it. I was just mentioning the work around in case anyone else has a similar issue....... effectively the fix was to disable the xhci mode for USB 3.0. We're actually both waiting for the local supplier to get the Ryzen 3900x back in stock and then we can upgrade but at this rate the 3950x may well arrive first lol
  5. One more issue I have identified with 1903.... it appears they also updated microsoft's generic usb 3.0 drivers which resulted in a typical lack of keyboard and mouse on reboot. Being unable to revert the drivers back to the previous version, the only option available was to disable USB 3.0 on the motherboard and revert back to USB 2.0 mode for now. Hopefully they will release a fix soon.... Terry
  6. haha...... I remember our early conversations Jack, and getting you set up; Some excellent screenshots there
  7. Best wishes for your special day....Happy Birthday Jack !
  8. Maybe...... personally I'll wait for the version Jarrad's working on
  9. This is probably the most awaited release of the year....I know its an instant download for me. Is there an official list of the airports included yet and/or any official detail on whether it plays nicely with the OzX airports.
  10. Ben, One piece of functionality that I personally think would help with the whole user experience......... would be to allow switch of simulators inside the next version of FTX Central Its a bit of a pain to have to shut down and re-open between X-Plane and Prepar3D
  11. Loving pic No 2 there Jack..... great atmosphere in that one, and the heat haze from the engine on the 429 just adds another level of depth
  12. haha..... very diplomatically answered Jack To answer in a 'little' more detail..... performance in XPlane is better than P3D at the moment, we all know that, and with Vulkan coming it will only get better; what we don't know is what Lockheed Martin will bring to the table in the next version of P3D to address performance issues further,........ HOWEVER, the flight-sim experience is not just about performance; there are many areas in which P3D is still better than XPlane, and it has a significantly higher number of 'professional' add-ons available due the longevity of the underlying codebase, so ultimately it depends on where you fly (for example TE regions), what type of flying you do (tubes or GA), the aircraft you fly (study level or not) and of course, your existing investment in one platform over the other; its a big step to learn a new platform, and an even bigger one to divert the wife's attention long enough to spend the cash that's required to configure a new simulator with a few toys Personally I'm still using both sims at the moment, although XPlane has become my primary sim because it suits my personal requirements and it has a more accurate flight model (note.....not because of performance as the question was directed, although that's also better for me), with P3D becoming my secondary, whereas 6 months ago it was the other way around.... will it stay like that? I honestly don't know, but the future looks bright for sure
  13. Which version of XPlane 11 are you using?, because a few versions back there was some major issues with ground handling characteristics, but those have mostly been resolved now. The default cessna 172 has also gone through some updates recently........ and do you have the experimental flight mode in settings enabled? Personally I use the Reality Expansion Pack from SimCoders which modifies the flight characteristics of the default Cessna and makes them it behave more realistically... check it out https://www.simcoders.com/reality-expansion-pack/xp11-cessna-172
  14. I don't use any tool for sorting the ini file; so just like we had to learn the sequencing inside FSX/P3D, we have to learn a little with XPlane. If I remember right, Tony (the Xplane dev) posted a guide a while back.... I'm at work at the moment so I can't post details of my file, but definitely the samples posted in this stream are NOT correct and will result in in landmarks not appearing correctly; as you've experienced. If I remember when I get home after work, I'll PM you the links, otherwise a quick search against tony should get you sorted.
  15. That's the thing for me...... no update, but then FF have just released update to the 757/767, so maybe there's something planned for the A320
  16. You're getting some pretty good results...... considering you're only one week into using XPlane
  17. He did, but he reviewed a very early release of the A319 and most of the things he identified have no been resolved Regardless of which one you choose, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, quality is getting better these days and we're spoiled for choice
  18. https://github.com/skiselkov/BetterPushbackC/releases https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45734-landing-speed-plugin-xgs-reloaded/
  19. Ground Equipment is Better Pushback.... it works great with the Zibo you're using and you can call it from the AviTab inside the plane, but that Zibo is just an awesome plane for the freeware, it blows me away how good it is for free. Landing Speed is a great way to rate your landing performance...You already have the other key ones..... VR Tweak, ASXP, UltraWeatherXP Q8Pilot is a great guy, very informative, and for the Zibo, try FlightSimDeck... he's a 737 pilot testing and working with Zibo. By the way Jack, that Toliss A319 is very very good..... even better than I thought
  20. Jack, have you seen the Landing Speed plugin...... its always nice to see how good your landing is, and this plugin rates it based on descent rate, speed etc..... I'm pretty sure it would have said RIP for that last image though......its worth a look though
  21. I'm almost thinking there's no point entering the screenshot competition anymore...... how can you top images of that quality. Congratulations Filou..... another fantastic masterpiece..... orbx should just give you the entire catalogue lol
  22. That zibo is a cracking plane Jack, make sure you use the freeware updater program
  23. Just to clarify...... You do NOT need Australia to fly around Tasmania...... Tasmania is a complete demo area with no limitations other than it rendering for a single season (Spring). You can of course purchase Australia, and receive all States/Territories, and seasons for Tasmania...... but you don't actually need to Terry
  24. Its a pretty nice plane too..... I purchased that one a few weeks, its been modelled well
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