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  1. TerryM

    xp11 TrueEarth & xEnviro 1.10 (beta)

    Thanks FILOU, that's exactly what I was looking for..... looking at those clips I'm even more impressed, let's hope 1.10 is as good as we all want it to be
  2. Just to chip in....... The Samsung 860 Evo's are fantastic drives for the money, I have 3 in my system, one for the OS, one for Prepar3D and one for XPlane. The OS and Prepar3d drives are both 500Gb each, and the drive for Xplane is 1TB, with my Custom Scenery being a symbolic link to a 2TB HDD (7200); I am not noticing any issues with performance in flight with the custom scenery being on its own HDD, although my initial load time is slightly longer now, I can accept that until the price of a 2TB SSD comes down. I also have a 2nd 2TB drive HDD that I keep for my media, downloads etc, and is also the location of my temp folder for Orbx. I fly mostly low and slow GA, so I'm pretty much just keeping Prepar3d now for Australia, and I'm transitioning everything else to XPlane. Personally I blame FILOU...... his screenshots are awesome and made me go back and look at XPlane again.....lol Terry
  3. TerryM

    xp11 TrueEarth & xEnviro 1.10 (beta)

    I saw that video this morning too, and I totally agree, 1.10 is definitely looking very impressive, and It's nice to see the developer is clearly taking the time to resolve a number of issues from the previous release, whilst working to evolve the product and provide a more stable version....... especially as I'm spending more and more time in XPlane lately. Whilst I know XEnviro is much more than just the depiction of clouds, I do have a few questions based on what I see in the video.......Let me just say up front that I am not trying to question the quality of XEnviro in any way; everyone knows it's a great product, it's just that i'm a recent convert to XPlane 11, so I'm used to Active Sky and ASCA for the collection and depiction of weather inPrepar3D. I'm just trying to understand how it might compare to what I've experienced in the past, and how to gauge the features against its price. The edges of the clouds in that video are a little harsh/unrealistic, does anyone know if there will be softer edges for the release version? Whilst the clouds are volumetric, and I seem to remember reading about gradual refreshing of the clouds, has anyone seen any examples of how XE will render something with more volume, such as a towering CB? Does anyone know it there will be any effects as we fly through the clouds; similar to ActiveSky? A big positive from that video is that they've clearly been working hard optimizing the code, because those frame rates are impressive with the hardware specifications given Terry
  4. TerryM

    xp11 Zibo & Cardiff

    Those new rain effects in the Zibo are awesome... great shot Filou
  5. I have TE South for XP and was holding off buying north and central in the hope P3D performance would be better as I have so much invested in P3D...... but your numbers follow my own experience, and what I'm seeing posted elsewhere around the internet. For me, I will now continue with buying the other 2 packs for TE GB (XP) and look forward to PNW, and just keep P3D for Oceania as I doubt they'll move Australia to XPlane just yet........ but if they do with V2, I'll buy it instantly and for me P3D will be over. The quality of the airports from ORBX in XP is unbelievable, and I just do not want to go back to the old days playing around with sliders trying to find acceptable performance.
  6. TerryM

    TEGB South first impressions

    Personally, I think I'll give this one a miss for now; as I get 25-30 FPS on the XPlane version with high settings. I have so much invested in P3D, and was holding off buying central and north for XP until there was some indications of performance in P3D from the forum. In fact I was desperately hoping P3D would be better than this........ but at those frame rates (and the ones from Jack) I think I'll buy the XP north and central later instead, and just use P3D for Oceania from now on, especially as PNW will be coming soon for XPlane too, and simply because I don't want to have to go back to messing about with sliders and moving them around each time I want to fly GB Terry
  7. TerryM

    Last set of P3D 4.4 TEGB

    If that's the case I think I'll give it a while and see what others are getting because I get significantly better than that in TrueEarth South for Xplane, including ActiveSky, and UltraWeatherXP. That said, great pics as always Jack
  8. TerryM

    Last set of P3D 4.4 TEGB

    Some great shots there Jack, I can see your frame rates are low there because you increased complexity for the screenshots.; What FPS are you getting with extremely complex scenery, but with normal autogen? I have TrueEarth south for XPlane which is fantastic with some great FPS, so I'm just wondering if it's worth getting for P3D or not, especially as there's 40% discount...... I've slowly been getting into XPlane recently and right now I'm seriously leaning towards keeping P3D for Oceania, and using XP for everything else. Terry
  9. Agreed, I have it with REP and it's a gem.
  10. TerryM

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    Its definitely a step in the right direction.... but it's also not there yet. Whilst LM are a huge company with a significant pool of resource for development, a flight simulator is not core to their business, and as such will not have an endless pool of money or resource to throw at it and re-write the entire codebase just to please 'hobbyists' like ourselves that technically shouldn't even have access to the product anyway under the original licence agreement they have for leasing the code from Microsoft. They are modernizing certain aspects of the application, and as a result we are seeing some benefits from that, but we are also seeing benefits from modern technology, faster cpu's, more cores, more threads, faster graphics cards with larger memory, faster drives, 64 bit architecture etc, Updating an existing application takes time and normally takes place through a number of revisions, where some changes include a complete re-write of existing code, partial updates of code, or applying band aids (fixes or workarounds). There's only so much you can do when applying 'band aids' though and at some point you have to change the code itself, which takes significant effort, for design, development and testing. The change to move the application to a 64 bit architecture was a major release and provided a significant improvement for all concerned, gone are the days of OOM errors, and for the most part we get to fly, and not spend our time tweaking the configuration file on a daily basis just to get 25-30 FPS...... a huge win for us and a big thank you to LM. And yes, you are correct, you can see your cores are all being used......... they have moved towards making the application capable of using multiple cores more efficiently, and once again we are seeing some benefit there... which is great., but, and its a big but......there is a huge difference between utilizing the others cores, and making the application efficiently apportion its load across those cores and perform optimally when doing so;. It takes a HUGE amount of thought and development to optimize across multiple processors at low-level and to do it well, and it definitely will not occur through a single revision of an application this big.... which is why we are not yet seeing any significant improvements in FPS, and core 0 is still almost always fully loaded. There are still many other ways it can be optimised...... For example, update the code to handle the cores better by spreading the workloads more efficiently, or offload some of the processing currently performed by the CPU to the GPU, which is definitely possible with the technical advancement in recent years with GPU's. Once example would be to update the graphics engine from Direct3D to Vulcan, which would aid in this approach because Vulcan is an extremely fast low-level Api designed from the ground up to utilize multi-core processors efficiently, whereas Direct3D was designed for single core CPUs. We are seeing the benefits for sure........ but your comments were wrong; there's a lot more potential that can be reached, and hopefully LM will help us get there... Regards......
  11. TerryM

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    Haha.... they might apportion some of the workload over multiple cores which is clearly helping with modern day multi-core processors, but trust me it is nowhere near up to date, or anywhere near as efficient as it should be, had it been designed or implemented as a TRUE multi-threaded application, it will take many re-visions of the code base to get us there, due to the sheer size and complexity of the code. Just imagine how performant it would be though when they finally get there Trust me.... I have been a Software Architect for 20 years across many business sectors, and I have coded in C and C++, (the language Prepare3d is written in), along with many other languages on a daily basis for over 30 years now.
  12. Merry Christmas guys; it's all just about to finish for us here in Australia....
  13. Holger, Is there a list of the 300+ non default airports anywhere? It would be nice to see what overlap there is between Australia V2 airports and OzX airports